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Chapter 3032: 3032

Chapter 3032 The God-like Professor 12

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“Miss her? Are you joking? She’s the last person I want to see right now . ” Little Bean was furious .

The mention of her sister’s name made her face scrunch up; she was really pissed off this time .

“You girls are sisters . Be kinder to each other . ”

“I did talk to her nicely, but look at her! She’s so full of herself… ugh, it’s as if she thinks that I can’t survive without her!”

“Haha, I know that’s not true . Little Bean’s the best!” Su Yu began to coax her .

“Handsome Su, I’m telling you… I know you’re clever . Don’t try to coax me . I won’t fall into your traps . Anyway, I just want to go home . ”

“Wait, don’t, no, hear me out . ”

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“Send it through WeChat . Bye!”

With that, Little Bean turned around to leave…

Su Yu decided to use force . He decided to grab Little Bean and take her upstairs .

Before he could act, however, Pudding’s voice sounded from behind . “Little Bean, Daddy, and Mommy are both in trouble . Can you just stop acting out now?”

“What did you say?” Little Bean turned around to look at her sister, who was standing by the second-floor railings .

“Sigh…” Su Yu sighed . He knew the gig was up . They had to tell Little Bean what was going on .

“What did you just say? Who’s in trouble? How could you curse out Daddy and Mommy? What kind of daughter are you?” Little Bean yelled .

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“I’m telling you the truth . The psycho jumped off the cliff with Mommy . No one knows if they’re alive or not . Daddy was so worried he puked blood and went into a coma . He’s been in the hospital for a couple of days now…”

“You’re lying!” Little Bean reacted heatedly .

“Ask Handsome Su if I’m lying . ” Although Pudding looked calm on the outside, her heart was doing flips in her stomach .

“Handsome Su, is it true?” Little Bean asked with tears in her eyes .

“Ugh…” Su Yu stammered, not knowing what to say to comfort Little Bean .

“Handsome Su, just tell her . Otherwise, she’ll act like a stubborn bull . She’ll continue to cause trouble . There’s not even a ghost living in South Hill Manor right now . Why do you want to go home?” Pudding was angry too . She unleashed all of her pent up frustrations from the past couple of days .

“Little Bean, listen to me . Your daddy really is in the hospital, but he will wake up soon,” Su Yu comforted Little Bean gently .

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“I don’t believe it! You’re both lying! You don’t want me to go home so you’re making things up!” Little Bean cried, shaking her head .

“We’re not lying . We didn’t want to tell you at first because we thought that you couldn’t handle it . But if we don’t tell you now you’ll cause more trouble trying to go home . I can’t hold it in anymore . I’m scared every day . I’m scared that Daddy won’t wake up . I’m scared that we’ll get the news of Mommy’s death . I’ve had enough . ”

With that, Pudding crouched down . She held onto the second-floor railings and cried her heart out .

Little Bean was truly stunned…

She knew that Pudding wouldn’t joke about their Mommy and Daddy’s life .

That meant that everything she said was true…

The psycho jumped off the cliff with Mommy? Daddy’s in a coma? It was too much information to take in all at once .

Finally, Little Bean began to cry…

The sight of the crying twins broke Su Yu’s heart .

Their parents were in trouble and he couldn’t even take care of the kids well . He couldn’t help but feel guilty…

“What’s happening? Why are they crying?” Hearing the kids, Mrs . Su walked out of her bedroom in her pajamas and gold-rimmed glasses .

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