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Published at 13th of November 2020 10:47:30 AM

Chapter 81

Title: My Son Might be a Villain
Translator: Fringe Capybara
Chapter 81 -  Basketball Game (1)

Suppressing her feeling of surprise and the pride that she felt afterward, Su Ran was already starting to think about what she could assign to Su Han next time out of class .  

What else would he do with all of his free time if this only took him half a day to do?

She didn’t want him to go level up at some internet café or attend some peculiar banquets with his questionable friends downstairs and turned into a problem child .  


Su Ran continued to read through Su Han’s cellphone as she thought about it .  

On the other hand, Su Han saw that Su Ran’s head was lowered and she had only responded to him with “mmm” and “oh” during their earlier conversation . Not knowing that Su Ran was focusing on coming up with activities to occupy his free time, he started getting nervous .  

His head lowered, Su Han sneaked another peek over at Su Ran’s direction .  

Su Ran, her head still lowered, had no intention of engaging with Su Han .  

Was she upset? Psst, women are all trouble .

Su Ran had no idea that Su Han had so many random thoughts in his head .  

Had she known, she would have told him that, “Son, you are overthinking this . ”

She was but a kind mother . She wouldn’t get upset . She was merely engrossed in his class’s group chat .  

[Class 8 Homebase]

Zhou FangYuan: @Liu YangYang, C’mon, can you grow a pair?

Liu YangYang: No!

Liu YangYang: @[email protected] . Earth to Han-ge . Can you hear me?

Su Han: @Liu YangYang . Not a problem .

Liu YangYang: OMG! My Han-ge had shown up!

Liu YangYang: Wait, no! You can’t be my Han-ge!

Liu YangYang: I would bet my scores on my exam next month . This is not my Han-ge . It’s over . My Han-ge had been kidnapped .  

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Su Ran, outside of the chatroom: emmmm…

All she said was “not a problem” . How’d he figured that she wasn’t Su Han?

Could Su Han not use “not a problem” in his character setting?

Su Ran felt unjust about it .  

[Class 8 Homebase] 

Class Lead – Wang Jia: @Su Han . Are you really coming?

Su Ran: Yes . Really .  

Liu YangYang  Class Lead, this is not my Han-ge . You can’t take him seriously .  

Su Han: Get!

Liu YangYang: Ahhhh, that is my Han-ge . I’m sorry, Han-ge . I was mistaken .  

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Liu YangYang: Oh shoot . I can’t recall what I had said earlier .  

Was brother Liu YangYang masochistic? 

Not wanting others to realize that she wasn’t Su Han, Su Ran stopped texting from Su Han’s account but just read on happily .  

After discussing the Quality Development Outing for a while, the topic inside the chat group had gone over to a completely different direction .  

PE Committee – Liu YuBo: To all of the little fairies who said they are going to go buy sun protection clothing tomorrow, do you think you can reschedule your trip to a different time?

Li Min: Why? What’s up?

PE Committee – Liu YuBo: We have a basketball game with Class 4 tomorrow . We need your passionate applause and kiss-blowing~

Zhou FangYuan: PE Committee, can you not make the cheerleader squad sound so inappropriate?

Zhang XiaoXue: Tomorrow? I thought it was scheduled for next week?

PE Committee – Liu YuBo: The school needs to start planning for the Quality Development Outing next week, so they moved the basketball game with Class 4 to this week .  

PE Committee – Liu YuBo: Don’t kill the messenger . I just got notified by Lao Liu .  

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Zhang Yang: For realz?

Zhang Yang: Dang .

PE Committee – Liu YuBo: @Zhang Yang, what’s the matter?

Zhang Yang: Why didn’t you say so sooner? I am over at City H buying massive amounts of skewers . Really . I have even taken Monday off . You can check with Mrs . Wang if you don’t believe me .  

PE Committee – Liu YuBo: ……

PE Committee – Liu YuBo: I want to kill you right now .  

Zhang XiaoXue: What are we going to do now?

PE Committee – Liu YuBo: Look for others .  

PE Committee – Liu YuBo: @all . Comrades . This was a very important moment for our class pride . Who all can come to the basketball game tomorrow?

Liu YangYang: I want to go, but you know my situation .  

Lin XiaoRan: What situation . I am not familiar with it .  

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