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Chapter 3007: 3007

Chapter 3007 The Forgotten Deserted Island 7 

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After receiving the call from the hospital, Su Yu couldn’t stay put .

“Pudding, you continue the meal with your sister . I’ve got to go and run an errand . ”

Leaving the table, Su Yu hurried out of the house .

Pudding and Little Bean finished the supper and returned to their room .

They missed their mom and were not as vivacious as before .

Mrs . Su brought them lots of fruits, but they were in no mood to eat .

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“Huh?” Pudding turned her head and looked at Little Bean .

“I miss Mommy . ”

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Pudding was silent .

“Sis, why hasn’t Mommy returned after so long? Dad didn’t call us nor visit us too . ”

Oblivious of the truth, Little Bean felt low .

As her elder sister, Pudding was more mature and shouldered more burdens .

She reached out with her chubby hand and touched her younger sister’s head .

“Good girl, Mommy… will come back; Daddy will find her . ”

“But I feel uneasy… We’ve been here for days, but Daddy hasn’t come to take us back home, which means he hasn’t found Mommy yet… Huo Siqian is an evil guy; I hate him . He had always wanted Mom . Maybe he has taken Mom to a distant place and won’t let her return . ”

As she said the words, Little Bean bit on her lower lip while tears flashed in her eyes .

“It won’t happen . How can Huo Siqian outsmart Dad? Don’t be silly . We must trust him . ”

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“Okay… Um… I’ll go and take a shower . When I come out, I’ll video chat with Gao Boyuan . ”

Taking her sleeping gown, Little Bean entered the bathroom . The maid had drawn a warm bath; when Little Bean went in, the maid followed her to help her with the bath .

Standing alone in front of the window, Pudding looked at the distance, upset .

Lately, Su Yu had left early and come back late each day; whenever Pudding asked him something, he was vague with his answers .

Pudding had heard Professor Luo’s words in the hospital .

It seemed unlikely that their dad would wake up .

With their dad in a coma, it was almost impossible for Su Yu to find their mom all by himself .

It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Su Yu but that she felt uncertain about the result .

The beloved couple was fallen to this state while she and Little Bean had to live with Family Su .

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The family Su was nice to the kids, but they still felt uneasy .

After all, this wasn’t their home despite all the comforts here .

“Mom… Dad… Please come back soon . Little Bean and I… can’t continue like this anymore . We really, really miss you,” Pudding said, choking on her words .

When Su Yu arrived at the hospital, Lu Yan and Qiao Fei had left and didn’t leave a clue behind .

When the bodyguards woke up from the drug, they didn’t remember the looks of the young girl who had drugged them .

Su Yu pulled up the surveillance record and was surprised to find that the clip of that period had been removed . They didn’t leave a trace behind .

“Have you checked Qin Chu? Did they do anything to him?” Su Yu looked at the doctor worriedly .

“No . Young Master Su, don’t worry, Mr . Qin’s condition is stable . Maybe those guys didn’t have time to do anything to him . ”

“They were really good . They hacked into the army defense system without anyone’s notice and then drugged my bodyguards . ”

“It seems they came prepared . We must be more careful,” the doctor said .

“Have you found out the name of the drug they used on my bodyguards?” Su Yu wanted to know what kind of people had broken into the hospital .

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