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Chapter 3020: 3020

Chapter 3020 The Forgotten Deserted Island 20 

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“I’m not, Mommy, I’m not…” Tiantian looked at her mother with tears in her eyes . She seemed so unfamiliar .

“Huo Yanyan, enough! Don’t take it out on her . She’s innocent . ”

Shen Mingxi couldn’t take it any longer .

“Shut up! I’m disciplining my daughter . Who are you to interrupt? It’s not like you’re her father . ” Huo Yanyan glared at Shen Mingxi in a rage .


“What? Do you think I don’t know what you’re doing? You’re putting up this nice guy façade so everyone will think that you’re this righteous, generous guy . You’re even taking care of your ex-lover’s child! This way, Wei Ying will see how kind you are and come back to you, right?”

“Why are you so vile now?” Shen Mingxi sighed .

Huo Yanyan was nothing like before… there wasn’t even a trace left of her old self…

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“What? Am I wrong?”

“This had nothing to do with Wei Ying since the beginning . Don’t drag her into this . ”

“Ha, are you taking your ex-wife’s side already?”

“Huo Yanyan, are you done?”

“Of course I’m not done . How could I be? Who made me this way?! All of you! You’re all still rich and powerful… but me? I’ve lost my entire family! They’re all dead… My father, my mother, my brother…they’re all dead!”

Huo Yanyan roared .

“Don’t you get it yet? You blame others for everything… which is in itself irresponsible and juvenile . I’m not going to talk about all the stupid things you did; there’s no point in talking about us . But Tiantian is completely innocent . You brought her to this world, you have to love and care for her . Don’t do what your mother did . Don’t fill her head with hate . Don’t ruin her life . ”

“Shen Mingxi, spare me the pretentious bullshit . You’re not that honorable, are you? You’re only taking care of Tiantian to prevent backlash . You have to pretend to take care of my daughter for the sake of your good-guy image . I’m right, aren’t I? There’s no point in doing this . Aren’t you tired of pretending?”

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“I’m not pretending . I really want to take care of Tiantian,” Shen Ming roared .

“People like you don’t do things for free . What, are you grooming her so you can have her when she grows up?”

Pa! Shen Mingxi’s hand slapped Huo Yanyan across the face…

It was a merciless slap, leaving her face raw and burnt .

“How could you say something like that in front of your child? Huo Yanyan, you really have gone mad…” Shen Mingxi couldn’t help but go off on Huo Yanyan . Her heinous thoughts were more than he could take .

“Uncle Shen…”

The sight frightened Tiantian to the core . She immediately turned around and ran to Shen Mingxi, clinging onto him, bawling her eyes out .

“Little bastard, I gave you everything and now you’re siding with an outsider and abandoning your own mother?!”

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Huo Yanyan screamed as she covered her burning cheek .

“Get the treatment you need . ”

With that, Shen Mingxi headed out with Tiantian .

“Come back here, you bastard!” Huo Yanyan stood up and lunged at Shen Mingxi, grabbing at him like a maniac .

The female guards immediately pulled her back and locked her up .

“Huo Yanyan’s condition is worsening . I’ll tell your Chief to keep her here for treatment,” Shen Mingxi ordered the females guards coldly .

“Shen Mingxi! Go to hell! You’re locking me here so you can have my daughter all to yourself . Karma will get you!”

Huo Yanyan cursed behind him…

– Police Bureau entrance –

“Tiantian, Uncle Shen will arrange for you to study abroad, what do you say?” Shen Mingxi asked with his eyes feeling a bit sour .

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