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Chapter 906: Trying to Kidnap Master Lu (1)

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“Is there something wrong with my sense of smell?” Tian Xiaogui blinked and asked with uncertainty.

Feng Wenshan didn’t argue with him for once, and shook her head. “I don’t think so. I smell it too.”

“But isn’t this the Martial Arts World?” Tian Xiaogui was still in disbelief.

As far as they knew, the cultivation resources and the level of alchemists in the Martial Arts World were much worse than in the Upper Martial Arts World.

To the people of the Upper Martial Arts World, the pills refined by the alchemists of the Martial Arts World were like trash.

Of course, although this analogy was a bit exaggerated, according to their observations after arriving here, the level of alchemists in the Martial Arts World was indeed not good.

However, the two pills in Qiu Ming’s hands instantly subverted their previous understanding.

“Right! The Upper Martial Arts World. Could this Alchemist Lu be from the Upper Martial World?” Feng Wenshan also found it unbelievable.

“I don’t think so.”

Tian Xiaogui shook his head. “Martial artists in the Upper Martial Arts World usually don’t come down to the Martial Arts World unless there’s something important, let alone a distinguished alchemist.”

“Mr. Tian, Miss Feng?”

Qiu Ming saw the two of them looking at each other and their expressions kept changing. He couldn’t help but call out to them in confusion.

Tian Xiaogui and Feng Wenshan had used voice transmission to talk to each other just then, so Qiu Ming didn’t know that they had been communicating.

“Can I take a look?” Feng Wenshan came back to her senses first and said to Qiu Ming awkwardly.

Qiu Ming smiled and handed over the small wooden box with the pills in his hand. “Of course. This is a thank-you gift for the two of you. I hope that you will like it.”

Feng Wenshan and Tian Xiaogui wanted to confirm the quality of the pills, so after getting Qiu Ming’s permission, they immediately took the wooden box. As for what he said after that, they ignored it.

They picked up the pills and sniffed them for a while, then stared at them like hungry wolves.

“I heard from an alchemist in the sect that the better the quality of the pill, the stronger the fragrance of the pill. Also, the pill looks very shiny, like an exquisite piece of art.” Feng Wenshan couldn’t hide the fanaticism in her eyes no matter what. Her hand that was holding the pills was even trembling a bit.

Tian Xiaogui was in a similar situation. He nodded repeatedly when he heard that. “I’ve heard about it too. I think the quality of these two pills seems to be better than the pills assigned by our sect.”

Feng Wenshan took a deep breath and agreed. “It’s indeed much better. It seems that the Martial Arts World isn’t as bad as we thought.”


Suddenly, Tian Xiaogui seemed to think of something and his eyes lit up. “Feng Wenshan, do you think we should visit this alchemist? If we can bring this alchemist with us when we return to the Upper Martial Arts Realm, we’d have made a great contribution to the sect!”

Feng Wenshan looked at him as if he was an idiot. “It’s already night, but can you stop dreaming?”

Alchemists were extremely precious. This idiot actually wanted to kidnap the alchemist. He must be really tired of living!

Not to mention whether that alchemist was willing to go to the Martial Arts World with them, even if the person was willing, they might not be able to take him away.

After all, the martial artists in the Martial Arts World probably wouldn’t be willing to lose such a powerful alchemist.

Tian Xiaogui also knew that his idea was unrealistic. He couldn’t help but touch his nose a bit awkwardly. “I’m just thinking about it. It’s not illegal to think about it.”

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