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Published at 7th of May 2020 08:00:25 PM
Chapter 3037

Chapter 3037 The God-like Professor 17 

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Pudding gazed at the old man with her big watery eyes for three seconds and said calmly, “I do . You’re my grandpa . ”

Hearing the word “grandpa”, the old man’s eyes softened again .

It was indescribable happiness for him to hear Mian’s daughter call him Grandpa to his face .

The professor touched Pudding’s head lovingly and said, “Good girl . ”

Without further ado, the professor walked to the bed and did a series of tests on Qin Chu .

Pudding didn’t understand the equipment her grandpa used and wondered if they had the same miraculous functions as her auntie’s watch phone .

The watch could show the other caller’s virtual image, which was a cutting-edge high technology that was not seen on the market .

Half an hour later, the professor unplugged the equipment from Qin Chu .

“It seems these moronic doctors are not too bad; their diagnosis is accurate,” said the professor .

“Grandpa, how is my daddy now?” Pudding walked over and asked anxiously .

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“It doesn’t look good,” the professor put away the devices and said .

“But you can save him, right?” Pudding said confidently .

“Who told you that I can save your dad?” The professor smiled at her kindly .

“Auntie told me,” Pudding said honestly .

“I knew only that girl would boast like that . ” The professor smiled in exasperation .

“Grandpa, can you save my Dad?” Pudding asked .

“You sounded quite confident when you convinced the young man outside, but now you don’t trust me?”

The professor wanted to see how his granddaughter with legendary high IQ would answer this question .

“I did it because I must trust the person in your position… Auntie has great abilities, and even she believes Grandpa can do the job, so I’m sure you can do it . ”

“Good point . ” The professor nodded in satisfaction .

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“Grandpa, have you figured out a way to save my Dad?”

“Yeah, I have . ”

“Great! Grandpa, you’re awesome . ” It was the first time that Pudding admired someone from the bottom of her heart .

When everyone was clueless before a difficult problem, a person came along and said coolly, “Well, don’t worry; I can solve it . ”

At this moment, you’d feel this person was as powerful as a god .

“When can you perform the surgery on Dad? Will he wake up after it?” Pudding continued to ask .

“I must do one thing before the surgery . ”

“What’s it?”

“Detoxication . Your Dad did the stupid thing of drugging himself to suppress his emotional pain . If the toxin stays in his liver for a long time, his liver will be destroyed . ”

Pudding didn’t understand the medical stuff her grandpa was talking about, but she knew it was an issue they couldn’t ignore .

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“Okay . Grandpa, please remove the toxin from Dad first . ” Pudding nodded .

“Where’s Little Bean?”

“She’s still in Grandma Su’s home . ”

“Grandma Su? You mean Su Yu’s home?”

“Yes . ”

“Would you two return to South Hill Manor with me? I can take care of you while making the antidote . ”

“Will you do that?” Pudding was pleasantly surprised .

“Of course . Do you want to return home with Grandpa?” The professor smiled warmly .

“I do! My sister and I miss home . It’s great that you’ll stay with us, Grandpa!” Pudding had never looked so excited before .

“But you need to convince the fellow outside and then we can go home . ”

The professor pointed at Su Yu outside the room .

Nodding, Pudding opened the door and walked out .

“Pudding, how did it go? What did that old guy say?” Su Yu looked anxious .

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