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Chapter 3033: 3033

Chapter 3033 The God-like Professor 13

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“Mom…” Su Yu felt a little awkward at the sight of his mother .

“What’s wrong?” Mrs . Su held Pudding up into her arms lovingly and wiped away the latter’s tears using her sleeves .

“Actually…” Su Yu racked his brain for an excuse . After all, his mother wasn’t a fool and any clue would give them up .

“Grandma Su, Little Bean wants to go home… I don’t want to go… so we started to argue . Our argument escalated and we began to cry,” Pudding explained .

Clearly, she didn’t want Mrs . Su to know about her daddy and mommy’s situation .

Su Yu held up Little Bean and nodded . “Yes, that’s what happened . ”

“Oh… I thought it was something big! But really… what’s Mian doing? Where did she and Qin Chu go? They don’t want their kids anymore? The kids have been here for a couple of days now,” Mrs . Su wondered .

Little Bean began to cry even harder at Mrs . Su’s words…

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“Mom, look, what are you saying? It’s not like we can’t feed them,” Su Yu half-joked

“Of course, I’m not worried about feeding them . They can stay here forever if they want to . I’m just thinking that… the kids are still young… it’s natural that they miss their mom . This is probably the first time she’s left them alone for this long ever since their birth . It makes sense that they’re missing her . ”

“If she could… she would pick them up . You know how much she loves the kids . ” Su Yu tried to reason .

“That’s true . Mian’s so attached to the kids… she probably has something really important to handle this time . Little Bean, stop crying . Tomorrow, I’ll wake up early and make you some delicious tiramisu . How does that sound?”

“I don’t want to eat, Grandma Su,” Little Bean cried as she spoke .

“Oh my… you’re crying so hard… my heart’s breaking…”

Mrs . Su carried Pudding downstairs carefully, standing before Su Yu and Little Bean .

“Good girl, Little Bean, don’t cry . I’ll make you anything you want to eat . ”

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“I don’t want to eat anything, Grandma Su, I want my mommy . ” Little Bean was still crying her heart out .

“I’ll call your mommy and tell her to hurry back . ” Mrs . Su was still in the dark .

Pudding gave Little Bean a look, signaling her that Grandma Su could not know about this .

Receiving the glance, Little Bean looked down and continued to cry . She was too afraid to tell the truth .

After a long while of comforting, the twins made up and went upstairs to bed .

After the twins were asleep, Mrs . Su looked at Su Yu . “What happened?”

“Nothing! Didn’t we just tell you?”

“I’m old but I’m not confused . Pudding lied to me and now you’re lying to me too?”

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“…” Su Yu was once again speechless .

“I know Mian . If it’s not something important, she wouldn’t leave the kids here for this long without seeing them . Not even a phone call! I’ve been watching the twins’ phones . They haven’t been in contact with their parents . No video calls . No texts . ”

“Mom… you’re pretty observant…” Su Yu was speechless…

“Duh! If I’m not observant, how could I have married into the Su Family?” Mrs . Su rolled her eyes at her son .

Seeing that he couldn’t hide the secret anymore, he told his mother everything .

Mrs . Su was stunned by the news .

She took a piece of tissue and wiped away her tears .

“Mian… such a good person… why is her life so rough? She’s not even 30 yet,” Mrs . Su cried .

“Mom, Mian’s not dead yet . Don’t say things like this . ” Su Yu felt frustrated .

“Son, I hope I’m not being inappropriate… but do you think Mian will return safely this time?”

Su Yu’s phone rang just as he was about to answer .

After the call, Su Yu’s expression changed and he stood up .

“Mom, something happened in the hospital . I need to go . ” With that, he ran out anxiously .

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