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Chapter 273: The Second Floor of the Endless Tower

[ Do you want to go to the second floor of the Endless Tower? ]

[ Yes! ]

There was nothing on the first floor of the Endless Tower that could interest Jerry anymore. Without any hesitation, he directly chose to enter the second floor of the Endless Tower.

Moreover, he also wanted to see how the second floor of the Endless Tower looked like.

A ray of light that was like ink gradually engulfed the figures of the few people. Jerry felt as if his entire body was immersed in deep water.

However, he did not feel any suffocation, nor did he not know how much time had passed.

The feeling of weightlessness gradually disappeared, and a heavy sense of stepping on the ground came from his feet soles.

The endless darkness gradually faded away, and the vision in front of his eyes gradually became clear.

However, compared to their gradually recovering vision, the few of them immediately felt the endless spiritual energy in their surroundings. They did not have to take the initiative to absorb it. These abundant spiritual energies in the surroundings will directly be drilled into their bodies through their pores.

The moment he felt the spiritual power, Jerry knew that he did not need to worry about the lack of spiritual energy in the future.

In addition to the rich spiritual energy, a magnificent palace appeared in front of them.

It was unknown that the palace was made of which material, but they could feel that the spiritual power inside was much stronger than outside.

Just as Jerry was about to enter the hall, the voice of the Eternal Flower Register rang in his mind.

[ Congratulations host, for reaching the second floor of the Endless Tower, unlocking the Godly Palace! ]

Jerry’s consciousness came directly to the mysterious foggy space of the Eternal Flower Register. The last time he entered here, he was surrounded by this endless fog.

Only the bare Nine Heavens Treasure Tree did not have the mist around it.

But now, a tower-like building had appeared in this mysterious space. The mist around the building gradually dissipated, and a rare clear land appeared again.

Jerry did not know whether this building had just appeared or if it had been in this space all along, but it had been buried in the mist.

Now that the mist had dispersed, it gradually revealed its true appearance.

And the Nine Heavens Treasure Tree had also moved to the Godly Palace center at some point in time.

This was greatly beyond Jerry’s expectations. Jerry was very clear about the effects of this Nine Heavens treasure tree. The leaves on it contained law fragments.

And the integrity of the law fragments on the mature leaves was even more complete than the Maze clearance rewards.

Even without using these leaves, just by sitting under this tree and cultivating, one could feel the endless source of the rule.

This also meant that cultivating in the Godly Palace meant that one could enter the state of enlightenment faster.

It was a pity that this mysterious space could only be entered by oneself. Otherwise, if all the commanders and generals could be brought here, their strength would increase to a highly terrifying degree.

However, on second thought, Jerry also discovered a problem. If the others could not enter this mysterious space, what was the use of rewarding this training hall?

If Jerry was the only one who could enter this mysterious space, then there should not be a need for this divine hall. This divine hall was obviously meant for many people to cultivate.

There were many independent spaces within it. Each of the spaces was isolated by powerful restrictions. Even if Ares’murderous aura went out of control, it would not affect anyone else.

Compared to the training hall in Sky City, the temple of the God of Kings could be said to be built entirely for Jerry’s generals, who had already broken through to the God-King realm.

It was impossible to say that it could only be placed in this mysterious space to eat dirt.

Wait, since no one else could enter this space, could they get this Godly Palace out of this Eternal Flower Register? Just like how they got the blood transformation pool into Sky City back then.

Thinking of this, Jerry could not suppress the thought of trying it. He moved his divine will.

“Rumble! !”

In this mysterious space, the huge training hall began to shake as if the entire place were about to move.

Then, Jerry suddenly opened his eyes. A flash of joy flashed through his eyes before he returned to his original calm look.

Sure enough, he could indeed move the Godly Monarch’s Hall outside.

However, there were so many people here now. After thinking about it, Jerry did not directly summon the Godly Monarch’s Hall.

Seeing that Jerry stood there without moving for a long time, the others thought that Jerry had discovered something. For a moment, they did not dare to move as they looked at Jerry strangely.

Jerry did not explain anything. He directly strode towards the palace in front of him.

After entering the second level of the Endless Tower, a stream of information had already surged into his mind. He already knew that this space was actually equivalent to a room. Every trial-taker who entered the second level of the Endless Tower would have such a room.

It could be said that this was a reward given to the trial-takers who entered the second level of the Endless Tower.

And as each person’s performance on the first level of the Endless Tower was different, the reward would also be different.

After entering the palace, everyone realized that the spiritual energy in the palace was countless times denser than the outside. It could even be compared to high-grade spirit crystals. It was enough to show that the material used in this palace was extraordinary.

“Even you don’t recognize it?” Jerry turned his head and said to Ke Na.

Ke shook her head. She had stayed on the first level of the Endless Tower for quite a long time, so she had never seen jade made of this material.

In fact, it was not Ke Na’s fault for not recognizing it because there was no such material on the first level of the Endless Tower. Even the cultivators on the second level of the Endless Tower probably did not know about it.

Spiritual crystals were formed from countless amounts of spiritual energy. Therefore, the spiritual energy within was not only highly dense but most importantly, there were almost no impurities. It was the purest spiritual energy that could be directly absorbed by the human body without any side effects.

However, the formation of spiritual crystals was not something that could be formed casually. It must be in the right place and at the right time. Firstly, it had to be a place that was extremely rich in spiritual energy. Secondly, it had to be a special terrain that had undergone millions of years of precipitation. Only then could spirit crystals be formed.

The material of this palace was the scarce crystal ore source that was left after the extraction of spirit crystals. Moreover, it was the crystal ore source of high-grade spirit stones.

Although the spirit energy produced was slightly inferior to high-grade spirit crystals, this was a crystal ore source that could continuously produce spirit energy.

However, spirit crystals were consumable items. No matter how much spirit energy there was in high-grade spirit crystals, there would be a day when it would be completely absorbed.

However, the spiritual energy in this palace could be said to be endless.

The others were immediately shocked by the extravagance of this palace. Even the Elf’s queen Juliana did not expect this palace to be so luxurious. The spiritual energy in this palace was not inferior to the spiritual energy in their Elven Ancestral Land.

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