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Published at 7th of May 2020 11:30:06 AM
Chapter 3045: 3045

Chapter 3045 There“s Only You and Me Here 5

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“Fu*k! You want to play hero on me?”

Qiao Fei: “…”

“Do you think we’re shooting a movie?” Lu Yan stared at Qiao Fei unblinkingly with wide eyes .

“Yan, this isn’t a movie; it’s a real shootout . ”

“Damned shootout . Don’t pull this bullshit on me . I’ve been hunted down since I was five years old… In the past years, I’ve seen more bullets than the rice you’ve eaten… Don’t try to frighten me by talking about real shootouts . If I was afraid of death, I wouldn’t be alive today . ” Obviously, Lu Yan was angry .

“I know you’re not afraid of death . But the problem is that I don’t want you to die . ”

“So, you want to die yourself?” Lu Yan was still angry .

“I didn’t say I’d die . I told you I’ll cover you while you evacuate; I’ll go find you later . ”

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“Damn it . I won’t go without you . ” Lu Yan was determined .

To tell the truth, Lu Yan was a very tough person . Qiao Fei had been with her for years, but she had never had any lovers’ prattle with him or played cute and dumb like other women .

Basically, her life was filled with battles and killing .

The battles were not acting or rehearsals; she risked her life in each of them .

Qiao Fei loved and cherished Lu Yan who lived in this way .

He had broken away from his family and disobeyed his father just to wander around the world with her .

Whenever they were in a shootout, he would feel unsettled because he was worried about Lu Yan’s safety . When he saw the danger, he would choose to let Lu Yan go first .

He thought this was how a man protected his beloved woman .

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“Yan…” Before he could finish his sentence, Lu Yan interrupted him .

“I find you’ve become cowardly . They are just 15 people; what’s to be afraid of? I used to kill thirty guys with my bare hands . ”

For Lu Yan, killing was as natural as eating and drinking water; it was a piece of cake .

“It’s different this time . Yan, they have ranged heavy weapons with great firepower . If they decide to fire these weapons from the distance, we’ll all die here . This dilapidated factory will become a pile of debris in less than three minutes . ”Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

“Don’t be afraid . The worst result is death . When I came into this world, the only thing I learned is the Law of the Jungle . If I can’t kill them, then they will kill me . That’s simple . Psycho Qiao, I’m not afraid of death; what I’m afraid of is that you’ll die here after I’m gone . ”

Before he could answer, Lu Yan leaned over and kissed Qiao Fei’s cheek with her blood-covered lips .

“We’ll be fine . Trust me . ”

Qiao Fei was delightfully surprised when Lu Yan kissed him .

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Before he could recover from his pleasure, he saw Lu Yan take out something like chewing gum from the bag that she carried with her all the time .

“What are you going to do?” Qiao Fei had a bad feeling .

“I’ll give them a surprise . ” Lu Yan laughed .


“Psycho Qiao, I’ll be fine . Don’t worry . People say that good people have short lives while bad people enjoy longevity . I’m worse than bad after killing so many people; the things I’ve done are enough to send me to Hell one hundred times . Maybe I, a bad person, will enjoy a long life…”

Then she pushed her pistol into Qiao Fei’s hands .

“I’ll go out; you run out after ten seconds,” Lu Yan spoke as she loaded another pistol .

“No . If someone’s going out it will be me . ” Qiao Fei grabbed her hand .

“You can’t do it… No offense, but few people can do a flash dodge in the whole world . In my graduation combat exercise in West Point, I was the Student of Excellence with an average of less than 1 . 2 seconds in battleground dodging… I’m really good, right?”

That said, Lu Yan smiled at him .

Before he could stop her, she let go of his hand and ran out at a great speed .

Qiao Fei ran after her; but he took only a few steps when a huge explosion came, almost deafening him .

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