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Chapter 727: Li Changshou’s Treasure List

“Now that the battle of the Dao Sect has ended and Jie School has been destroyed, Chan School has hidden in Kunlun Mountain. The time for the Western Sect to prosper has arrived. Bodhi, Jia Ye, Nan, don’t enter seclusion for the time being. Don’t leave the spiritual mountain and think about how to impart the essence of the Western Sect.”

After Saint Jie Yin finished speaking, he went into seclusion and did nothing.

Now, the Saints of the world did not appear. There was nothing he could do if he did not do anything.

At that moment, it returned to the situation before the Great God-Conferment Tribulation. The disciples of the Saints would restrain themselves. The core disciples would avoid conflict and not interfere with the pride of the Saints.

Chan School and the Western Sect had already formed an alliance before. There was no conflict between the Saints in the world.

Then, under Jia Ye’s lead, the disciples of the Western Sect held a small meeting.

Li Changshou remained silent most of the time. Only when he realized that the Western Sect seemed to be about to embark on the path of Buddhism did he use a few simple and profound words to stir them up and let them walk on a path that seemed brighter.

The road ahead was filled with possibilities.

Without Maitreya and Ksitigarbha, Li Changshou looked at Jia Ye, who was usually only in charge of cultivation and was not good at scheming and making arrangements…

It was lonely.

Jie Ye suggested that the teachings should be used to build more temples, reveal miracles, and attract believers.

Li Changshou, who had been beaten up by the Heavenly Courts, pondered for a while. He deliberately probed the Western Sect and said, “If that’s the case, it’s best to go to the Heavenly Courts to inform them. We cannot underestimate the Heavenly Courts. The losses we have suffered and the walls we have crashed into are countless. Now, we have to face the Heavenly Courts.”

The disciples of the Western Sect frowned slightly and looked at Li Changshou.

Jia Ye whispered, “Senior Brother, have we… had an intense conflict with the Heavenly Courts?”

Only an old Daoist priest smiled bitterly and shook his head gently.

Which family did not have a hidden expert?

Li Changshou sighed in his heart.

He looked at Jia Ye and the other disciples and carefully determined if they were acting. Soon, he came to a conclusion.

Apart from the old Daoist priest, the disciples’ memories had indeed been modified.

At that moment, a voice transmission sounded in Li Changshou’s heart. It was Saint Jie Yin.

Jie Yin sighed and said, “Bodhi, they have already forgotten the existence of the human race’s Divergent. It’s good that you know about this. Don’t mention it in the world in the future. That is already a taboo of the Heavenly Dao.”

The Void Bodhi closed his eyes and nodded.

He had never expected the disciples of the Western Sect to be so… so…

“Not strong”.

However, from another perspective, the Dao Ancestor must have used a lot of the origin power of the world to erase his traces.

That was a good thing.

Li Changshou looked at the disciples of the Western Sect and said slowly, “I should have remembered wrongly. Then, please send someone to the Heavenly Courts.”

It was a tradition of the Western Sect.

“I’ll go,” Jia Ye said slowly.

An old Daoist priest beside him whispered, “After the Great God-Conferment Tribulation, the Heavenly Courts are already the ruler of the Three Realms. We should take this trip seriously. Why don’t we go more?”

Hence, everyone looked at the Void Bodhi.

Li Changshou snorted and did not reply.

At that moment, he had yet to fully adapt to the role of the Void Bodhi. In order to be stable, he could not easily step into the place with the richest Heavenly Dao power.

The disciples of the Western Sect could only look away. After discussing for a while, they decided that the six disciples of the Saint would form the “Heavenly Courts Visiting Group” and rush to the Heavenly Courts tomorrow to discuss the preaching of the Western Sect.

The old Daoist priest also suggested that he could go and greet Chan School, but he was stopped by Li Changshou.

“Everyone, you have to be more vigilant. Now that Jie School is no longer around, our alliance with Chan School has been broken. Most of the resistance we encounter in the future will come from Chan School.”

The disciples seemed to have woken up from a dream. They looked at the Void Bodhi in amazement.

“Senior Brother actually thought of that.”

“Ah, the Western Sect has suffered the calamity of Jie School. A large number of our fellow disciples have died. Now, we still have to rely on Senior Brother Bodhi to plan.”

“We are slow-witted. Senior Brother Bodhi, please guide us.”

The Void Bodhi’s expression softened slightly as he revealed a confident smile.

Then, cold sweat seeped out of his forehead. He frowned slightly and pursed his lips. He closed his eyes and looked a little ugly.

A wisp of Dao runes slowly spread out from Li Changshou’s heart. It was Saint Jie Yin who had helped him wipe out the fear in his Dao heart.

