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Chapter 3022: 3022

Chapter 3022 The God-like Professor 2

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“Auntie… I… I’m not sure how I can help… Mingxi has never listened to me . ”

Wei Ying looked very awkward as she said that .

If she had the power to persuade Shen Mingxi, they wouldn’t have gotten a divorce in the first place .

“No, Ying-Ying, you don’t understand . Mingxi changed after his car accident . He sees Huo Yanyan for what she is now… and he sees you differently too… especially after you donated him blood… He sees you as a life-saver…I think he’ll really listen to you if you talk to him . ”

“Auntie, I…” Wei Ying didn’t know what to do .

“Ying-Ying, look, Mingxi’s already very busy with work these days and that little girl’s going to be nothing but baggage . Everyone we know is making fun of him and saying that he’s asking for it . He took care of the vile woman’s mother and now he’s raising her daughter . No one wants to be looked down on . I asked him to send the child to an orphanage but he wouldn’t do it . He’s too soft-hearted . I know that the child is innocent, but the thought of her disgusting mother makes me want to vomit . Don’t you agree, Ying-Ying?”

“Maybe Mingxi has his own plans,” said Wei Ying .

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“I know my son . He’s just too soft-hearted . ”

“That’s true, but Mingxi’s been living with that child for a while now, and it’s only natural for him to care about her,”

Wei Ying said slowly while holding her coffee cup .

“I’m not against him taking care of the kid, but could he use another way to care for her? Maybe send the child to a childless family or something? She’ll live a great life that way too!” Mrs . Shen looked helpless . Visit website our Listnovel . com

“It all depends on… what Mingxi wants to do . ”

“Yeah, Mingxi is stubborn as a bull . Just like before… we were so against your divorce… but he still went through with it . Ying, I’m begging you, please talk to him, okay?”

“Auntie, I’ll try my best . My relationship with Mingxi right now is… I’m not sure if I should say too much to him… he might get annoyed . ”

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“He won’t . He’ll consider your words . You saved his life . ”

“But I can’t force my opinions on him just because I saved his life, right?” Wei Ying smiled .

“Anyway, please find a chance to talk to him . That would be the biggest help to me . ”

Mrs . Shen was being selfish . She was so set on getting rid of Huo Yanyan’s daughter that she was even willing to bother Wei Ying .

Wei Ying knew that it was a bad idea to get involved . She knew what little value she held when it came to Shen Mingxi . She couldn’t, however, defend against Mrs . Shen’s persuading . She had no other choice .

“Then… I’ll… try my best . Auntie, all I can do is try . I’m not sure if I’ll be of any help . ”

“That’s great . Ying-Ying, thank you . ”

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“Don’t mention it . ”

Wei Ying smiled awkwardly .

Wei Ying had planned to meet Shen Mingxi after a couple of days but to her surprise, the two ran into each other that very night .

“Ying-Ying, look! Isn’t that your ex-husband?”

A socialite next to Wei Ying nudged her .

In her navy evening gown, Wei Ying looked up; indeed, Shen Mingxi wasn’t far away .

He was holding the hand of a five-year-old little girl . She was wearing a princess dress and looked very pretty .

“Isn’t that Huo Yanyan’s daughter? Did Young Master Shen really adopt her? How weird is this?” There was chatter in the crowd .

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