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Published at 11th of October 2020 09:44:59 AM
Chapter 66

Title: My Son Might Be A Villain
Translator: Fringe Manatee

Chapter 66 - He was just a scum who provided his sperm . And he was his father just because of that? (2)

“Of course I am envious . Your mother is so pretty, like a movie star! You don’t know about this, but had I not heard the class leaders and her buddies talking about her, I totally would have thought she was your sister or that you have hired a little big sister online to pretend to be your parent . ”

Liu YangYang was very emotional at the mention of a little big sister .

He finally shut up with a cold look from Su Han .

“The class leader? What did they talk about?” asked Su Han with a frown .  

“Oh, not much . Just that your mother has good temperament, and was so tender and that they had misunderstood you before, etc . etc . ” Pausing for a little, Liu YangYang couldn't help but grumble, “Too little, too late . ”

“Oh yeah, Han-ge . Did you mom return this time specifically to take care of you?”

Many had said before that Su Han’s mother was away for business, which was why she was never around for Su Han .  

Not very many people believed in it, but that was one of the many speculations .  

That being said, after Su Han’s mother showed up at the parent-teacher conference yesterday, this had become the most real and only speculation .  

Su Han, “……”

“So is she going to be sticking around for good? I mean, will she be travelling for her work again?”

“I don’t think so,” said Su Han after he had remained silent for a few seconds .  

That was what he wanted . All in all, he liked the Su Ran right now . He hoped things would remain like this for a long time .  

“Haha, that’s great then!” said Liu YangYang as he laughed .  

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“What does that have to do with you?” asked Su Han as he raised his eyebrows .  

“Ugh… can’t I be happy for a friend?”

“Where’s your dad then?” Liu YangYang asked again curiously .  

In his mind, anyone who would be able to have a wife like that must be a very successful person .  

Perhaps Su Han was a hidden Second Generation Rich?

That said, was that Brand A’s limited edition shoes that Han-ge was wearing today?

Unfortunately, the truth wasn’t as rosy as what his buddy has in mind . Su Han didn’t even know who his father was .  

But now that Su Han was already 13 years old, he was way past the age of saying something like “all the other kids bully me because I don’t have a father” pitifully, or ran over to his mother and cried and asked “why is it that everybody else have fathers but I don’t?” 

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As far as he was concerned, having such a thing as a father was very optional .  

Besides, in Su Han’s mind, he didn’t care for the existence of this father of his . He was just a scum who provided his sperm . And he was his father just because of that?

“What is that?” ask Su Han coldly . His tone was leveled . He didn’t look like he was kidding .  

“Oh… Oh… My God!”

Su Han found it very disturbing that his buddy was so emotional when they were talking about his family history .

“Look! Look over there! Quickly!”

Su Han looked in the direction that Liu YangYang was pointing at and saw a black sedan, seemingly driving toward them .  

“That one?”

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“What do you mean ‘that one’? Do you know what kind of car that is?! Oh mi! I can’t believe I am looking at one with my own eyes! Aye, I mean . I am at school, right?”

Why would a car like this go to their school? While he was wondering, the car pulled up closer and closer to the two of them . And then, it parked right in front of the two of them . The car window rolled down and they could now see the man sitting inside of the car .  

“You two are students here?” asked the man . His voice was deep and sophisticated .  

“Yes, yes . Emmm, we are having phys . ed . right now,” replied Liu YangYang with a stutter .  

The man did not comment on that but turned to look at Su Han who was standing next to Liu YangYang . Their eyes met and both of them were a little stunned .  

“Can you please tell me where the administration office is located?”

“The administration office? Oh, you mean the education building, right? That’s that tallest building in front of you,” said Liu YangYang as he pointed in front of them .  

“Thank you . ” The minute the car window rolled up, the man’s sight seemed to have lingered for an extra couple seconds on Su Han .  

“You… you are welcome . My pleasure, ugh…” said Liu YangYang after the car was long gone .  

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