In fact, regardless of their standpoint, the Saints were still good to their personal disciples.

The Western Sect did not hesitate to sell their disciples though.

After some discussion, Li Changshou found the Cave Abode of the Void Bodhi on the spiritual mountain and calmly stayed there.

According to the habit of the Void Bodhi, he did not use his immortal senses to investigate.

To be safe, he did not use the Wind Speech Incantation and quietly entered seclusion to comprehend his Great Dao.

A few hours later, he walked out of the Cave Abode with his hands behind his back. He looked uneasy and went to the back of the spiritual mountain. He stood outside the hall where the lotus flower pond was and looked at the sky.

At the same time, he began to listen to the whispers of the disciples of the spiritual mountain and understand the history of the Primordial World that had been modified.

How many times has such a thing happened in ancient times?

Li Changshou could not be sure.

The only thing he could confirm was that the Dao Ancestor had put in a lot of effort on this matter.

Originally, Senior Lang was just hiding behind the scenes. What living beings saw was only Senior Lang’s second essence soul, Fuxi. There were very few living beings who needed to modify their memories.

Li Changshou was famous in the Primordial World. It should be quite troublesome to erase his traces.

He smiled.

I wonder how the Jade Emperor is doing.

Li Changshou rode the Void Bodhi paper effigy and looked up at the sky, as if he could see the sky.

Looking at the Heavenly Courts that he had pulled up, he suddenly felt like an old father.

The Chaos Bell left with the Little Qiong Peak. There were no traces of him in the Grand White Palace.

To this Connate Cardinal treasure, it would not be a problem even if it brought dozens of Immortal Du Sects, let alone the Little Qiong Peak.

The Chaos Bell had a great function. It could place a Small Dimension inside and control the flow of time through the Chaos Bell. It could speed up or slow down the Small Dimension.

He would go back and pretend to be in seclusion. He would split a portion of his attention there and make other arrangements.

He deliberately sighed softly. The Void Bodhi was a little depressed. It returned to the Cave Abode and activated the array formation. Right in front of Saint Jie Yin, it wrapped itself around the Dao of Space Dispelling and began to comprehend the method of Void Dispelling.

Everything is an illusion.

There is no Bodhi tree, nor is there a mirror.

His Dao Attainment was slowly but steadily increasing.

When he opened his eyes, pure white holy light surrounded him.

Li Changshou stretched and stood up from the meditation cushion. He ordered the Four Mei Guardians to take turns to rest.

They were a professional technical team that ensured his “communication” with the Primordial World. He could not tire them out.

Li Changshou pondered for a while and sent a voice transmission. Wisps of treasure light appeared around him, and a few streams of light flew out of the hall.

After a while, the treasures in the hall flickered. A few treasures lined up in front of Li Changshou. Their spiritual senses were connected to Li Changshou’s mind.

The Connate Cardinal treasure Taiji Painting, the Connate Cardinal treasure Chaos Bell, the top-grade Connate Merit Spirit Treasure, the Mysterious Yellow Pagoda, the Connate Spirit Treasure, the Floating Flame Flag, the Connate Spirit Treasure, the Primordial Chaos Golden Chalice, the Connate Spirit Treasure, the Golden Flood Dragon Scissors, and the Connate Spirit Treasure, the Heart-Piercing Lock.


Li Changshou cleared his throat and said seriously, “The situation is not optimistic. I’ll talk to everyone first. Can you transform? Like the Chaos Bell.”

The Chaos Bell Spirit sat on the top of the bell and crossed its legs. It blinked at Li Changshou.

Following that, a treasure light flickered and a few figures appeared.

A blurry figure appeared in the Taiji Painting. It was considered giving his little disciple some face and dealing with it casually.

A bearded middle-aged man appeared on the top of the Mysterious Yellow Pagoda. He was dressed in a black robe and sat calmly on the tip of the pagoda.

The Floating Flame Flag transformed into a middle-aged woman. Her face was ordinary. She was dressed in a Daoist robe and had crane hair. Wisps of flames surrounded her.

The Primordial Chaos Golden Chalice and the Golden Flood Dragon Scissors transformed into two young girls. The Heart-Piercing Lock transformed into a young Daoist.

They were either ordinary people or pocket-sized. They were there to make it easier for them to communicate. It did not seem strange when Li Changshou spoke to them.

The young girl with the Golden Flood Dragon Scissors asked softly, “Why did Master’s brother-in-law let us discuss the matter? Isn’t he going to look for Master?”

“What I’m about to say is related to you and your master.”

Li Changshou said warmly and nodded at the Taiji Painting. “Boss, introduce the current situation of the world.”

