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Chapter 3035: 3035

Chapter 3035 The God-like Professor 15

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“Damned fellow, you dare to arrest me?” The professor glared at him .

In the whole world, few people dared to put a hand on him; even the people from the FBI called him “Professor” with respect .

To his astonishment, the moment he returned to China, the young man Su Yu issued an order to arrest him .

“I don’t care who you are; you are up to something . Arrest him,” Su Yu urged .

The guards around him immediately walked up to do his bidding .

Then a childish voice called out from the corridor, “Stop it . ”

“Pudding, how come you’re here?”

Su Yu looked back and frowned slightly when he saw Pudding .

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The old man’s eyes softened immediately as he saw the kid .

“Handsome Su, you can’t arrest him,” Pudding walked over and said clearly .

“Why? Do you know the old guy?” Su Yu looked at Pudding in surprise .

Pudding nodded .

“Who is he, Pudding?”

Su Yu was surprised . If Pudding knew him, he must be someone important . But Su Yu had never seen him before .


“Pudding…” The old man called out to stop her, thinking she’d tell them his identity .

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“It’s not important who he is; the important thing is that he can save my dad’s life . ” Remembering Lu Yan’s instructions, Pudding didn’t reveal the professor’s identity .

“Pudding, are you sure? This old man can save your dad’s life?” Su Yu was even more confused .

“Yes . ”

“Pudding, are you sure you’re not joking? Do you know that no doctors in China can cure your dad? Your Uncle Rick told me he had contacted many of your Dad’s former classmates and teachers in the U . S . and none of them could do it either . Now you are telling me this old man can do it?” Su Yu looked doubtful .

“They can’t do it because they’re stupid and don’t have the skills . ” The old man looked arrogant .

“Old fellow, don’t boast just because it doesn’t cost money . ” Su Yu gave him a dirty look .

“Handsome Su, please stop suspecting him . I trust him and I want him to do the surgery on my dad . ”

“No . Don’t mess around,” Su Yu frowned and scolded Pudding for her interference .

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“I’m not messing around . I’m serious . ”

“Pudding, did someone hypnotize you or something? How can you speak for an outsider, a strange old man at that? Even though we are desperate, we can’t put your dad in danger; he might die if we’re not careful . ” Su Yu was a bit angry with Pudding .

“So, we must do the surgery on my dad now; we can’t miss the best surgery time . ” Pudding was determined .

“You’re so desperate that you trust this old guy who came from god-knows-where?” Su Yu lost his temper .

The professor was exasperated as he heard Su Yu kept calling him “old guy” .

He swore he’d blow up this arrogant and rude young fellow if Su Yu wasn’t his daughter’s good friend .

“I’m not desperate . Handsome Su, do you trust me?”

Hearing Pudding’s question, Su Yu fell silent .

“Handsome Su, even if I’m only a kid, I know what’s right and what’s wrong . It’s my dad’s life on the line and I will never put him in danger . My grand…” Before she could blurt out “grandpa”, Pudding corrected herself and said, “This old grandpa is awesome . Believe me, in the whole world, only he can save my dad . ”

“Who told you this nonsense? Did someone brainwash you? Or are you hypnotized?” Su Yu was furious .

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