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Chapter 630: The Main Cause of Ling Zhuzi’s Reincarnation

“Ah, this is probably life.”

In front of the Pill Chamber of Little Qiong Peak,

Li Changshou lay on his personal rocking chair and looked at the sea of stars. He smiled calmly.

His Daoist robe was tattered, and his entire body was charred.

His long hair was blown by the wind from his previous life. It was fluffy, but it was not affected by the Heavenly Tribulation.

Tsk, that was indeed what the script said.

The power of his junior sister’s Heavenly Tribulation poured onto him.

The Nine Revolutions Golden Pill in his mouth was useless. After all, it was only the power of the Heavenly Punishment that originated from the Longevity Heavenly Tribulation. His body could barely withstand it.


She had just gone through the Heavenly Tribulation and had comprehended too much. She naturally went into seclusion.

From the smug look on her face, he guessed that she wanted to tease him, her senior brother. However, she could not suppress her enlightenment and was pulled into the Dao Enlightenment state.

At that moment, Ling’e was comprehending her Great Dao in the secret underground chamber. She would chuckle from time to time, causing Li Changshou to worry that he would not be able to protect his integrity later.

At that moment, the direction of public opinion in the Primordial World…

He could not bear to watch!

“The Dao Ancestor personally appeared and escorted Taibai Jinxing’s beloved junior sister through the Longevity Tribulation. He personally admitted that Taibai Jinxing is his grandson-in-law!”

This unbelievable and seriously distorted news had already spread throughout the world.

If Li Changshou had not deliberately pretended to be seriously injured and cupped his hands at the surroundings, brought Ling’e back to the Little Qiong Peak and activated the layers of array formations in the Grand White Palace, he would definitely be surrounded by crowds of people…

As usual, the injury was not deep. It really hurt.

Grandmaster must be… smearing hot oil on lightning!?!

The rumors in the Three Realms could only be spread by them.

Li Changshou did not dare to do anything. After all, the Dao Ancestor had personally gone to plot against him. He had made many mistakes. It was enough for him to be a “silent party” and an “indifferent bystander”.

What level is the Dao Ancestor on?

Just like the location where the Dao Ancestor was at—the Purple Cloud Palace of the Outer World, the atmosphere of the Primordial World!

Later, he would bring Ling’e to the Six Paths of Reincarnation to take a look.

According to what the Lady of Earth had said previously, her master’s soul should have awakened by now. She should be quite happy to see Ling’e live forever.

In addition, his master’s soul had been repaired in the Six Paths of Reincarnation for so long. He had naturally obtained many benefits.

“Jiang Ziya…”

Li Changshou raised his hand and covered his forehead, allowing his mind to return to peace. The charred skin on his body flew up on its own and turned into ashes before dissipating. A new skin grew under it.

Golden Immortals were immortal.

His attitude towards Ling’e would change in the future.

Hence, Li Changshou dispelled all the images in his memories about her entering the mountain a few years ago. He would get to know his little junior sister again later.

If she wanted to fall in love with him, she would have to be more formal and create more memories of her other disciples.

After that, Li Changshou planned to rest for a few days and continue what he had been doing.

“Jade Emperor, please go out with me and observe the situation of the living beings in the Three Realms.”

He had to do his job as Taibai Jinxing.

However, Li Changshou did not know if he was destined to wait for the Jade Emperor or if all kinds of things were rushing together. Li Changshou adjusted his state and was about to get up when he suddenly had a sudden impulse.

Someone was calling for his paper effigy to appear!

Li Changshou deduced and quickly locked onto an old paper effigy that was beside Perfected Yu Ding. He immediately focused.

Before he could activate his immortal senses, Li Changshou sensed a few familiar auras.

Yu Ding, Taiyi, Yang Jian, Perfected Huang Long.

“The ranking has nothing to do with personal strength. If there is a coincidence, it is purely coincidental.”

What’s wrong?

Li Changshou first created a small commotion. The paper effigy flew out of Perfected Yu Ding’s sleeve and transformed into Zhao Gongming, who had cut off his beard.

This paper effigy was a fake identity that he had deliberately designed to arrange for Yang Jian.


Perfected Huang Long’s eyes lit up. He immediately took two steps forward and shouted, “Come and take a look! Something happened today!”

Li Changshou was confused.

Perfected Yu Ding sighed and turned to glare at Perfected Taiyi. Clearly, he was angry.

Perfected Taiyi, who was dressed in a red robe and was flirting with others, lowered his head and sighed. There was a hint of disappointment in his eyes. He sighed and muttered, “Retribution, retribution.”

