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Published at 7th of May 2020 11:30:06 AM
Chapter 3044: 3044

Chapter 3044 There“s Only You and Me Here 4

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“Yeah . ” The professor nodded .

“Have you seen Pudding and Little Bean?” Lu Yan asked eagerly .

“Auntie, we’re here…” Pudding waved at her in excitement .

“Auntie! Auntie! I’m here . ”

More excited than Pudding, Little Bean ran over to stand beside the professor and waved enthusiastically .

“Hahaha! Little cute girl, I finally see your face that’s not during your sleep . ” Lu Yan laughed .

“Huh? That’s strange . It sounds as if you’ve seen me asleep . ” Little Bean reacted quickly .

Lu Yan smiled but didn’t reply .

“Auntie, where are you?”

“I’m in South Africa…”

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“South Africa? Are you in Brazil? Would you do a samba dance for me?” Little Bean asked a hilarious question .

“Moron, Auntie said she’s in South Africa, not South America . Brazil is in South America, okay? I told you to learn some geography and you didn’t listen . How embarrassing,” Pudding corrected her .

“Auntie, look! When Mom’s not home, Qin Zhaozhao always bullies me,” Little Bean complained .

“Hahaha! You only complain about others and don’t correct your own ways . Do you think your grandpa’s handsome?”

“Um… He’s more handsome than my other grandpa but definitely not as handsome as my dad . ” Little Bean smirked .

“I know myself and am content to be more handsome than your other grandfather . I don’t dare to be compared with your dad,” the professor joked .

“Dad, I’m relieved that you’ve arrived . What do you think of my brother-in-law’s illness? Did you see him?”

“Yeah, I did . His condition is basically as described on the documents you sent to me . The moronic doctors here are not too bad . ”

“When do you plan to perform the surgery?” Lu Yan asked .

“Don’t worry . I’ll do the detoxication first . The surgery is simple, but detoxication is a bit tricky . I plan to do experiments tonight and try different medicines . ”

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“Okay . I know nothing is too difficult for my dad . ” Lu Yan smiled .

“Do you have news about your sister?” The professor was worried about Huo Mian’s disappearance .

“Not yet… I’ve sent people to search for her and haven’t got any information yet . ”

“How about Ian? What’s he doing?”

“Oh, I messed with him big this time and he is chasing after me all over the world . ” Lu Yan laughed heartily .

“Don’t laugh . You must be careful,” the professor instructed her .

“I know, Dad . Don’t worry, I can handle him . ”

“Is Qiao Fei with you?”

“Yeah . The fellow eats my food and has become my wingman . ”

“I feel better knowing he’s with you . Okay, that’s it . ”

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“Wait! I want to speak to my nieces . ” Lu Yan was reluctant to end the call .

The professor turned the camera to the kids .

“Pudding, Little Bean, listen to your grandpa and your dad will wake up very soon . ”

“Okay . ” Pudding and Little Bean nodded .

“I’ve sent lots of people to search for your mom . Don’t worry, I believe your mom will return soon,” Lu Yan comforted the kids .

“Auntie, you’re so good,” Little Bean flattered her .

“You’re a smooth talker . ” Lu Yan chuckled .

“Auntie, you must take care of yourself . When Mom comes back, you must come here and celebrate with us, okay?” Pudding issued the invitation .

“Okay . After your mom comes back and your dad wakes up, I’ll return and celebrate three days and three nights with you,” said Lu Yan .

“We’ll wait for you!” Pudding nodded

“Okay . ”

With a smile, Lu Yan ended the call . Leaning on the wall of the deserted factory, she was holding a pistol tightly in her right hand .

“There are about 15 people outside with heavy machine guns . It’s risky to break out from the front . You evacuate from the backdoor while I block them for a while . Then I’ll go find you at the pier . If I don’t come in ten minutes, you take the boat and leave without me,” Qiao Fei said .

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