The blurry human form of the Taiji Painting said, “Now, the four Saints’ Great Dao have been sealed. The four Saints’ Dharma powers have become the power that the Heavenly Dao can use. The Primordial World has become a place that the Dao Ancestor can completely control. Previously, the Dao Ancestor had taken the initiative to attack. Our defeat had actually been predicted by the old master. However, the old master could not find a way to resolve it. However, the old master had high hopes for his little disciple. Master said that only Little Disciple can bring about real changes to the Primordial World.”

Li Changshou nodded with a smile.

The young Daoist who was transformed from the Heart-Piercing Lock had a gloomy expression. He sighed dejectedly and muttered, “Why didn’t Master use me to hurt the enemy previously… I’m too weak after all. I can’t keep up with Master’s improvement. Why don’t we go back to the furnace?”

Li Changshou smiled and did not say anything. He took out the God-Slaying Spear, but its spirituality was rather weak. It could not communicate with them directly.

The spear had been too damaged previously.

Li Changshou said, “There are indeed not many places that I used you in the battle previously. Every numinous treasure has its value. Don’t be discouraged.”

The Pagoda Master chuckled. “Little Lock, you can’t break my defense either.”

The Heart-Piercing Lock laughed dryly and continued to be dejected. The Pagoda Master raised his eyebrows at the Heart-Piercing Lock.

Zhong Ling cursed with a smile, “Why do I owe you so much? If you have the ability, go and provoke the silly Banner.”

“How can that do?” The Pagoda Master instantly admitted defeat. “Forget about the Chaos Sword Qi. I’m the treasure of the Grandmaster after all. It’s a mess for him to hit me.”

The Spirit of the Floating Flame Flag smiled and said, “So, Brother Chi is indeed not specially kept by the old master of the Purple Cloud Palace because that dialect is too difficult to deal with?”

“What dialect?” the Primordial Chaos Golden Chalice asked softly.

“The Cosmic Ruler is also very powerful.” The Golden Flood Dragon Scissors Girl played with the two Azure Dragon Spirits in her hand. “After all, it’s the Cosmic Great Dao.”

“Hey, everyone!”

Seeing that the situation was about to get out of control, Li Changshou forced himself to get back to the main topic. “Let’s talk about serious matters.”

The treasures quickly quietened down and looked at Li Changshou.

Li Changshou hummed softly and spoke slowly.

“Well, I’m actually thinking about a question. What kind of system should we establish in the Primordial World after we defeat the Dao Ancestor? This is actually a huge proposition, but we have to have an early idea. The Anti-Heaven rebellion is important and how to establish order after that is even more important. We can’t say that we can replace the Dao Ancestor and become the next Dao Ancestor. That would be a replica of the Dao Ancestor, regardless of whether we are biased towards living beings or the world. Therefore, we need a system to maintain the harmony between the world and living beings… Do you understand what I mean?”

The expressions of the treasures were vivid and interesting.

A gentle smile appeared on the Taiji Painting’s blurry face.

“That’s good.”

Zhong Ling said, “Then there has to be someone who can make the decision… Jade Emperor? However, the Jade Emperor is like that now. It might not be the same in the future. The living beings will change, and the selfish desires of the living beings will change continuously. Very few living beings could withstand the corrosion of time and power. The East Emperor Taiyi is like that. I’m too disappointed in him.”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “That’s why I came to discuss with you.”

The spirits of the treasures were stunned.

Li Changshou smiled and said, “It’s not a good thing to let living beings surpass the Great Dao and nature. On the other hand, However, the Primordial World has already given us a solution. It is an existence between the Great Dao and living beings… You. Connate numinous treasures. Every Connate numinous treasure could be considered an incarnation of the Great Dao, but they have their own spirituality. The spirituality would be restrained by the Dao laws and cannot produce selfish desires. In comparison, they are more impartial than living beings. My current idea is to give the Dao Ancestor’s authority over the Heavenly Dao to thirty-six Connate numinous treasures after overthrowing the Dao Ancestor. I will give the treasures the mission to monitor the Heavenly Dao and the Heavenly Courts as a supplement to the system of the Heavenly Courts. I can also use this to make the Connate numinous treasure stay away from all living beings.”

The treasures were stunned.

The Taiji Painting asked, “What if the Numinous Treasure’s judgment is wrong or it is blinded by living beings?”

