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Chapter 235: Blackhole Life Form, Spawn Split

“Blackholer?” Ling Jiu looked curious.

“Black holes are one of the most extreme celestial bodies in the universe. Because of their gravitational force, everything close to the black hole will be sucked in. Even light cannot escape. So black holes are also called stellar graveyards,” Leoux said. “According to normal thinking, extreme celestial bodies like black holes are an absolute life forbidden zone where no life can survive, right?”

“Yeah.” Ling Jiu nodded. In a celestial body like a black hole with extremely terrifying gravitational force, any life would be crushed into dust and then swallowed in.


It is impossible to survive.

“This statement is correct. But nothing is absolute in the vast universe. Even the law of the universe is not absolute.” Leoux smiled. “Let me tell you, there is life in black holes, and even black holes themselves can give birth to life.”

“Black holes can give birth to life?” Ling Jiu was stunned. “How is this possible?”

“Existence is logical.”

Leoux said, “Black holes can indeed breed life. This kind of extreme life form living in black holes is called black hole life, also known as the Blackholer.”

Ling Jiu gasped. “I really can’t imagine what the body structure of black hole life form is like for them to be able to survive in the black hole.”

“The body of the black hole life form is beyond your imagination, its defenses extremely powerful, surpassing that of 99.9999 percent of living things in the universe,” Leoux said. “Their strength has nothing to shout about, nor their ability is magical. But they do have unbeatable defenses.”

“Unbeatable defenses?” Ling Jiu nodded. “So Blackholers’ strength lies in their defenses?”

“That’s right.” Leoux continued, “The second option of split: the Saiyan Golden Apes that specialize in attack and killing. The Saiyan Golden Apes are an aggressive race, which has the most perfect body in the universe. Their bodies can grow stronger with no limit. They are born to fight and have unlimited potential.”

Ling Jiu kept nodding. “I have thought about spawning the Saiyan Golden Ape split. But it is divided into three, six, and nine grades. It is too hard to find the remains of an ultimate warrior.”

“It seems you understand the Saiyan Golden Ape well.”

Leoux smiled. “Don’t worry about the remains of the Ultimate Saiyan Golden Ape. There is one on the Mothership.”

While speaking, the ground not far away suddenly cracked open as a small black box emerged. The box opened to reveal an arm.

This arm was severed at the shoulder joint, covered in golden hair. The blood, tissue, and muscle in the broken section were also golden.

“This is…” There was excitement in Ling Jiu’s eyes. “This is the arm of an Ultimate Saiyan Golden Ape!”

Leoux wore a faint smile. “We got it at an auction on the black market, the purpose is to study the Ultimate Saiyan Golden Ape.”

“The ultimate Saiyan Golden Ape?” Ling Jiu swallowed. “That is to say, as long as I use this arm to spawn a split, I can spawn an Ultimate Saiyan Golden Ape?”

“Exactly.” Leoux nodded.

“It is mine then.”

Ling Jiu grabbed the box and stuffed it into the dimensional ring, as if he was afraid that someone might snatch it away.

Leoux could not hold back his laughter. “Like I said before, everything in the Mothership, including the Mothership, is yours. No one will snatch it from you.”

Ling Jiu faked a couple of coughs. “What about the third one?”

“Three, the Cosmic Demon Trees,” Leoux said.

“The Cosmic Demon Trees?” Ling Jiu was startled. “What kind of life form are these? Are they plants?”

“Yes, they are plants,” Leoux explained. “Like the Saiyan Golden Apes, they can instinctively sense and absorb dark bio-energy. Their dark bio-energy absorption efficiency far exceeds that of the Saiyan Golden Apes. They are number one in terms of dark bio-energy absorption rate. Besides, there is no limit to how large Cosmic Demon Trees can grow. They can continuously absorb dark bio-energy and keep on growing indefinitely. So the Cosmic Demon Trees have the largest body in the universe. As far as I know, the oldest Cosmic Demon Tree in the universe is a million-light-year tall, containing endless dark bio-energy and vitality.”

“A million-light-year tall? How big is that?” Ling Jiu gasped in awe. The entire Milky Way is only 100,000 light-years in diameter. Isn’t it a million light-years larger than the Milky Way?

Such a big life form?


“It is large, extremely large, beyond your imagination. Because of their enormous bodies, the Cosmic Demon Trees are the best auxiliary life form. With such a split, you can keep fighting without ever feeling tired by continuously extracting its energy.” Leoux continued. “Of course, the biggest advantage of the Cosmic Demon Trees is that they can stabilize dimensions and the divine kingdom. When you become a cosmic life form in the future, you will eventually open up your own divine kingdom. If you place the split of the Cosmic Demon Tree in the divine kingdom, your divine kingdom will be extremely stable, and no one can ever destroy it.”


Ling Jiu nodded slowly, a fire burning inside him. The black hole life form specialized in defenses, the Saiyan Golden Ape in attack, and the Cosmic Demon Tree in support.

