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Chapter 3005: 3005

Chapter 3005 The Forgotten Deserted Island 5 

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He was a man of few words and did things as he was told; at the critical moments, he would give you a hand .

Lu Yan had been used to moving around by herself; now with Qiao Fei, she was used to doing everything with him .

Before they walked out of the building, Qiao Fei thought of the cold weather outside and silently entered a big-brand clothes store to buy a black jacket .

When Lu Yan turned her head to him, he draped the jacket over her shoulders .

“Fu*k! You’re really fast . ”

It was hard to imagine that one would buy a jacket worth tens of thousands of yuan in less than two minutes .

Only Qiao Fei could pull it off .

“It’s cold here in the night,” Qiao Fei said .

“I’m not even afraid of death; do you think I’m afraid of catching a cold?” Lu Yan laughed .

“You’re not, but I am . ”

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Then, he ignored her and walked forward as if nothing had happened .

But Lu Yan felt extremely warmed inside at his words .

In her life, except for her dad and elder sister, Qiao Fei was the nicest person to her .

Her dad and sister were her closest family members, but they rarely stayed with her .

In contrast, pervert Qiao had been with her ever since they had eloped in Russia .

Although they were not physically intimate yet, they had formed a deep feeling for each other after staying together for so long .

Lu Yan and Qiao Fei were people who did things in a sweeping manner .

They left the bar and went directly to the army hospital .

Paul was considerate and had prepared a supercar for his boss .

In less than 15 minutes, Lu Yan arrived at the army hospital .

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The army hospital was heavily guarded . When people came to visit Qin Chu, they would ask Su Yu to call the guards to let them pass .

But Lu Yan didn’t…

Still, it wasn’t a problem for her since she disabled the surveillance camera system in 50 seconds .

She strolled into the hospital under all kinds of surveillance cameras .

It was a bit tricky when they came to the floor of the wards because Su Yu had stationed bodyguards here day and night .

“So… are we going to engage in a fight again?” Standing behind Lu Yan, Qiao Fei looked at the four bodyguards at the door .

“Fight? Oh, no . I never do such rude things . ”

“Don’t play innocent . You don’t fight but kill . ” Qiao Fei exposed her lie .

“Haha! Psycho Qiao, can’t you be more subtle? I have an image to maintain . ”

“So, you do it, or I do it?”

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“I told you we don’t fight . ”

“Are you thinking of using bombs? This is the Army Hospital . You’d better not cause an upheaval . ” Qiao Fei tried to dissuade her because he knew Lu Yan wouldn’t hesitate to use bombs when the mood struck her .

He was worried that she would think fighting was too troublesome and use small bombs instead .

“No . Watch me…”

Then, she took off her jacket and walked over .

As she walked, she sprayed something on herself; the fragrance was very strong, even stronger than a perfume .

“Stop . ”

“Oh . I’m here to visit a friend . ”

“What’s your friend’s surname?” a bodyguard asked with a dark expression .

“Zhang? No . Zhao?” Lu Yan spoke whatever came to her mind .

“Your friend is not here . Only one patient lives on this floor . This is a forbidden zone, and no one is allowed to enter . ”

“Oh . Is the patient a leader in the army?” Lu Yan gossiped .

“Don’t ask things you’re not supposed to ask . Girl, get out of here now,” the bodyguard urged .

“Okay . Good-bye . ”

Lu Yan waved at them with a smile; the moment she finished her words, the four bodyguards dropped to the ground with thuds .

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