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Chapter 3025: 3025

Chapter 3025 The God-like Professor 5

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“Someone so old picking on a child… aren’t you afraid of becoming a household joke?”

“Who the hell are you? Butt out of my business,” the man turned around and yelled at Wei Ying .

His female companion immediately grabbed onto his arm .

She whispered, “Honey, calm down . That’s the daughter of the Wei Family . ”

The man’s attitude immediately did a 180 . Smiling, he said, “The beautiful Miss Wei, nice to meet you . ”

Wei Ying glanced at the man . “If I remember correctly, you’re the Gao Family’s bastard son, right? What, you think you’re a big shot now because they’ve finally acknowledged your existence?”

“You…” The man wasn’t expecting such harsh words from Wei Ying; she was really hitting him where it hurts .

“What? You are a man, aren’t you? Are you really bullying a child?” Wei Ying walked over to Tiantian in a protective stance .

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“The little bastard made my suit all sticky,” the man argued .

“She’s a kid . It’s not like she did it intentionally . Aren’t you going to have children later on?” Wei Ying clapped back .

“Sister Wei Ying, do you know who’s this kid’s mother?” the woman suddenly interjected .

Wei Ying scoffed, not giving her a reply .

“Sister Wei Ying, this is that bitch Huo Yanyan’s daughter . Have you forgotten about how she ruined your marriage?” That woman kept on trying to add oil to the fire .

“That was Huo Yanyan . It had nothing to do with the child . I’m not stupid enough to take it out on a child . ”

“Ugh… alright, then . ” The woman pursed her lips, afraid to say more to the unrelenting Wei Ying .

“Honey, let’s go . ” The woman tugged on the man’s hand to leave .

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“Stop right there,” Wei Ying ordered .

“Miss Wei, what else do you need?” The duo turned around, clearly irritated .

“You… apologize to the child… for what you’ve said . ” Pointing at the man, Wei Ying enunciated every word .

“What?! You want me to apologize to a whore’s daughter? Are you nuts?” The man was furious .

“Watch your mouth . Wasn’t your mother also a mistress? Don’t be the pot calling the kettle black . ” Wei Ying wasn’t holding back with her insults at all .

“Wei Ying, don’t cross the line . You think that you can boss people around just because you’re part of the Wei Family?” the man roared .

“I’m not being unreasonable . Actually, I’m being very reasonable . The little girl has already apologized to you for getting ice cream on your clothes, but you’re unwilling to let this go . You’re cursing at her and spewing disgusting words at a child . That is unfair . ”

“Wei Ying, why are you siding with your enemy’s child?” The woman looked irritated .

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“Who I want to help is my business . If you don’t apologize, you’re going against the Wei Family . If I remember correctly, the Gao Family’s in debt to the Wei Family, right? Why don’t I tell my dad to cut off those resources and the Gao Family can kick you, their lowlife son, out of their home?” Wei Ying was domineering as ever .

Wei Ying’s words extinguished the man’s fury instantly…

There weren’t many businesses that could rival the Wei Family in the city . The Gao Family was merely an overnight upstart with a shaky foundation and was too small to be a threat .

They couldn’t even rival the Ye Family, let alone the Wei Family .

The man didn’t dare to anger Wei Ying further . He immediately switched his attitude and smiled . “Miss Wei, I apologize for my actions . Please forgive me?”

“That’s where you’re wrong . You’re not apologizing to me, you’re apologizing to her . ” Wei Ying pointed at Tiantian .

There were more and more people gathering around them…

Before they knew it, Shen Mingxi made his way into the crowd as well . He watched quietly as it all unfolded .

“Are you apologizing or not?” Wei Ying glared at the disgusting man .

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