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Chapter 3034: 3034

Chapter 3034 The God-like Professor 14

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Su Yu almost flew to the hospital…

Because the call was from the hospital, Su Yu was even more frightened .

After all, someone had just tried to sneak their way in and poison the guards .

Soon after Su Yu left, Pudding coaxed Little Bean to sleep and got up to go to the washroom . Suddenly, an unfamiliar number appeared on her phone .


“Pudding, I’m Auntie . ”

“Auntie, where are you?” Pudding couldn’t help the excitement in her voice .

“Honey, I don’t even know where I am . ” Lu Yan laughed .

Pudding: “…”

“Honey, listen to me . Do you remember what I told you the last time we spoke?”

“Yes . ” Pudding nodded .

“Your grandpa’s already there . He’ll probably arrive at the hospital at night, but Su Yu will stop him from operating on your father . So, it’s your turn,” Lu Yan explained .

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“Grandpa’s already here?” Pudding was elated .

“Yup, as far as I know, he’s there . ”

“Alright then, I know what to do . ”

With that, Pudding hung up the phone and ran to Su Yu’s room . To her surprise, the room was completely empty .

“Where’s Handsome Su?”

“Pudding, why aren’t you asleep yet?” Mrs . Su saw Pudding standing before Su Yu’s room when she walked upstairs with her coffee .

“Grandma Su, where’s Handsome Su?”

“He went out . ”


“He didn’t say . He said it was an emergency . ”

Pudding nodded and dialed Su Yu’s number .

Knowing Su Yu’s at the hospital, Pudding immediately tugged on Mrs . Su’s hands . “Grandma Su, could you please tell the driver and guard to bring me to Handsome Su?”

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“Now?” Mrs . Su was surprised .

“Yes, now . ”

“Pudding, Handsome Su’s handling something . Why don’t you wait until he comes back?”

“No, Grandma Su, it’ll be too late . I have to do it now . ”

Mrs . Su knew that Pudding was a sensible child .

Something must have been urgent for her to press like that . After some thought, she asked the driver and guards to escort Pudding to the army hospital .

– ICU entrance, Army Hospital –

There were many people at the entrance when Su Yu arrived .

There were doctors, guards, and all of them were surrounding a silver-haired old man .

The old man was donning a dark hazel shirt and long black pants .

His face looked seasoned but his gaze was razor-sharp .

“Young Master Su, you’re here . ”

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“What happened?” Seeing the intruder, Su Yu rushed over immediately .

“This old man wants to go in but when we ask him for his identity, he refuses to tell us . It’s very suspicious,” the guard explained .

“Who are you?” Su Yu looked at the old man standoffishly .

“So you’re Su Yu . ” The old man looked at Su Yu with a smile .

“How do you know my name?”

“Who doesn’t know Commander Su’s grandson? The old man continued to laugh .

“You know Qin Chu?”

The old man’s forward ways implied his relationship with Qin Chu .

Could he be a distant relative of the Qin Family? That made no sense . Even Qin Chu’s immediate family didn’t know about his situation .

How did a stranger find out about something so secretive?

These thoughts made Su Yu even more alert…

“Not only do I know him, I’m here to save his life,” said the old man .

“How did you find out about this?”

Su Yu was very hostile . He suspected that the old man was sent by Huo Siqian to finish off Qin Chu .

“That’s none of your business . I just do . ”

His status as a professor was also special and he couldn’t reveal it to the others .

“No identity, walking around looking suspicious . Detain this old guy!” Su Yu ordered .

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