Three splits integrated defense, attack, and support while he possessed Arcana Replication. Who in the same class could beat him?

Leoux poured cold water on the idea just when Ling Jiu was immersed in his excitement.

“The three splits are awesome, but spawning them is extremely difficult given that they are the top cosmic life forms. Spawning the black hole life form is especially difficult, impossible to achieve in a short time.”

“It’s okay.” Ling Jiu waved his hand, seemingly not bothered. “The stronger the life form, the harder it is to spawn it. This is a matter of course, entirely expected.”

Speaking of this, Ling Jiu asked, “There should be some remains of a black hole life form and the Cosmic Demon Tree or something onboard the Mothership, right?”

“There is none.” Leoux shook its head.

“There is none?” Ling Jiu was disappointed. “Then why did you talk about them the entire day?”

“There is none on board the Mothership, but…” Leoux paused for a second and then continued. “When the Leoux escaped, we hid the wealth in different locations to prevent the enemy from looting us in case the Mothership fell into the enemy’s hands. So there is none on the Mothership.”

“Hidden in different locations?” Ling Jiu’s eyes lit up.

“Yup. Hidden in different locations.” Leoux nodded. “There are three different locations, and I know the coordinates.”

“When will we take them out?” Ling Jiu’s eyes were burning with eagerness.

“Anytime, depending on the time you have,” Leoux said faintly. “These three locations are in the three different corners of the universe. The nearest one is over five years away. A round trip will take ten years. The other two locations are even farther away.”

“So far?” Ling Jiu was speechless, rubbing his temples. “Maybe later. Let me deal with the things on Earth first before we set off.”

“Absolutely.” Leoux nodded.

“In other words, I can only spawn the Saiyan Golden Ape split now?” Ling Jiu asked.

“That’s right.”

Subsequently, Ling Jiu and Leoux kept on talking before they ended this conversation that spanned 60,000 years.

As Ling Jiu left, Leoux and the Leoux followed, with the Leoux getting into the control bracelet and letting Ling Jiu carry it away.

Out of the underground dimension, Ling Jiu rejoined Bai Ya, and together they came back in the sky above the lake. When he did not see 1269, he asked, “Where is 1269, Leoux?”

“Inside the Leoux. I just received the memory of it over the years, repaired and strengthened it, and will bring it out later.”

“It will not expose your existence, will it?” Ling Jiu asked.

“Absolutely not. I created all the A.I such as 1269. I have absolute control over them. They will not betray me.”

“They had better be.”

Leaving Tasmania, Ling Jiu and Bai Ya returned to the Australian mainland. Since he was not in a hurry to leave, he found the egg of the Flame Astral Behemoth again.

His purpose this time was simple: to replicate the Split Arcana. He had talked with Leoux for so long, but he had not replicated this arcana yet.

So now it was time.

Unfortunately, his Arcana Replication was still in the cooldown period. He could only use the Plunder Arcana. There was nothing else he could do.

As for whether plundering would have any effect on this egg of the Flame Astral Behemoth, it was not something Ling Jiu should be concerned about.

“Plunder the Split Arcana!”

Plundering is successful. Install?



Half an hour later, he successfully got the Split Arcana. After some research, he figured out how to use it.

He then took out the arm of the Ultimate Saiyan Golden Ape and started to spawn, and the entire spawning process was carried out in the Inner World.

“Spawn Split!”

The entire Inner World slowly trembled as just a thought.

The next moment, flames rose and entwined towards the Saiyan Golden Ape’s arm suspended in mid-air, and the arm went up in flames.

The arm must belong to some badass Ultimate Saiyan Golden Ape as even the flames could not burn it.

It took the arm a long time before it showed signs of melting. The burning went on for a few more days before the arm finally turned into a puddle of golden liquid.

More flames gathered again to engulf the golden liquid before a flame egg about two meters in diameter formed.

“Spawn begins.”

Ling Jiu could hardly hold back his excitement. The spawning of the split was entirely a replication of genetic material, which meant that once the split was successfully spawned, he would have exactly the same genes and physique as the Ultimate Saiyan Golden Ape.

The split was just the same as the principal, definitely an ultimate warrior with a body attribute index between 1 million to infinity.

So, this split had absolutely terrific potential.

“How long will it take to complete spawning this split?” Leoux asked with concern.

“I don’t know.” Ling Jiu shook his head.

“You don’t know? Good luck then,” Leoux said. “Generally, spawning a Flame Astral Behemoth split has something to do with its strength and genes.”

“The higher the strength, the faster the spawning; the stronger the bloodline of the spawning body, the slower the spawning.”

“You are now barely reaching a stellar life form, and what you spawn is the Ultimate Saiyan Golden Ape with the strongest bloodline. The spawning process may be very long.”

“It doesn’t matter. I can wait.”

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