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Chapter 3019: 3019

Chapter 3019 The Forgotten Deserted Island 19

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“No progress yet . ” Su Yu looked dispirited .

“How about the Huo Corporation?”

“It’s almost done . Including the materials provided by Yan Ruoxi, we’ll have no problem to get the police to investigate into the Huo Corporation . ”

“Yan Ruoxi is willing to help us?” Shen Mingxi was surprised .

“Well, in the current situation, she doesn’t have any reason to hide anything for Huo Siqian; after all, she knows that she was only a chess piece dumped by Huo Siqian . ”

“You’re right . ” Shen Mingxi nodded .

“But I found something unusual after I did some investigation of Huo Siqian’s assets . ”

“What is it?”

“The Huo Corporation is almost an empty shell; most of its funds have disappeared without a trace . I suspect he transferred it through other channels . I checked his accounts overseas, but there’s no money under the name Huo Siqian . ”

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“He must have used other names,” said Shen Mingxi .

“Yeah . That psycho had made preparations long ago . ”

Su Yu was pleased with these findings . Since Huo Siqian had made such elaborate arrangements and transferred all his money, it meant he hadn’t planned to die .

If Huo Siqian wasn’t dead, then Huo Mian was alive…

At the thought that Huo Mian was still alive, Su Yu felt much better .

“We came to see Qin Chu and have to go now . If you need me for anything, just give me a call . ”

“Okay . ”

Shen Mingxi then took Tiantian to the psychiatric center under the Municipal Public Security Bureau .

Huo Yanyan had been hospitalized here .

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Shen Mingxi would take the child to visit her once in a while .

He had been busy in the company lately and hadn’t come for about a week .

The people in the Municipal Public Security Bureau told him that Huo Yanyan seemed to have regained her sanity probably because the drugs had finally expired in her body .

“Tiantian, what do you want to say to your mom when you see her?” Shen Mingxi asked .

“I want to tell her I really missed her . ”

“Good . ”

“Uncle Shen, can I give the chocolate bar you bought for me to Mom? When she eats something sweet, she will be happy,” the little girl said .

“Of course you can . ”

A female police officer led them to Huo Yanyan’s room .

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“She can move by herself and communicate like a normal person now . She even complained about the food . I think she’s recovered, and you can talk to the Chief about taking her out of here . ”

“Okay . I’ll make arrangements . ”

Then, the officer opened the door to let Shen Mingxi and the girl into the room .

Wearing a white hospital gown, Huo Yanyan was sitting on the bed; looking out of the window, she seemed to be thinking .

Hearing the door open, she turned her head .

Seeing Shen Mingxi and her daughter, her expression changed .

“Mommy…” Tiantian ran over and threw her arms around Huo Yanyan .

But she was obviously untouched, maybe she was still processing the situation or she was just feeling indifferent .

“Mommy, look, I bring you something . This is one of the chocolate bars Uncle Shen bought for me . It’s very sweet; I saved one for you . ”

Tiantian placed the chocolate bar into her mom’s hand cautiously .

However, Huo Yanyan threw it to the ground .

“What’s the damned thing? Take it away…”

“Mommy…” Tiantian looked at her mom like she was wronged, not knowing what to do .

“Are you my daughter or his daughter? You’re used to the rich life and don’t want to come back, right?” viciously, Huo Yanyan looked at the child and interrogated .

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