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Published at 7th of May 2020 08:00:24 PM
Chapter 3039

Chapter 3039 The God-like Professor 19

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“Handsome Su, you promised . ” Pudding pouted .

“I didn’t . ”

“You promised that you’d agree to anything I wanted . ”

“But your request is unreasonable . I can’t agree . ” Su Yu’s face was still dark .

“Unreasonable? I just want to move back home with my sister . ”

“With that old guy of unknown identity?” Su Yu demanded .

“He’s not an old guy with unknown identity; he’s…” Pudding paused .

She remembered her auntie’s words that her grandpa’s identity was too special to be shared with anyone .

To avoid unnecessary trouble, they couldn’t even share it with Su Yu .

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Although Pudding didn’t know her grandpa’s identity, she believed her auntie would never be wrong .

So, she swallowed the words she was about to say .

“He’s… what?” Su Yu saw Pudding’s hesitation and tried to get the words out of her .

“He’s someone who can save my dad . ”

“Pudding, are you sure you aren’t hiding anything from me?” Su Yu’s eyes were sharp .

“No . ”

“You trust him so much that you think it’s safe for you and your sister to move back to South Hill Manor and live with him?”

“I do . ”

“Nonsense . ”

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Su Yu was truly angry .

“Handsome Su, you gave me your promise and can’t go back on it . Please don’t waste our time . He said he could cure my dad and would remove the toxin from my dad’s system . I think my dad will wake up soon, and he will explain to you everything that you don’t understand . ”

“But you know the truth and choose not to tell me . ” Su Yu looked Pudding in the eye .

Feeling guilty, Pudding lowered her head and didn’t dare to meet Su Yu’s eyes .

Su Yu was silent for ten seconds and said finally, “Forget it . If you trust him so much, you can go with him . I’ll send Little Bean over . I thought I was the person you two trusted the most when your dad and mom are not available, but the truth is I’m no better than an old guy with unknown identity . ”Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

“It’s not like that . Handsome Su, we still love you . ” Pudding was anxious as she knew he was hurt .

“It’s okay . You can do whatever you want . I’ve done everything I can . Your dad asked me to take care of you and I’ve done it… As your mom is not available, I’ve done your best to protect your dad . I, Su Yu, have done everything I can for the Qin Family . ”

That said, Su Yu put down the kid carefully on the ground .

Then he walked away in the other direction…

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“Handsome Su… I’m sorry; you’ll understand,” Pudding said in a small voice .

Looking at Su Yu’s desolate back, she felt like crying; but logic told her that crying would solve nothing .

Holding Pudding’s hand, the professor left the hospital and returned to the South Hill Manor .

Su Yu fulfilled his promise and had someone send Little Bean and the sisters’ stuff back to South Hill Manor .

Then, he ordered An to bring some guards to South Hill Manor to protect the kids .

If they found the old guy was up to no good, they must shoot him immediately .

After making these arrangements, Su Yu was still worried . He drove to the Municipal Public Security Bureau to see Gao Ran .

“Do you know this old guy?” Su Yu showed him a photo on his cellphone .

Leaning over, Gao Ran studied it and shook his head . “No . ”

“Never seen him before?”

“Never,” answered Gao Ran .

“That’s weird . Who on earth is he?” Su Yu murmured to himself .

“Didn’t you check his background?” Gao Ran asked .

“I did but came up with nothing . I found nothing about this old guy . ”

“Nothing? How can it be?” Gao Ran was surprised .

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