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Chapter 3021: 3021

Chapter 3021 The God-like Professor 1

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Tiantian clung onto Shen Mingxi’s leg, tears pouring down her face .

“Uncle Shen, I don’t want to go abroad… please don’t send me away… please?”

“I’m not sending you away, Tiantian . I’m thinking about your future… I’ll send someone along to take care of you…”

Shen Mingxi crouched down and explained patiently .

Huo Yanyan’s psychotic actions truly alarmed Shen Mingxi .

But, was he really in the position to take care of Tiantian himself?

If she stayed next to him, how would people see their relationship? Even if he didn’t care about his own image, what about Tiantian? Would it traumatize her?

Shen Mingxi didn’t want his momentary soft-heartedness to ruin Tiantian’s entire life .

He had the money and the energy to take care of her, but she might be better off if he sent her abroad to study .

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After all, under the current circumstances, Tiantian wouldn’t be able to escape her mother’s shadow even if she went to school .

– Inside a coffee shop –

“Auntie, you’re looking for me?” Wei Ying was carrying the newest Chanel handbag and donning an elegant off-white suit .

Her long hair was dyed to a chestnut brown, straight like a waterfall, beautiful as could be .

Sitting across from Wei Ying, Mrs . Shen felt that her eyes were playing tricks on her .

Wei Ying was even more beautiful than before she married Shen Mingxi . Maybe a woman’s beauty really had nothing to do with her marital status .

What mattered was her state of mind and her attitude toward life…

The current Wei Ying was no longer the insecure, jealous, whining, and scorned woman… she wasn’t hateful toward anyone .

Divorce was almost an escape for her…

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“Ying, you look younger than before . ” Mrs . Shen smiled .

“Haha, I’m just pretending to be young . ”

“I heard that you’ve just returned from a trip?”

“Yes, I’ve been obsessed with traveling these years . My friends and I travel often . ”

“How’s your mom and dad?”

“My dad’s blood sugar is a little bit high so he’s watching his diet . My mom is pretty healthy . She often plays Mahjong with friends . ”

“Is your older brother taking care of the company?”

“Yeah, it’s basically my brother running the company . I’m just riding his coattails . ”

“Ying… you and Mingxi have separated for some time now… Have you ever thought about finding someone else?”

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Mrs . Shen’s words took Wei Ying by surprise .

“I… honestly, Auntie, I haven’t thought about it much . ”

“I’ve heard from people that you’re close with the youngest son of the Ye family…”

Mrs . Shen was very vague…

Evidently, everyone in their circle knew about Ye Chaoyang’s hot pursuit .

“Oh… we’re just friends… he’s a really nice person . ” Wei Ying lowered her head, sipping her coffee in embarrassment .

“Yingying, actually, I wanted to beg you for your help . ”

“Auntie, please don’t say that . No matter what happened, we were once a family . I’ll help in any way that I can . Beg is too strong of a word to use . ”

Although Wei Ying was prideful and bossy, she was still polite to her elders .

“This thing… I don’t even know how to ask you… Honestly, I know that I shouldn’t ask you for help, but I’ve really run out of options . ”

“Auntie, go ahead, I’ll see if I can help . ” Wei Ying looked at Mrs . Shen .

“You’ve heard… about Mingxi taking care of Huo Yanyan’s child…right?” Mrs . Shen asked slowly .

“Yes, a little . ”

“Ying… could you… please… ask Mingxi… to let that baggage go?” Mrs . Shen grabbed onto Wei Ying’s hand, almost begging the latter .

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