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Published at 6th of September 2020 07:04:59 AM
Chapter 51

Title: My Son Might Be A Villain
Translator: Fringe Manatee

Chapter 51 - Su Ran now thought of Su Han as her only family (1)

“Su… Su Han?” Hearing her words, the class leader’s eyes widened . She looked at Su Ran in disbelief and asked, “Are you Su Han’s sister?”

“No, I am Su Han’s mother,” said Su Ran with a smile .  

“What? You…” Didn’t rumors have it that Su Han was abandoned by his parents? Or, as Zhang Xiao had said, his mother worked as a lady of the night, which was why she had never been to school before .  

As such, the class leader never imagined that not only did Su Han have a mother, she was so young and pretty even!

Not good . Not good . What they had said about Su Han earlier, did his mother hear them?

The class leader looked over at Su Ran’s direction, intimidated .  

“That… um, I’m sorry, Aunty . I didn’t know . ”

“That’s quite alright,” replied Su Ran, not letting that bother her . “Can you please tell me where Su Han sits?”

“Oh, over there . Group 4, Row 6 . ”

“Thank you . ” Having said that, Su Ran gave the class leader another gentle smile .  

“You… you are welcome . ” Looking at Su Ran’s smile, the class leader blushed a little . No wonder Su Han was so handsome . He got it from his mother .  

“Now, if you will excuse me, Aunty . I am going to take off . ” After she returned to the hallway, the few students who were there earlier were still there .  

“What happened, Class Lead?”

“What do you mean what happened?”

“The person just now . She was here for the parent-teacher conference of our class, right? Whose parent was she here for?”

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“What do you mean who for? That aunty just now is Su Han’s mother . ”


“Su Han? No way! But I heard that his mother…”

“Are you still going on about that? Zhang Xiao, I think your classmate from your tutorial center was just making stuff up!”

“I think so too!”

Su Han’s mother exuded such a nice aura . There was no way she was a lady of the night .  

Besides, Su Han’s mother was pretty enough to be an actress . Why would she even need to be a lady of the night?

On the other end, Su Ran walked over to the seat pointed out to her by the class lead .  

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Compared to the others’ desks, Su Han’s desk was so clean it was bare .  

Recalling that Su Han would compulsively clean the table after they’d had takeout each time, or every time she had sheet music all over the floor when she wrote at night and Su Han would pick them all up and place them neatly on top of the table, Su Ran chuckled .

This was totally Su Han’s style . Perhaps her son has a little bit of mysophobia . He definitely didn’t get that from her .  

“Is this your first time attending a parent-teacher conference?” asked one of the parents next to Su Ran, somewhat surprised . She had been to several parent-teacher conferences for her son already and the spot next to her has always been empty .  

“Yes, for my son’s parent-teacher conference . ”

“Your son?”

“You are Su Han’s mother that Teacher Wang invited into our parent chat group the other day?” Zhou Qin looked at Su Ran and couldn't help but be surprised . “You look so young!”

Hearing that, Su Ran gave her a polite smile but did not say anything .  

The original owner gave birth to Su Han when she was just 16 years old; now that Su Han was in junior high school, she was only 28 years old . How could she not be young?

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“Oh yeah, Su Han’s mother, so you and your husband  are always overseas for work?” asked Zhou Qin .

Su Han did not have a father…

Thought Su Ran to herself .

Before Su Ran even needed to vaguely reply to her question, the class teacher had already walked inside of the classroom .  

“I think all of the parents are here already,” said the class teacher as she looked around the room . Then she carried on, “The main purpose of inviting everyone here is to release the mid-term examination scores and also allow the teachers and parents to learn in person about how their children are doing in school .

“I have in my hand the mid-term examination scores and ranking and I’d like to ask all parents to pass them backward . ” Having said that, Teacher Wang passed out the stack of examination scores that she was holding in her hand .  

As soon as she received the examination scores, Su Ran could see Su Han’s name right away .  

His name was on the first row, how could she not?

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