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Chapter 308: Divine Assembly, Alliance of Gods

Ling Jiu was no longer anxious after he confirmed that his family was safe.

When Leoux was making progress in creating Whitehole-2-Earth wormhole, Ling Jiu started to assimilate the fruit of a thousand years of training from his twenty duplicates.

It was worth mentioning that when Ling Jiu went to Auguland, the twenty duplicates he left at Whitehole-2 had been practicing cultivation for a thousand years.

Ten duplicates had studied the law of dimension.

Another ten duplicates had formed arcana gene cores.

There was a clear division of duties where each of them performed their roles.

Ling Jiu assimilated the arcana gene cores from the duplicates first. After he had done merging with the ten duplicates, his cultivation level jumped from Class 9 Stellar to Class 9 Galactic.

A stellar lifeform undertook the course to evolve a stellar system. When the goal was achieved, the stellar lifeform would have a successful breakthrough and become a Class 1 galactic lifeform.

In a galactic lifeform’s cultivation training, the objective was to continue to evolve more stellar systems. Every additional stellar system would allow advancement to one class higher!

For example, Bai Ya, who was now at Class 6 Galactic, must have already evolved five stellar systems on top of her first stellar system.

Another way to put it was that the number of stellar systems evolved would determine the class of galactic lifeform.

Ling’er was at Class 4 Galactic, which meant she had already evolved a total of four stellar systems within her elixir field.

Ling Jiu’s parents were at Class 2 Galactic, which meant they had done evolving two stellar systems in their elixir fields.

After Ling Jiu merged with ten duplicates, there was a total of nine perfect stellar systems in his elixir field. Therefore, he was now a Class 9 galactic lifeform!

Adding all up, he had a total of 81 stellar cores, 6,561 planetary cores, and 43,046,721 satellite-level cores in his elixir field!

9 stellar systems!

Not to mention that they were all perfect stellar systems!

Ling Jiu’s state of cultivation had advanced to the point of exaggeration!

Next, Ling Jiu merged with the remaining ten duplicates who studied the laws of dimension.

When all the ten duplicates were assimilated, Ling Jiu felt that his comprehension of the law of dimension had reached a whole new level. It was because he had successfully grasped the law of one-dimensional space.

There were several stages involved in The Emissian Civilization’s learning of the law of dimension:

Zero-dimensional space for stellar lifeform

One-dimensional space for galactic lifeform

Two-dimensional space for super-clustered lifeform

Three-dimensional space for perfect three-dimensional lifeform

Ling Jiu knew that he had comprehended one-dimensional space and met the Emissian Civilization’s requirements for galactic warriors.

Besides that, he had also comprehended the law of two-dimensional space partially. Although he had just dabbled in it, he grasped part of it.

“My accumulation of energy has reached Class 9 Galactic!”

“I have grasped the law of one-dimensional space!”

“My own cultivation state is not bad!”

“In terms of true combat power, I am definitely not inferior to super-clustered lifeforms like the God of Light and the God of Magic!”

“Moreover, I have a Saiyan Golden Ape duplicate that can fight against super-clustered lifeform despite being Class-6 Galactic lifeform. Who can be stronger than me in the entire galaxy?”

Ling Jiu murmured to himself with pride. He could not wait to return to Earth and begin a brutal slaughter!

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The communicator rang suddenly.

“What’s the matter, Leoux?” Ling Jiu asked.

“I have successfully created the wormhole connecting Earth and Whitehole-2!” Leoux smiled, “Now, you all can return to your home planet any time!”

“Well done!” Ling Jiu was overjoyed, “Are you on Earth now, or Whitehole-2?”

“Still on Earth!” said Leoux.

“You can wait there. We will depart to Earth immediately. Let’s meet there!” said Ling Jiu.


After hanging up, Ling Jiu walked out of the training room directly and flew to midair. His thunder-rolling voice instantly spread across the surface of the planet.

“Hi everyone, the wormhole has been created. We can finally go back to kill all those gods!”


As soon as Ling Jiu’s voice trailed off, a number of silhouettes emerged one after another in the wild virgin forest. Every single of them looked excited, rolling up their sleeves.

“A thousand years! It took us a thousand years! Finally, we can return for vengeance!”

“Norse gods, Greek gods, Egyptian gods, mark my words. This time, I will never let you go!”

“Let’s kill them all and take back Earth!”

The group of silhouettes roared into the sky before rushing towards Ling Jiu’s direction.

These people did not bother to conceal their presence. As a result, their action had drawn the attention of the direbeasts on Whitehole-2. Initially, the beasts were extremely furious. However, when they sensed these people’s intimidating aura, they all chickened out.

‘They are too powerful!’

‘There’s no way we can fight them. We better just take bath and sleep!’

After a while, everyone had reached Ling Jiu’s side. Every single of them was in high spirit, their eyes were full of anticipation. “Ling Jiu, the wormhole has been created successfully?”

“Yes. It’s done!”

