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Chapter 3036: 3036

Chapter 3036 The God-like Professor 16

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“No,” Pudding answered calmly .

“Pudding, this is something concerning your dad’s life . ” Su Yu emphasized the danger they were facing .

“It’s why I want someone I trust to do it . ”

Su Yu looked at Pudding in surprise and then at the old guy with an unknown identity, asking, “You trust this old guy?”

“Yes . ”

Su Yu: “…”

As if bewitched, Pudding insisted to have the old fellow perform surgery on Qin Chu; Su Yu felt fatigued emotionally .

Pudding had never done something so unreasonable, but today she was so willful as if she had been bewitched .

“We’re running out of time . Handsome Su, I beg you to let him do the surgery, okay?” Pudding said with tears in her eyes .

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Seeing her face, Su Yu felt hurt inside .

But he felt torn because he knew nothing about the old man’s identity; if the latter did something to Qin Chu during the operation, Qin Chu would die .

If Huo Mian came back safe and found Qin Chu dead, she’d hate him for making this wrong decision .

Seeing the dilemma in Su Yu’s eyes, Pudding continued, “Handsome Su, I’ll take all the consequences and responsibility for my dad’s operation . ”

“It’s not a problem of responsibility . I’m afraid if something happens, it will be too late to feel sorry . ” Su Yu was still hesitant .

“I won’t feel sorry for it because Dad will wake up . Only after my dad wakes up can we find Mom sooner,” Pudding said calmly .

“But, Pudding…”

“Handsome Su, please… We’ve known each other for more than three years; I swear on my honor that you can trust me this time . ”

Pudding felt that was all she could say to convince Su Yu; Su Yu shouldn’t have a reason or the heart to refuse her .

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Finally, Su Yu admitted defeat to Pudding .

“Okay . Pudding, I trust you . ”

“Thank you . ”

Pudding ran over and threw her arms around Su Yu in excitement .

Then she turned her head and smiled at the old man . “Can you begin now?”

“Pudding, come in with me; I’ll check on his condition first,” the old man said .

“Okay . ”

“Pudding…” Su Yu didn’t want Pudding to enter the ward alone with this mysterious old man .

“I’ll be fine . Handsome Su, be a good boy and wait here for me . ” Pudding was in a good mood .

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Su Yu: “…”

He watched as the little girl dressed in a white doll dress with red dots entered the ward after the old man .

“Handsome Su, this is… unheard of . ” The doctors of the Army Hospital found the whole situation extremely weird .

None of the first-class doctors in the country knew how to cure Qin Chu, but now an old man appeared suddenly and claimed he could do it? Was he a god descending into the mortal world?

Su Yu didn’t answer because he didn’t believe this old man could do it, either; but he trusted Pudding .

Pudding wasn’t an ordinary kid; she was a little girl with horribly high intelligence .

Born with powerful genes from her parents, she could handle many crises by herself .

She and Little Bean had been kidnapped twice but had escaped from their kidnappers .

Su Yu believe Pudding, an extremely smart girl who loved her father deeply, would never do anything to endanger her father’s life .

She must have her reasons to insist that the old man do the surgery .

Due to these considerations, Su Yu had finally given in to her despite his doubts .

The moment they walked into the room and the door closed, the old man looked back at Pudding genially and asked, “Pudding, do you know who I am?”

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