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Chapter 3042

Chapter 3042 There“s Only You and Me Here 2

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“If possible, I hope my dream will continue forever and never end,” Huo Siqian said, carrying a hint of pleading .

“Don’t live in your dream because it will never come true . Qin Chu will find me . ”

“Mian, don’t be silly . Qin Chu is only a mortal man . I’ve planned our escape here for years and even an army can’t find you, not to mention Qin Chu . You like him and think that he is a god . You just accused me of self-deception; what do you think you’re doing now?” Huo Siqian smiled .

“I’m different from you . Qin Chu will come for me; I’m sure of it,” Huo Mian said with conviction .

Yes, she trusted Qin Chu more than she trusted herself .

She believed so long as Qin Chu was alive, he would find her, no matter where she was .

“Okay, okay . Qin Chu will come for you . Then let’s have supper first, okay?” Huo Siqian humored her .

“I’m not hungry . ”

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“You’re not hungry, but the baby is . He’s grown so big now . ” Huo Siqian glanced at the small bump in her belly .

Huo Mian knew she shouldn’t be willful and refuse to eat just because of her anger; after all, her baby would suffer from it .

Seeing Huo Mian had softened, Huo Siqian cleaned up the food on the floor and walked to the kitchen .

He brought out another bowl of rice and a new plate of vegetables . He placed the body of the fish into Huo Mian’s bowl and took the tail and head for himself .

Then, he brought the platter over and put it on the small table beside Huo Mian’s bed .

“Don’t knock it down again . This is all I cooked; if you knock it down, the baby will go hungry,” Huo Siqian instructed .

Huo Mian didn’t speak .

Then Huo Siqian returned to the dinner table and began to eat the plain food in relish .

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Huo Mian looked at the fish in her bowl and had a lump in her throat .

She remembered when she was young, Uncle Jing went out to work and didn’t return; her family was tight in funds .

To provide schooling and food for her and her younger brother, her mother lived a frugal life .

The food they had most frequently were potatoes and cabbage . To give her more nutritious food, her mother would get up early and go to the beach to buy fresh fish from the fishermen . Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

She stewed soup with the fish and gave all the meat to her and Zhixin, taking the head for herself .

At that time, she and her brother were little; once, Zhixin asked their mother, “Mom, why do you always eat the fish head?”

Their mother had said fish heads were delicious; when they grew up, they realized that there was no meat on the fish heads and their mother had lied to them due to her love for them .

In the past years, her adopted mother had had some misunderstandings for Huo Mian because of some past issues, but she had a kind heart .

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She had raised Huo Mian like her own, and Huo Mian would always remember that .

She didn’t desert Zhixin and her adopted mother after she found the professor and Lu Yan .

But today, Huo Siqian, a man who had a lofty position and enjoyed luxurious food each day, wanted to live a simple life on this uninhabited island . She couldn’t understand why he did it and wondered if he was really happy living such a life .

After a long silence, Huo Mian finally gave in for the sake of the unborn baby .

She picked up the chopsticks and began to eat slowly .

Sitting not far from her, Huo Siqian smiled gently; no matter what Huo Mian did, he’d never get angry and would always be patient .

He didn’t know why he acted like this . He used to say Huo Mian was Qin Chu and Su Yu’s weakness .

But, she was also his own fatal weakness .

Ian seemed to have discovered it . If Huo Siqian hadn’t left with Mian, Ian would have threatened him with Huo Mian .

But Huo Siqian would never allow it to happen .

– In South Hill Manor –

“Sis… Who’s this old guy?” The moment Little Bean entered, she saw Pudding sitting on the sofa with an old man and they seemed to be studying something .

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