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Published at 7th of May 2020 08:00:26 PM
Chapter 3031

Chapter 3031 The God-like Professor 11

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“No,” Pudding replied resolutely .

She then added, “If you want to go, go by yourself . ”

“Hey, can the two of you stop fighting?” Su Yu was stuck between a rock and a hard place .

“Fine, remember what you said . Since you like it here so much, stay here forever . I know what you’re doing . You never liked Wei Yunchu . You want to stay here and marry Handsome Su . I didn’t know you were so calculative . I despise you, hmph!”

With that, before Pudding could reply, Little Bean grabbed her packed little bag and headed out .

Su Yu was completely dumbfounded…

“What the hell are you talking about?! Is your head filled with boogers?” Pudding couldn’t believe what she was hearing .

Seeing Little Bean leave, Su Yu rushed out after her .

Pudding sat alone and angry in the room, too frustrated to care .

She didn’t tell Little Bean the truth because she knew the latter wasn’t strong enough to handle it .

Pudding was more mature and she was going to put up a smile no matter how difficult it was .

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For whatever reason, Little Bean was even more stubborn than usual . She wanted to go home and nobody was going to stop her .

Her petulant ways frustrated Pudding beyond belief, and although Pudding was precocious for her age, she was still just a child .

So, seeing that Little Bean wasn’t going to listen to reason, Pudding decided to stop trying .

What she didn’t expect, however, was that Little Bean began to pack up her clothes .

She had made up her mind .

Su Yu rushed downstairs and stopped Little Bean from leaving .

Mrs . Su was old and retired early to her bedroom .

She thought that the twins were already in their beds and deep in slumber at a time like this .

In the large empty hall, only Su Yu and Little Bean were left .

“Little Bean, where are you going in the middle of the night?”

“Home, of course . ”

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“It’s pitch dark outside . ”

“I’m not scared . I can get a cab . ”

“Do you have money? I’m talking about cash . Cabs only take cash,” Su Yu teased .

“Yes . ” Little Bean nodded .

“You have cash?” Su Yu looked at her in disbelief .

“Yes, I have a lot . ”

Little Bean reached into her shoulder bag and took out a stash of hundred-yuan bills .

“Ugh… where did you get that?”

If Su Yu remembered correctly, the kids didn’t have any cash with then when they arrived . There was more than enough food and drinks and Mrs . Su paid for everything else they wanted .

Where did this kid get the cash?

“I traded WeChat money for cash with Aunty Lan in the kitchen . ”

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Su Yu: “…”

“You’re quite the sharp one, aren’t you?” Su Yu was speechless .

“Handsome Su, move . I’m leaving . ”

“Where are you going? No one’s home, really . The South Hill Manor is pitch black right now… it’s really spooky . What if you see a vampire or a zombie?” Su Yu tried to scare Little Bean .

To his surprise, the latter looked at him in absolute disbelief . “Handsome Su, how old are you?”

“Ugh?” Su Yu was taken aback .

“I’m only three and even I don’t believe in silly things like that . What century is this? Do you still believe in vampires and zombies? How foolish…” Little Bean exclaimed .

Su Yu: “…”

“Little Bean, there really aren’t any people in your home . ”

“I still want to go back . I’ll sleep by myself . ”

“What about food?”

“I can get it delivered . I have a lot of money on my WeChat . ” Little Bean looked excited .

“What if they deliver your food when you’re taking a shower? Isn’t that awkward?” Su Yu was very imaginative .

“I won’t call delivery when I’m in the shower and I won’t take a shower if I do . Thank you very much,” Little Bean replied smoothly .

“Then… what if you miss your sister? You girls grew up together, after all . You haven’t spent a day apart ever since . ” Su Yu played the family card .

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