If Perfected Huang Long had just arrived and encountered such a situation, he would most likely have mushrooms growing on his head.

However, Li Changshou had already completed the collection of information and deduced what had happened.

There was only one truth!

“Disciple-Nephew Ling Zhuzi, are you feeling a little down because of my junior sister’s transcendence of the Longevity Tribulation? When you returned to the Qianyuan Mountain, you wanted to talk to Senior Brother Taiyi. In the end, Senior Brother Taiyi said something wrong and poked at Disciple-Nephew Ling Zhuzi’s sad matter?”

Yu Ding and Yang Jian nodded obediently. Perfected Huang Long’s eyes were filled with shock.

“Isn’t the heavenly secrets blocked now? Changgeng, how do you know?”

Perfected Taiyi raised his hand and slapped his mouth twice. “My mouth!”

Li Changshou looked at the Cave Abode enveloped by the array formation and frowned.

“Senior Brother, what did you say?”

“Actually, I didn’t say anything.” Perfected Taiyi smiled bitterly and said, “It’s just that…”

Four hours ago, on Qian Yuan Mountain.

“Yo, why did my good disciple remember to come back?”

Perfected Taiyi walked out of the Cave Abode with a smile. He looked at Ling Zhuzi, who was stunned in front of the cave door, and teased, “Are you tired of playing with your good brother? Or do you miss me and specially came back to take a look?”

Ling Zhuzi sighed and stood up to bow to Perfected Taiyi. Then, he sat down dejectedly on the green rock beside the cliff.

What’s wrong?

Perfected Taiyi asked in confusion, “Not in a good mood? Could it be that Little Jade Rabbit has other good friends?”

Master… How should I overcome this bottleneck?

He was clearly just a step away from facing the Golden Immortal Tribulation. Even if I were to die in the Golden Immortal Tribulation, it would not be as bad as now…

“Hey! What nonsense are you saying!?!”

Perfected Taiyi smiled and said, “How can cultivation be considered fast and slow? Examples of accumulation and late success are very common in the Primordial World. You are only one step away from immortality. How can all your efforts go to waste? Moreover, even if you can’t live forever, I will try my best to help you extend your lifespan. Isn’t that the same for your Uncle-Master Changgeng? Immortal Peaches and whatnot are given to you once every few hundred years. Isn’t that the same as living forever?”

“That’s not the case. Master, I’m not afraid of death. I’m only afraid of mediocrity!”

“Silly disciple,” Perfected Taiyi smiled and said, “Sometimes, don’t compare yourself to others. Just live freely.”

“That was how immortal life is. Every immortal has different encounters, opportunities, and their own achievements. Sometimes, if you don’t work hard, you won’t know the difference between you and others. If you don’t work hard, you won’t understand where you will fail. Now, you can completely use the excuse of a bottleneck to not work hard and play with your good brothers every day. Is that uncomfortable… Eh, where are you going? Why are you crying? I’m advising you to be happy. Perhaps the bottleneck will be resolved… Don’t cry, my good disciple! I said the wrong thing!”

“That’s all I said.”

In front of the Cave Abode on Qianyuan Mountain.

After Perfected Taiyi finished speaking, Li Changshou, who was at the side, looked helpless. Perfected Yu Ding raised his head and sighed. Perfected Huang Long’s face was covered in tears.

Huang Long sighed and said, “Junior Brother, you’re right. You’re too right! If I did not work hard back then and instead laid in the pool safely, I would definitely be more comfortable than now!”

Li Changshou hurriedly said, “Senior Brother Huang Long, this matter cannot be summarized!”

Perfected Yu Ding cursed with a black face, “Is there anyone who teaches their disciples like you? If you don’t work hard, you won’t know the difference!

You! You! Ah! ”

Yang Jian whispered, “Senior Brother Lingzhu has a knot in his heart.”

“Yes.” Perfected Taiyi spread his hands. “I wanted to use this method to help him resolve this problem!”

Li Changshou raised his hand and rubbed his glabella.

Ling Zhuzi had reincarnated because of that?

That made Li Changshou secretly heave a sigh of relief. He had thought that Ling Zhuzi would face some great calamity and now, he could finally help.

‘Why did Ling Zhuzi reincarnate as Nezha?’

Li Changshou had been thinking about that question since a long time ago. The possibility of it being solved could not be avoided by the Heavenly Dao.

