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Chapter 3016: 3016

Chapter 3016 The Forgotten Deserted Island 16

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“No . Auntie, I think… I can handle it,” Pudding said clearly .

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah . I’m sure I can handle Handsome Su…” Pudding looked confident .

“Okay . Proud little super-girl, then I will hand this difficult task to you . ”

“Auntie, if something urgent happens, how can I reach you?”

Lu Yan gestured at the watch on her wrist . “I’ve saved your number, and I can get in touch with you anytime . ”

“Okay . ”

Although Pudding liked to take initiatives, she felt comforted by her auntie’s words .

“I’ve got to go now . Go back to the living room, or Little Bean will come and look for you . ”

“Auntie…” Pudding held Lu Yan’s hand, reluctant to see her go .

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“When you fight the bad guy, you must be careful and not get hurt . ”

“Okay . ” Lu Yan felt warmed inside when she heard Pudding’s words .

After she got out, she told Qiao Fei, “After my sister comes back, I’ll ask her to give me Pudding; I’ll take her as my daughter . What do you think?”

“Why?” Sweat began to pop out on Qiao Fei’s forehead .

“Because Pudding is super considerate and smart . Before I left, she told me to be careful and not get hurt . Really, I haven’t met such a heart-warming kid for a long time . ”

“I don’t think your sister will agree to it,” Qiao Fei said .

“Why not?”

“You can’t separate the twins . Besides…” Qiao Fei paused .

“Besides what?” Lu Yan looked curious .

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“If you like kids, you can have your own kids . You don’t have to take one from your sister…”

Lu Yan: “…”

“Fu*k! My own children? I have to give birth? With you as the father?” Lu Yan said in a huff .

“Without me, can you do it alone?” Qiao Fei said nonchalantly .

“Qiao Fei, what do you mean? Damn it! I feed you and clothe you, now you even want me to have your children . Do I love you so much?” Lu Yan almost rolled her eyes .

“Yeah . I’m puzzled about how charming I am that made you fall in love with me head over heels . ”

“Fu*k! Pervert Qiao . You’re shameless . ”

Pointing at Qiao Fei, Lu Yan railed at him .

As they bickered, they came out of the city before Qiao Fei noticed it .

“Are we leaving?” Qiao Fei wondered .

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“Right . ”

“But our business here is not finished yet . ”

“We don’t have time now . I’ve got to lure Ian away from here so my dad can come . If Ian knew my dad is here, he’d bring an army and begin a killing spree . ”

“I see . ” Qiao Fei nodded in understanding .

“But don’t get it wrong . I’m not thinking of the people in this city; it’s just that I’m worried my dad won’t be able to perform the surgery on my brother-in-law with Ian here . ”

“I understand . You don’t have to explain . ”

Qiao Fei knew Lu Yan didn’t mean what she said .

She kept saying she didn’t care about people’s lives, but she hadn’t killed a good person by mistake for years .

Despite her love for money, she earned all her money by killing the outlaws and evil guys, including terrorists, the leaders of the rebellious army, or the core members of evil religious groups .

However, she always acted like a female devil and a heartless killer to disguise the kindness at the bottom of her heart .

Qiao Fei loved Lu Yan because he knew deep down, she was just a kind and simple girl .

– In Ian’s private airplane –

“Boss, we’ll reach our destination in half an hour . The plane is descending; please hold tight . ”

Suddenly, the tail of the plane caught on fire .

The plane lost balance and began to fall at a great speed .

“Boss, something’s wrong! Someone hacked into our flight control system…” the pilot opened the door and yelled anxiously .

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