“It’s fine. I still have other backup plans,” Li Changshou said. “I can let Connate numinous treasures that are restrained by the Great Dao and can control the Great Dao participate fully in the operation of the Heavenly Dao. The Heavenly Dao itself will benefit from it. What everyone has to be wary of is that you cannot not be assimilated by the Heavenly Dao and become the new Heavenly Dao’s will. I will also pay special attention to this problem and give different solutions and backup methods. That is the first thing. I have yet to make up the list of thirty-six Connate numinous treasures. There have to be three types of Heaven, Earth, and Man. The three types each occupy eleven seats. There are a total of 33 treasures that correspond to the 33 Heavens of the Heavenly Courts. Boss Tu, the Pangu Banner, Zhong, the three of you are formed by the Heaven-Splitting Divine Ax. In the future, you will have to suppress the destiny of the entire Primordial World. You can be considered the Chief Supervisor. Among the three subordinates of Heaven, Earth, and Man, I have listed the Heavenly Book, God roll, God Striking Whip, the Earth Book, the membrane of the world, and the Life and Death Book as the first sector.”

Li Changshou tapped his fingers gently, and the shadows of treasures appeared in the hall.

“In that case, the thirty-six numinous treasures will monitor the system. The Heavenly Courts’ system will be perfectly united. The Primordial World will naturally be more stable than it is now.

Does anyone have any objections?”

The treasures were silent for a while. They felt a little shocked.

Zhong Ling asked, “Will the Creation Jade Disc be in this system?”

“No,” Li Changshou said. “If I can snatch the Creation Jade Disc, I will use it to expand the boundaries of the Primordial World, organize the three thousand Great Dao, and strengthen the world. Of course, if I can’t snatch it, I can only shatter it. ”

The Primordial Chaos Golden Chalice asked, “Will the treasures be affected by their owners?”

Li Changshou answered, “I will naturally let the chosen numinous treasures return to an ownerless state. I will fill their lack of spirituality and give them different symbolic meanings.”

“Master, Brother-in-law,” the young girl asked softly. “I want to accompany Master. What should I do?”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “It’s fine. I will respect your choice. I only have a framework now. The name list has not been decided.”

The Taiji Painting said, “Perhaps, this will redefine the meaning of the existence of treasures. The world has been long, and living beings have changed. If we are not injured, we will forever exist with the Dao. Without Master’s restrictions, we will be biased towards the Dao.”

“I will give you the faith to protect the common people,” Li Changshou said seriously. “And I will turn that faith into the Dao of Numinous Treasures. Moreover, you are the supplementary part of the Heavenly Courts system. You can’t decide anything directly. The Heavenly Courts will monitor your actions at all times. Do you understand?”

Boss Tu’s blurry figure nodded slowly.

“Any more questions?”

Li Changshou saw the spirits shake their heads and smiled. “This is just looking forward. We still have to be more practical. From now on, we will accumulate the power to overturn the Dao Ancestor. Next, you will be the most important. I will continuously strengthen you and use all means. However, these enhancements will be retracted after everything is over.”

Zhong Ling asked, “How do I strengthen it?”

“Use this.” Li Changshou opened his left hand. A ball of flames jumped gently. Two firefly-like light spots flew over from the side and were engulfed by the flames. They turned into three auras—gold, black, and gray.

Merit, negative karma, and the ashes of his True Spirit.

Li Changshou said, “Later, I will let Kun Peng bring a few experts to hunt in the Chaos Sea. They will kill the Chaos Godfiends to capture the power of their True Spirits. Then, I will transform the power of my True Spirit into merit and negative karma. I will give you merit. The negative karma will be used to reforge the God-Slaying Spear. The God-Slaying Spear is also a relatively important part of the numinous treasure system. It will become a sharp blade hanging above the Heavenly Courts. I will bury it under the feet of all living beings. If the heavens are unfair and the numinous treasures retreat, this spear will appear and choose a living being to wield it.”

The treasures fell silent again.


Zhong Ling was puzzled. “From what you’re saying, you want to use the Connate treasure to establish a perfect system after overturning the Dao Ancestor and then leave?”


Li Changshou smiled faintly.

“My Dao is pure and peaceful. Compared to being the next Dao Ancestor, I naturally hope to travel the Three Realms and the Chaos Sea without worries. I want to be with a beauty and enjoy the world. I’m ashamed to say this. After coming to the Primordial World for so long, I have never seriously appreciated the beauty of the Primordial World. Everyone, you can tell your master about this matter. However, it’s best to keep it a secret for now.”

The treasures nodded and remained silent.

“Come, I’ll draw this system in detail first. Everyone, recommend some Connate numinous treasures. Try your best not to recommend your own kind. If we draw this system well, we can obtain more allies in the future.”

The treasure light in the hall flickered again. The group of Connate numinous treasures began to speak continuously. They spoke one after another and really gave many pertinent suggestions.

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