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Chapter 3014: 3014

Chapter 3014 The Forgotten Deserted Island 14

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“Don’t look so surprised . I knew about your pregnancy long ago . ”

Hearing his words, Huo Mian reached out unconsciously to protect her baby .

“Don’t worry . I won’t hurt him . ”

Seeing her silence, Huo Siqian said, “Mian, we’ve left that troublesome place behind . From now on, only you and I live on the island . I’ll let you give birth to the baby, and you will live here with me, okay?”

“Huo Siqian, are you crazy?” Huo Mian was at the end of her patience .

“I’m crazy . I’ve been crazy for years . Mian, no matter if you want it or not, you must stay here and live with me . You have no other options . This is an inhabited island not shown on the map . I have installed devices to block signals, so no one will find us . I have arranged for people to deliver us food and water regularly . We’ll live the rest of our lives happily; isn’t it wonderful?”

“No . I don’t want to stay here . I want to go home . ”

Huo Mian tried to get up but felt listless…

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She had to lie back to the pillow .

“What drug did you use on me?” Huo Mian glared at Huo Siqian .

“You’re now pregnant; how can I use any drug on you? After sleeping for three days and three nights, you’re just listless . ”

“What? I slept for… three days and three nights?”

Huo Mian froze slightly .

Three days and three nights must be very long for Qin Chu .

“Mian, everyone thinks we’re dead . Qin Chu watched as I carried you and jumped off the cliff and into the surging sea . No one knows that we’re alive . I did this for your sake . Do you know that Ian has been searching for you and I’ve been hiding the truth from him . But he’s smart and will soon see through the lies . He’s not as merciful as I am and kills people without batting an eye . Otherwise, your father and sister wouldn’t be so wary of him…”

“You sound as if I must thank you for saving my life . ” Lying in bed, Huo Mian sneered .

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“I just wanted to say that you must accept the reality . ”

Then he turned and poured some hot water into the wooden basin .

Adding cold water in it, he soaked a white towel into the warm water, intending to clean her face .

“I told you to get out . Didn’t you understand my words? Don’t touch me, or I’ll kill myself . ”

Huo Mian was frantic .

When she heard that he had taken her to an inhabited island which blocked all signals, she had been filled by desperation .

Finally, at this moment, she exploded .

Huo Siqian tried to clean her face with good intentions, but all she could think of was her husband and daughters .

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She felt even worse than death .

If Qin Chu thought she was dead, he must be grieving .

Her twins would be heart-broken if they knew they would never see their mom again .

At this thought, Huo Mian broke down and cried .

Huo Siqian didn’t dare to touch her again .

He turned around and closed the door behind him, leaving Huo Mian to calm down .

Lu Yan was about to go and see Su Yu when her subordinates sent her a report .

“Boss, Ian will arrive at C City in three hours . ”

Hearing this news, Lu Yan’s expression changed a bit .

Speak of the devil and he does appear . The bastard Ian had come at this critical moment .

“What’s wrong?” Qiao Fei asked her from behind .

“A storm is coming,” looking up at the gloomy sky, she said, putting emphasis on each word .

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