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Published at 13th of January 2021 11:32:40 AM

Chapter 108

Title: My Son Might be a Villain
Translator: Fringe Capybara
Chapter 108 - If you weren’t going to tell, then what was the purpose of today’s meeting? (1)

To make matters worse, every time the two of them broached this subject, Su Ran always looked very troubled when Su Han asked “Then who was the other man?”

Even Su Ran herself had no idea who that was!

It wasn’t in the original owner’s memory nor was it mentioned in the original novel .

She couldn’t possibly tell her son that she could only narrow that down the possibility . It’d most likely be the riff raffs that “Su Ran” had hired to set up the female lead who had subsequently been bought over by the female lead?

As such, Su Ran’s reaction only made Su Han more certain about his own speculations .

“Ho . ” Su Han snickered when he heard the response from the scum of a man . “So what if you didn’t know about me? Are you suggesting that would somehow change the fact that you are a scum?”

Su Han’s words made Lu Shao frown .

“I am your father from a genetics perspective . ” Lu Shao wanted to remind Su Han that he should not speak to him in that tone .

“My father?” Su Han reacted like he had heard something funny . Looking at Lu Shao, he said, “Don’t know . Don’t need . ”

Lu Shao’s fingers that were drumming on the table stopped .

“That’s fine . I just wanted you to be aware of the truth, that was all . As for whether you need a father or whether you want to recognize me as your father, that is all up to you,” said Lu Shao in an indifferent tone as he looked at Su Han expressionlessly .

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His manner was very much like a developer talking to residents who refused to move -- Welp, this is my final offer . Take it or leave it . I can always work around you .

“Truth? Is that all you wanted to tell me?” Su Han pointed at the DNA test report that he never once opened and asked .

“Indeed . ” Lu Shao nodded . “Is there anything else that you want to know?”

That definitely piqued Su Han’s interest and made him refrain from his next mocking comment .

He was definitely curious about certain details .

“Then, can you tell me what happened then and what you have done?” Su Han looked straight at Lu Shao as his fist tightened under the table .

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Even though whatever happened between Su Ran and this man back in the days wasn’t any of his business and he shouldn’t pry, Su Ran’s abnormal reaction every time that they broached this subject bothered him a lot .

He stopped asking because he did not want to dredge up bad memories for Su Ran . It did not mean that Su Han could stop thinking about it .

He wanted to know how badly she was hurt emotionally back in the days to have turned her… . To have completely given up on herself all these years .

He wanted to know how this shameless man in front of him right now had caused that damage to her .

Lu Shao hadn’t noticed the subconscious protective tone in Su Han’s voice when he asked the question . He merely paused for a little when he heard the question .

What happened back in the days?

Meaning how he was set up by the ones from the auxiliary branch to arrange for a shocking scandal when he was the newly risen authority figure of the Lu’s? Or what he had done to those in the auxiliary branch afterward?

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Or everything that the young miss of the Su’s had done in order to win over the young master of the Song’s while getting even with her rival in love?

“That’s not something that you should know,” said Lu Shao coldly . There was no room for negotiation in his voice .

Nothing that happened back then was appropriate to tell to Su Han . He was, after all, just a 13-year-old child right now .

And what would be the purpose of him knowing anyway? Other than making everything more unpleasant for everyone concerned .

That being said, anything that had to do with the Lu’s including what he had done to those in the auxiliary branch, he could tell him when he was older . That would be beneficial for his awareness of the danger around him .

As Lu Shao was thinking to himself, he did not notice that he was already contemplating about Su Han’s future development .

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