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Chapter 3040

Chapter 3040 The God-like Professor 20

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“It’s true . ” Su Yu looked serious .

“How can it be? Even if he’s an ordinary person, you can find some basic information about him, such as his family members, etc . ”

“But we found nothing . ”

“Then… Maybe he’s got foreign citizenship? Did you find out which country he’s from?”

“I can’t . Do you know what I meant by ‘nothing’? I don’t even know his name . ” Su Yu sighed deeply .

“That’s not good . He’s hiding something,” Gao Ran said, immediately alarmed .

“I think so too . ”

“What do you think? Is he the person who broke into the ward and drugged your bodyguards?” Gao Ran suddenly remembered the incident in the hospital .

“I’m not sure . ”

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“Why did you show me his photo and check his background?”

“He claimed he could save Qin Chu . ”

“What?” Gao Ran was astonished .

“More accurately, Pudding said the old guy could save Qin Chu . ”

Gao Ran was dumbfounded .

“Wait, Su Yu, I’m confused . Can you explain it to me?” Gao Ran looked befuddled .

Su Yu told him everything that had happened .

Gao Ran fell silent after Su Yu finished .

Then he asked, “You’ve agreed to let the old guy with an unknown identity take the twins back to South Hill Manor?”

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“Yeah . ” Su Yu nodded .

“You’re taking a big risk; you don’t know his intention is good or evil yet . ” Gao Ran felt Su Yu had acted recklessly .

“I tried to stop her, but Pudding was too stubborn . ”

“She’s just a kid . How could you allow her to make the decision?” Gao Ran stood up, looking worried .

“Pudding isn’t an ordinary kid; don’t underestimate her . ”

“Maybe she was hypnotized or brainwashed . Anyway, this whole thing sounds weird…” With his hands on his hips, Gao Ran paced around in his office .

“My men are monitoring his movements; if they see anything unusual, they will shoot him,” Su Yu added .

“It might be too late . After all, your men are outside and won’t know everything happening in the house . ”

“They can monitor the inside with surveillance cameras . ”

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“There are blind spots . Besides, if he kills the kids, it would be too late to act . ”

“Despite his mysterious air, I don’t feel any killing intent in the old guy . My instincts told me that he won’t do anything bad to the twins . ”

“Su Yu, I’m a cop and have never trusted my damned instincts . No, this thing is weird . I must go to South Hill Manor and take the kids to my home . With Qin Chu and Huo Mian both unavailable, I can’t allow anything to happen to the kids . ”

Gao Ran and Su Yu disagreed with each other .

Despite his worry and anxiety, Su Yu chose to trust Pudding and didn’t do anything outrageous .

However, Gao Ran took his subordinates and drove to South Hill Manor in five police cars .

– On an unknown island in the Pacific Ocean –

Huo Mian finally felt desperate after being in a cold war with Huo Siqian for a few days .

She knew she’d never escape from this fellow .

Instead of lying in bed listlessly, she decided to get up and try to find some loopholes in the system of the island that she could use to her advantage to escape .

She rose from the bed and changed into a white long silk dress that Huo Siqian picked with laces around the cuffs and on the hem; it was a choice of how a typical straight guy wanted his girl to be dressed .

It wasn’t in a style Huo Mian liked, but it was truly beautiful and had excellent quality .

She glanced at the tag and found it was a luxurious band with a six-figure price .

Getting dressed, she opened the door and was about to walk out .

“Mian, you finally decided to come out for fresh air . You are not angry with me anymore . ” Huo Siqian returned with a bamboo basket in his hand .

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