According to the Heavenly Dao’s style, there was a high chance that it would arrange a dangerous situation for Ling Zhuzi. He would lose his Dao base and his essence soul. Then, he would have no choice but to be sent by Perfected Taiyi to reincarnate and be a “little hero”.

Therefore, Li Changshou did not dare to send Ling Zhuzi out for a long time.

Although that really happened because the Heavenly Dao had deliberately arranged it, Li Changshou did not want Ling Zhuzi to harm him.

After all, he was a disciple-nephew whom he admired. They had been together for a long time.

On the other hand…

What was contradictory was that Nezha had to be arranged in Li Changshou’s plan. He could not stop Ling Zhuzi from suffering.

Now, if he could be sure that Ling Zhuzi had really chosen to reincarnate and cultivate again because of his bottleneck and the stimulation of his master, Perfected Taiyi, Li Changshou did not have to worry about anything. He just had to help with all his might.

Perfected Yu Ding suddenly said, “Ling Zhuzi’s Dao heart is weak. If we delay for too long, we will definitely lose our Dao and our mental state.”

Yang Jian asked, “Now, is there no way to salvage the situation?”

Li Changshou hummed softly and raised his hand before reaching it into the room where Ling Zhuzi was in. The immortals immediately heard Ling Zhuzi mutter.

“Master is right… I have worked hard for so long, but I refuse to admit the difference between me and them. I’m just a pearl, a pearl without any spirituality…”


Perfected Taiyi could not help but pace back and forth anxiously. “My mouth, my mouth! What should I do!?! Changgeng! Changgeng, you have many ideas. Quickly save this child!”

Li Changshou frowned and said, “Senior Brother, I know that you love Ling Zhuzi, but there should be a limit. Your words hit his Dao heart.”

“Why don’t you erase some of his memories?”

Perfected Yu Ding suggested carefully.

“That’s not right.” Perfected Huang Long sighed and said, “Moreover, even if I erase my memories, I can’t erase the grudge in Disciple-Nephew Ling Zhuzi’s heart.

We gathered here today to think of a way to help Disciple-Nephew Ling Zhuzi break through the bottleneck and regain his confidence.”

“Let’s think about it together.”

Li Changshou said warmly and began to pace back and forth.

The immortals could not stand or sit still. They walked around together.

Soon, Li Changshou said, “Mortals have to ask about the cause of the illness first. If we think like that, it’s easy for us to deviate. Why don’t we first find out where the problem with Ling Zhuzi’s cultivation is?”


Perfected Taiyi wanted to say something but hesitated. However, he immediately nodded and agreed. “It’s good for everyone to take a look. Perhaps, we will discover something new.”

Li Changshou said, “Disciple-Nephew Yang Jian, attack Ling Zhuzi first and knock him out, then seal him. Don’t let him know that we helped him diagnose. Otherwise, he will feel even worse.”


Yang Jian subconsciously cupped his fists and bowed. He turned into a butterfly and rushed into Perfected Taiyi’s Cave Abode, mixing into the array formation…

After a while.

“Ah, ah!”

“Let’s go.” Li Changshou made a gesture. The immortals quickly entered and surrounded the unconscious Ling Zhuzi to study him.

The entire study lasted for an hour during which they studied Ling Zhuzi’s problem thoroughly.

Connate deficiency, Dao base deficiency.

It was not because he was injured or had taken the wrong path in his cultivation. To put it simply, Ling Zhuzi, had a flaw in his Dao base as a living being.

His main body was a spiritual pearl. When he transformed, he was tainted with Postnatal aura. He was no longer a pure Connate lifeform. Although his body and feet were not low, they were not too high.

Compared to the Heaven-Nourishing Stone that was personally refined by Goddess Nuwa, it was indeed far inferior.

The reason why Ling Zhuzi was stuck at the bottleneck was because he was innately incomplete and could not achieve perfection. Therefore, he could not trigger the Heavenly Tribulation to descend and pluck the Dao Fruit of Longevity.

Li Changshou and the others sighed.

He had found the root of the illness and could actually treat it.

They looked at each other and saw the chemistry in their eyes.

Li Changshou said, “From the looks of it, Senior Brothers and Disciple-Nephew Yang Jian have a solution.”

Perfected Huang Long was excited. “Why don’t we say our respective methods at the same time and see if they are the same?”

The five old and young men nodded at the same time. They looked at each other. Li Changshou made a gesture and the few of them spoke at the same time!

Li Changshou said, “Connate Dao Body.”

Perfected Taiyi said, “Dao companion!”

