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Chapter 3015: 3015

Chapter 3015 The Forgotten Deserted Island 15

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Hearing Lu Yan’s words, Qiao Fei could guess what she meant .

Without a word, he stayed with her .

He thought Lu Yan would order Paul to make preparations to do a major battle with Ian .

But to his surprise, she went to the Su Family mansion .

Only Lu Yan could come and go freely from such a heavily guarded place .

Pudding and Little Bean were playing in the living room as Mrs . Su arranged flowers in the vases with the maid .

There were lots of fresh bouquets in the living room; Little Bean sat with Mrs . Su and played with the scissors .

Pudding sat quietly with her cell phone in her hands; she looked thoughtful .

“Hiss…” Standing in the kitchen, Lu Yan made a strange sound toward the living room .

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Unfortunately, Pudding was too focused on playing on her cellphone to hear it .

“Damn it . My niece is a fan of her cellphone . It seems I need to do something fancier . ”

Lu Yan turned on her watch and hacked into Pudding’s cellphone swiftly .

Pudding was browsing news when a message appeared on the screen, “Pudding, come to the kitchen . ”

Pudding froze and then turned her head . Sure enough, her auntie had suddenly appeared in the kitchen .

Alertly, she glanced around; seeing no one was watching, she got up and ran into the kitchen .

“Sis, where are you going?” Little Bean looked at her sister and asked curiously .

“I’ll go and get some water,” Pudding said without looking back .

Suppressing her excitement, Pudding entered the kitchen and even closed the door .

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Then, she threw her arms around Lu Yan’s denim-covered thigh .

“Auntie,” she said in a low voice .

“Good girl…” Lu Yan picked up Pudding with one hand and held her in her arms .

She looked delicate but was very strong .

“Pudding, I must leave here for a while to deal with something . ”

“Where are you going, Auntie?” Pudding looked disappointed .

“Auntie’s gonna go and deal with some bad guy . ”

“Then… When will you be back?” Pudding pouted .

“I’ll come back when your daddy wakes up . ”

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“But… I don’t want you to go,” Pudding grabbed onto Lu Yan’s shirt and said stubbornly .

“I know . But I must get the bad guy from here, or your grandpa can’t perform the surgery on your dad . ”

“Is Grandpa coming?” Pudding looked up in surprise .

Lu Yan nodded . Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

“So, Baby, listen carefully because what I’m going to say is very important, okay?” Lu Yan looked at Pudding seriously .

“Okay, Auntie . ” Pudding nodded .

“Since your grandpa and I have special identities, we can’t expose our identities to other people . When your grandpa comes, Su Yu won’t allow him to perform the surgery on your dad . So, you must convince Su Yu . Your grandpa’s medical skills are extraordinary; you must convince Su Yu but can’t expose your grandpa’s identity . Can you do that?”

“This sounds difficult,” Pudding said thoughtfully .

“Of course . If it’s not difficult, I won’t give you this task . I know our Pudding is extremely smart…”

“Auntie, don’t flatter me . I’m not as good as you said . I’m only a child less than four years old and must drink infant formula each day . ”

Lu Yan almost choked on her laughter; she’d laugh out loud if she wasn’t afraid that the people in the living room would hear her .

This little girl thought really fast .

“If I don’t get the bad guy out of here, your grandpa will not be able to perform the surgery on your daddy, so we must work together on it . If you think it’s too difficult for you, I’ll try to find another way . ” Lu Yan also felt this task was a bit too difficult for a child .

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