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Chapter 3030: 3030

Chapter 3030 The God-like Professor 10

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“Why do you suddenly want to go home?” Su Yu asked patiently .

“Because this isn’t home…” Little Bean was straightforward as ever .

“I don’t like what I’m hearing . Don’t you like your Handsome Su anymore?”

This was the first time Su Yu had ever pouted in front of someone and he was doing it for a three-year-old girl . What an adorable sight…

“That has nothing to do with this . You can’t mix the two . I like Handsome Su, but I also want to go home . I miss my daddy and mommy . ”

“How old are you? Still missing your parents?” Su Yu pinched Little Bean’s nose dotingly .

“Please… I’m only three-and-half . ” Little Bean rolled her eyes .

“Ugh… oh yeah…” Su Yu was speechless .

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Just then, Pudding walked over, glancing at her little sister’s face .

“Little Bean, we can’t go back now . ”

“Why not?” Little Bean wasn’t convinced .

“Because daddy isn’t home . You know that he’s looking for mommy,” Pudding continued with her white lies .

“That doesn’t affect our going home… there’s still grandpa, grandma, Auntie Qin Ning, and the others…” Little Bean argued back .

“They’re not home either . ”

“You’re lying . You just don’t want to go home . Aren’t you enjoying yourself too much here?” Little Bean glared at her sister, mad as could be .

Her eyes looked both angry yet adorable…

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“Oh? Too enjoyable here? What do you mean, Little Bean?” Su Yu laughed .

“Go away, Handsome Su . Don’t mess around . This is between us sisters,” Little Bean criticized .

“Ugh… alright… I guess I’m messing around…” Su Yu’s head was beginning to hurt .

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Although she looked nonchalant and happy-go-lucky normally, she was more stubborn than a bull when she wanted to be .

Like today, for whatever reason, she suddenly wanted to go home .

After 15 minutes of arguing, Pudding and Little Bean still haven’t resolved their issues .

“Enjoying myself? It’s not like that at all . Daddy’s not home right . He’s looking for Mommy . Grandma and Grandpa are not home either . Our home is not safe right now and staying here is the best solution . It puts our daddy’s heart at ease . Why are you being so unreasonable?”

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“I’m only three years old . What reason am I supposed to understand?” Little Bean roared .

“So what you’re saying is that everyone should listen to you just because you’re three? You’re not to be held responsible if you kill someone? That you’re above the law?” Pudding crossed her arms, questioning her little sister calmly .

Hearing this, Little Bean couldn’t hold it in anymore . “Waaaaaaaa!”

“Handsome Su, look at her stupid face! How could she question me like that?! She’s so mean to me!” Little Bean aired her grievances as she cried .

“I’m not some booth psychic . I can’t tell you everything you want to hear,” Pudding continued .

“Alright, alright, okay, girls, calm down…” Su Yu felt helpless…

He was all too used to their fights…he could really make a drama out of them…

“I’m asking you one last time…”

Pudding looked away, ignoring Little Bean .

“You’re ignoring me?! How could you?!” Little Bean was shaking from anger . “I’m asking you one last time… are you going home with me or not?” By home, Little Bean was referring to South Hill Manor .

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