Perfected Huang Long said, “Teacher is preaching.”

Yang Jian said, “Breakthrough in a life-and-death battle!”

Perfected Yu Ding said, “Reincarnate with memories.”

In an instant, a few small leaves floated behind the five immortals. They smiled awkwardly and began to introduce their thoughts.

Li Changshou and Perfected Yu Ding shared the same thoughts.

The meaning of the Connate Dao Body was to let Ling Zhuzi transform into a human and enjoy the advantage of the human race’s Connate Dao Body. The method was like what Perfected Yu Ding had said, to re-cultivate with memories.

They argued for a while and quickly confirmed their thoughts. Perfected Taiyi decided.

I have to think of all ways to let Ling Zhuzi reconstruct his roots without losing his current self!

The unconscious Ling Zhuzi trembled a few times and muttered a few times before continuing to sleep.

“Master, am I really not suitable for cultivation?”

Compared to Yang Jian, Ling Zhuzi was actually closer to Li Changshou. Li Changshou naturally could not treat Ling Zhuzi unfairly.

After careful consideration, Li Changshou had a complete plan in his heart. Through some hints, he guided Perfected Taiyi to formulate a rough plan.

It was not easy to kill Ling Zhuzi and let him reincarnate.

That would be too violent. Moreover, Ling Zhuzi would no longer be Ling Zhuzi after reincarnation.

It was naturally a meticulous task to help Ling Zhuzi achieve the Dao Fruit.

Firstly, he had to separate Ling Zhuzi’s essence soul from his main body. His essence soul had to be turned into a “fetus spirit”. It was similar to the incarnation of the seven emotions back then. His main body had to go back to the origin and refine it into a spiritual pearl to bear his current Dharma powers, Dao Realm, and spirituality.

During this process, Li Changshou had to help.

Li Changshou wanted to bring Ling Zhuzi’s essence soul to the Reincarnation Pagoda through the back door. He wanted Ksitigarbha to take action and transform Ling Zhuzi’s essence soul into a fetus spirit that was close to reincarnation.

He also had to bring Ling Zhuzi to the Three-Immortal Island and use the Primordial Chaos Golden Chalice to strip the spiritual pearl’s Dharma powers and Dao Realm.

Of course, a few immortals of Chan School would accompany him the entire time.

He wanted Perfected Taiyi to owe the Three-Immortal Island a favor and show mercy during the killing tribulation later. It could be considered Li Changshou’s plan.

After a few steps, a “fetus spirit” that was prepared to be born was born perfectly.

Yang Jian asked, “Then how should I choose Ling Zhuzi’s parents?”

“I’ll find a female immortal to be my Dao companion!”

Perfected Taiyi immediately stood up, his eyes filled with love and guilt. “Disciple, disciple, what’s the difference?”

Yang Jian muttered softly, “Uncle-Master, the negative karma that you have accumulated over the years might hinder… I’m just making a casual remark.”

Perfected Yu Ding persuaded, “Senior Brother, don’t cause trouble. Changgeng is here. Let Changgeng arrange everything.”

Perfected Taiyi felt a little regretful and looked at Li Changshou solemnly.

“Changgeng, as long as this matter can be done, I will owe you a huge favor!”

“Senior Brother, you’re welcome.”

Me Li Changshou smiled and said, “This is what I think.

It will take more than a day to transform Ling Zhuzi’s essence soul into an embryo spirit and refine the main body’s Dharma powers.

It’s not difficult for the human race to reincarnate. I’ll go to the Netherworld and choose a couple with the best aptitude among the human race. That way, I can add more help to Ling Zhuzi’s cultivation.

Now, there is actually a crucial problem.”

The immortals listened attentively, their eyes filled with concern.

“We set these plans…”

Li Changshou slowly heaved a sigh of relief and said seriously,

“We can provide methods and help, but in the end, Ling Zhuzi has to make this decision himself. We should try our best not to interfere. Giving me the freedom to choose my own path is the best respect for them.”

The immortals nodded. Perfected Taiyi looked at the young man in the cave with a complicated gaze.

Perfected Taiyi said, “Actually, he’s fine even if he’s ordinary. I don’t need a disciple to support me.”

Li Changshou chuckled, but he could not help but complain in his heart.

The Heavenly Dao is really good.

Ling Zhuzi’s condition was not as simple as congenital deficiency. The Dao base that he was missing previously when Li Changshou brought Ling Zhuzi to the Heavenly Courts…

It was still there.

The Heavenly Dao had restrained it.

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