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1225 Failed to Play the Family Card

“What do you want? Tell me!” After Tian Hongcheng sat down, he asked directly without even exchanging pleasantries.

Seeing that he wasn’t even willing to put on an act, the First Elder and the Second Elder of the Tian family couldn’t help looking a bit embarrassed.

Tian Yunyun, who had a smile on her face from the beginning to the end, still didn’t change her expression when she heard that.

“Hongcheng, it’s rare for Yunyun to come back to the Tian family. She knew that you, her third uncle, had left the Tian family, so she was worried and wanted to visit you. When Yunyun got married before, didn’t you ask her to come home more often? It’s not easy for her to return to her family now. As her third uncle, you shouldn’t disappoint your niece,” the First Elder said righteously, but he deliberately omitted Tian Hongcheng and his son’s willingness to leave the Tian family.

Obviously, they wanted to play the family card.

If he didn’t know what Tian Hongqing, his second brother, did to his son, Tian Hongcheng might really be moved by their kinship card.

Unfortunately, after knowing that his son was schemed against by his second brother, Tian Hongqing, over and over again, not only did he blame Tian Hongqing, but he also didn’t have a good impression of Tian Hongqing’s children.

“Get married?”

Tian Xiaogui, who was sitting on Tian Hongcheng’s right, looked at Tian Yunyun mockingly as if he had heard a joke.

“She just took the initiative to deliver herself to the old man and became his concubine. How dare she say that she got married? How ridiculous.”

Since they had already fallen out, Tian Xiaogui no longer had to be afraid that his father would be put in a difficult position and continue to endure it.

All these years, Tian Hongqing had relied on Tian Yunyun, his married daughter, to do whatever he wanted in the Tian family. He even used Tian Yunyun to suppress his father.

Besides, Tian Yunyun even took a lot of money from the Tian family every year in the name of being filial to the Second Elder of the Silver Moon Sect, but she had never done anything for the Tian family.

He was simply hypocritical!

Tian Yunyun had already followed the Second Elder of the Silver Moon Sect. Although she was still doted on, it still couldn’t change the fact that she was a concubine.

So, what she hated the most right now was people calling her a concubine!

As expected, after Tian Xiaogui finished speaking, Tian Yunyun’s face was already extremely gloomy.

“How dare you! Tian Xiaogui, do you know what you’re talking about?” The First Elder scolded Tian Xiaogui loudly. He glared at Tian Xiaogui as if he couldn’t wait to slap him to death.

Even though the Second Elder wasn’t angry, he also frowned and said disapprovingly, “Xiao Gui, you’ve gone too far. Yunyun sacrificed her happiness to be a concubine for the sake of the Tian family. How can you say such an outrageous thing?”

Tian Xiaogui sneered. “Sacrificing her happiness? Tian Yunyun only has eyes and heart for climbing up the social ladder. How can there be any bullsh*t happiness? Besides, for the Tian family? Why didn’t I know that she climbed up the social ladder for the Tian family? Alright, take it that it’s for the Tian family. But I really want to ask, did Tian Yunyun help when the Yu family suppressed the Tian family? Did she even stand up for the family and say something for the family’s sake? No, when she, Tian Yunyun, was making money in the Tian family, she was very straightforward. However, when something happened to the Tian family, she became a chicken, a coward, a scaredy cat and ignored it! Is this what you mean by doing this for the Tian family?”

As Tian Xiaogui questioned, not only did Tian Yunyun’s face darken, but even the faces of the First Elder and the Second Elder were very ugly.

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