Ling Jiu nodded slightly. He gave his family and those bunch of stellar-level bigshots a glance—No, they should be referred as galactic-level bigshots now—and said, “Come with me!”

As his voice trailed off, Ling Jiu took the lead, rushing to the sky. Everyone followed him after seeing that.

After a short while, when all of them arrived at the altitude of more than a thousand meters, they saw a colorful air bubble.

“This is the wormhole!”

While pointing at the colorful air bubble, Ling Jiu said, “Enter the wormhole and you can reach Earth directly. There’s no need to transit through Ganymede and Mars like previously anymore!”

Leoux created the wormhole based on Ling Jiu’s specific request. Since they needed to create a wormhole, they should just create one that would allow arcanists to reach Earth directly.

It was more convenient!

In addition, by connecting Earth and Whitehole-2 through a wormhole, the dark bio-energy from Whitehole-2 could flow into earth constantly.

This would definitely benefit Earth. Under the dark bio-energy’s nourishment, not only that the physique of the ordinary people on Earth would improve significantly, the chance of having an arcanist born could get higher too.

In a few decades, the average strength of the earthlings would definitely improve greatly.

“Then what are you waiting for, go!”

Vulcan’s eyes flashed with a fierce light. “I’ve been dormant for a thousand years. I can’t wait! I can’t wait to return to Earth and kill those b*stards!”

The rest of the galactic-level bigshots nodded unanimously. Their memory of the battle that took place a thousand years ago was still fresh in their mind, like it had just happened yesterday. They had all dreamed of going back to Earth for vengeance, to avenge the humiliation they had suffered.

“Let’s go!”

Ling Jiu smiled and stepped into the wormhole first. Others followed suit. A few minutes later, the group had arrived on Earth.

Leoux placed the other end of the wormhole in the sky above Lantian Base City. So once they walked out of the wormhole, they found themselves at Lantian Base City.

“This is… Lantian Base City?”

Ling Tianci recognized the city below his feet at a glance, his eyes gradually reddened,

“When we left Earth a thousand years ago, Ares god of war killed everyone in Lantian Base City in rage to vent his anger. In just five years, Lantian has turned to such state!”

Everyone was silent. They all clenched their fists.

Lantian Base City had long become a dead city since then. It was now only left with deserted streets with no sight of people. Direbeasts were everywhere.

“Ling Jiu!”

Leoux’s voice sounded. Ling Jiu turned and saw a black smoke appeared quietly. It then went disappear after slipping into his wrist.

“Leoux, how’s Earth going?” Ling Jiu asked.

“Still the same,” said Leoux. “However, the situation in United States has changed!”

“What happened?” Ling Jiu frowned.

“The Kryptonians passed through the wormhole, killed the Merpeople hiding in Europa, and finally landed on Earth after transiting through Mars!”

Leoux elaborated further at a fast pace, “You should know that the Kryptonians are not weak. Their strength was almost on a par with the gods!”

“But they don’t have absolute confidence to take over the entire Earth so they targetted only the United States!”

“The Kryptonians came to the United States. By joining force with the Kryptonians in the United States, they have controlled the United States government in one fell swoop!”

“Kryptonians had a force in the United States?”

Ling Jiu frowned deeply. ‘Haven’t the Kryptonians been staying at Atlantis all the time? Where did the current force at the United States come from?’

“I told you before that after the explosion of Krypton, the Kryptonians fled in all directions, and only a group of them escaped to Atlantis!”

Leoux explained, “Well, another Krypton spacecraft had landed in the United States!”

“The United States government hid the spacecraft to study it, wanting to uncover its secrets. But eventually, not only did they fail, they had released Kryptonians hibernating in the spacecraft!”

“There were more than three hundred Kryptonians hibernating in that spacecraft. By joining force with the Kryptonians from Atlantis, they have completely controlled the United States!”

Ling Jiu was speechless for a while. ‘So the United States government went for wool and came home shorn?’

“What’s more interesting is that after the Kryptonians took control of the United States, they are not contented, so they are trying to dominate earth. Hence, they see the gods as thorns!”

Leoux smiled and said, “And the gods see earth as their own paradise so they do not want it to be tainted by others. Therefore, they see the Kryptonians as invaders!”

“In other words, there are two forces on Earth currently?” Ling Jiu was surprised. He did not expect the Kryptonians would involve.

“Yes it is!”

Leoux said, “I have just heard from the Internet that Zeus—the king of the Greek gods—has summoned the gods of every pantheon on Earth in the name of the king of gods. He plans to hold a divine assembly on Mount Olympus and form the Alliance of Gods to eliminate the Kryptonians!”

“The date is a week later!”

“Nordic gods, Egyptian gods, Mayan gods, Japanese gods, Persian gods, Indian gods and other major gods have made it clear that they will participate!”

“Alliance of Gods!”

“Divine assembly!”

Ling Jiu suddenly smiled. “That’s really interesting! I wanted to kill these gods one by one, but now I’ve changed my mind!”

“Ling Jiu, do you mean…”

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