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Chapter 3043

Chapter 3043 There“s Only You and Me Here 3 

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“Little Bean is back?” The professor was happy to see the little girl who looked exactly like Pudding .

“How do you know my name?” Little Bean was cautious .

“Of course, I know it . I also know your age, your birthday, and your favorite food . ”

“What’s up? Are you a spy?” Little Bean looked at the old guy warily .

When Su Yu had his men send her back home, she was elated .

Thinking her dad had woken up, she packed up and ran to the car . However, when she came home, she saw a strange old man .

“Little Bean, watch your language . Do you know who he is?” Pudding stood up .

“Who is he?”

“I’ll tell you, but you can’t tell anyone, not even to Handsome Su . I won’t tell you until you promise me . ”

“So mysterious?” Little Bean was surprised .

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“Can you do it?” Pudding looked at her sister solemnly .

“Okay, okay! Qin Zhaozhao, you are so pretty; I agree to everything you say . ” Little Bean began to tease her again .

“Little Bean, this is our grandpa, Mom’s father . ”

“What? Grandpa?” Little Bean was astonished .

“Yes . ” Pudding nodded .

“Fu*k… Are we seeing a ghost? I think Grandpa died many years ago…” Little Bean remembered their grandma told them many times that their grandpa had died many years ago .

She didn’t know how he died, but it seemed their mom had something to do with it because whenever someone mentioned it, their mom looked sad .

“Don’t be absurd . He’s not that grandpa…” Pudding was exasperated when Little Bean mentioned Jing De .

“Then how many grandpas do we have? I thought we only had one . ” Little Bean was confused .

“I’ll explain it to you later . Little Bean, do you remember Auntie?” Pudding walked over and said to Little Bean .

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At the mention of their auntie, Little Bean got excited .

“Of course . Auntie is awesome and very, very rich…” Little Bean gestured in exaggeration .

After all, their auntie gave them several gifts of exorbitant prices .

“You get excited whenever you hear money . Listen, Auntie said we can’t tell anyone about Grandpa’s return . He came back to perform surgery for Dad and to take care of us . If we leak the news, Grandpa and we will be in danger . We can’t even tell Handsome Su, understand?”

“Got it . ” Little Bean understood her sister’s words immediately .

Although her sister didn’t speak it out loud, it was obvious that Grandpa and Auntie were in the same camp . Otherwise, her sister wouldn’t have mentioned their auntie repeatedly .

“You two indeed look like your dad . Your mom isn’t as pretty as you are . ” The professor studied his two granddaughters dotingly .

“Of course . My dad’s genes are powerful…” This time, Little Bean was the proud one .

“Little Bean, I heard you like cakes?” the professor asked .

“You know a lot, old man . ”

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Seeing her sister was about to scold her, she immediately corrected herself, “I meant you know a lot, Grandpa . ”

“Hahaha! You’re a vivacious and cheeky girl, just like your auntie when she was little . You’re naughty . ” Instead of getting angry, the professor laughed happily .

“I’ll make some sweets for you tonight, okay? How about Tiramisu?” the professor asked .

“Excellent . ”

Excited, Little Bean tossed her small bag on the floor and nodded eagerly .

“I don’t like it . I’ll get fat if I eat lots of sweet stuff . ” Pudding pouted .

“Then I’ll make a fruit salad and beef steak for you . Beef won’t make you fat . ”

“Okay . ” Pudding nodded .

In fact, the twins were notoriously hard to please, but the professor enjoyed the challenge .

At this moment, his watch beeped .

He pressed on the home button .

Lu Yan’s image appeared in the midair; dressed in a military camouflage uniform, she looked quite badass .

“Dad, are you there now?” Lu Yan asked .

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