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Chapter 3012: 3012

Chapter 3012 The Forgotten Deserted Island 12

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Qiao Fei almost jumped after her .

When he reached the edge and looked down, he saw Lu Yan was dangling in the air on a zipline .

Then she slid down slowly to investigate the wall of the cliff .

“Lu Yan, you little bastard, just you wait…” Seeing she was okay, Qiao Fei finally calmed down .

The cool and reserved Pervert Qiao had said dirty words for the first time in his life and called Lu Yan a ‘little bastard’ .

Smirking, Lu Yan looked up at Qiao Fei who had paled in fright .

“Heh heh! Little bastard, who are you railing at?”

“At you, of course . Damned girl . ” Qiao Fei had the urge to strangle her .

“You’re right, a little bastard is railing at me . ”

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Qiao Fei: “…”

Only Lu Yan would play a game of words to make fun of him at such a time .

Lu Yan studied the rocks on the wall of the cliff to see if there was a hiding place .

She wondered if Huo Siqian had done some tricks during their fall from the cliff .

But she found nothing .

Of course, if there were some hiding places on the wall, Su Yu would have found them long ago .

She then reached the surface of the ocean .

Lu Yan stopped for five seconds and then jumped into the water with a splash .

If Qiao Fei didn’t know her great swimming skills, he would have been worried .

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Minutes later, Lu Yan got out of the water and climbed up the cliff swiftly along the rope .

Qiao Fei reached out his hand immediately and pulled a wet Lu Yan up to the top .

“Psycho Qiao…” Before Lu Yan could finish, Qiao Fei grabbed her and held her tightly in his arms .

She almost couldn’t breathe…

“Ahem… Damn it! Let me go! Are you trying to murder me?” Lu Yan didn’t know if she should cry or laugh .

“In the future, you must give me a warning before you do such risky stuff, okay?” Qiao Fei’s heart had almost stopped .

He had thought Lu Yan tried to kill herself in a moment of grief .

But ten seconds later, he had snapped back to his senses and looked down to look for her .

With her abilities, she could handle it easily .

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“You always say you know me the best, right? Did you think I couldn’t handle such a trivial thing? By the way . I found something . ”

“What did you find?” Qiao Fei loosened his grip around Lu Yan .

“The fellow Huo Siqian is really smart . There’s nothing on the wall of the cliff until it reaches the sea surface, but there’s something under the sea . ”

“Under the sea?”

Lu Yan nodded .

“There’s a place less than three square meters under the sea; it looks like a vortex, but I found it wasn’t naturally formed but a cave entrance dug out by people . I entered the entrance and found a cave that can accommodate two to three people . Besides, there’s an exit to the cave . ” Lu Yan said with a smile .

Understanding dawned on Qiao Fei .

“I see… Huo Siqian is really smart… It means Sister Mian is fine, right?”

“Of course . My sister is blessed . I’m sure she’s fine . ”

Lu Yan had suspected Huo Siqian had used some trick to fool everyone; she was happy that her suspicions were confirmed .

“The problem now is how Huo Siqian took sister Mian away . Where are they now?” Qiao Fei asked .

“This is the most puzzling question to me . Huo Siqian’s plan is impeccable and I’m not surprised that someone like Yan Ruoxi knew nothing about it . I’m afraid he’s a person who trusts no one . I guess Ian doesn’t know it, either . I think I must see a person . ”

“Who?” Qian Fei looked at Lu Yan in puzzlement .

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