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Published at 7th of February 2021 11:10:16 AM

Chapter 119

Title: My Son Might be a Villain
Translator: Fringe Capybara
Chapter 119 - Another piece of evidence was revealed (3)

At the very same time, Lu Shao, who had returned home and was having dinner in the dining room, had also come across this music video clip .

The only reason that Lu Shao had noticed that wasn’t because he followed what went on in the entertainment circle, but that he followed his doctor’s advice and followed some relaxing musical programs .

He had no idea how many times this video clip had been reposted by time it was reposted on the musical program’s Weibo page .

The second that he saw the person in the video clip, he recognized her right away .

By the time the music started, it was, indeed, the sound of the piano that he was already very familiar with .

But, there were also some differences .

The two piano pieces that Su Ran had provided for him were pure piano pieces, the tone was animated and serene . One must pay it a lot of attention in order to experience the emotions within the music .

These ten songs in the video clip though, their emotions were not subtle . Anyone who listened to it would be able to get the emotions immediately . Besides, the style of these ten pieces of music were also very dynamic and broad .

He replayed the video clip that was less than 10 minutes long three more times . The authority figure of the Lu’s, who never cared about Weibo and gossip, started reading the comments on Weibo for the very first time .

As this video clips had been reposted for so many times, there weren’t a lot of gossips in the comment . Most of the comments were music-related .

Netizen: Were you referring to the transitions between the different pieces of music when you mentioned ingenuity, professor? It was, indeed, ingenious . The ten different pieces of music were so different yet the musician was able to play all of them in one sitting without anything part of it seeming out of place . I have been schooled .

Netizen: These ten songs sounded very commercial . That being said, the technique of the performer was top notched! One could learn a lot from her!

Netizen: They are amazing!

Netizen: Mighty!

Seeing the last two comments, Lu Xun couldn't help but nod . He knew nothing about skills or techniques, but one thing these people were right about was that Instructor Su was, indeed, very mighty when it came to music .

Lu Shao continued to read through the comments, clicking “like” from time to time .

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All the way until he spotted the word Shengding in the comment .

He frowned slightly and spent a few extra seconds on that comment: The handling of the music was too ingenious . No wonder Shengding suffered a setback on this one .

“What happened at that entertainment company of yours?” Lu Shao looked up and asked Lu BoYang, who was sitting across from him at the dinner table .

Being called out by the Dark Lord all of a sudden, Lu BoYang almost dropped his soup bowl .

Whatever did he mean by “that entertainment company of yours”? Third Uncle, was it asking a lot for you to not show so much contempt every time you brought up my company?

That being said, Lu BoYang was still pleasantly surprised that his Third Uncle actually cared enough to ask about his company .

As for what happened?

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What possibly could have happened?

If something really serious had happened to Shengding, how would he, as the chairman of the board, still be sitting here enjoying his dinner?

Wait, there was something on the internet this morning that had to do with Shengding .

Lu BoYang recalled a few messages that he received from Chen Ang, all of them related to this incident .

It was something about an employee at the company making some sort of a mistake . They’d just do what was necessary to fix it . Besides, with Shengding’s current status and market share, even if they had to apologize openly, the impact would not have been too significant .

As such, Lu BoYang had told Chen Ang to take care of it using his own judgment .

Lu BoYang was going to bring it up now that his Third Uncle had asked about it . Nevertheless, recalling that Su Ran was somehow involved in this, his face dropped and he no longer wanted to mention it .

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