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My【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I'd Open Up a Weapon Shop

Chapter 3: My Hope of Escaping Has Appeared

It was well-known that the labyrinth walls inside the dungeon were extremely difficult to destroy.

It was possible, although difficult, to destroy the walls in a low-ranking dungeon. For a high-ranking dungeon though, the walls were so sturdy it was close to impossible to even make a small hole through them.

The『Hade's Millenium Corridor』was no exception. The hero's attack at full strength could not even make a scratch.

「…I'm not dreaming. My skill just… destroyed the labyrinth wall…!」

I've never heard of such an abnormal thing happening before in my fifteen years as an adventurer.

I couldn't control the intense throbbing of my heart, and ran my hands through the crumbled remains of the wall, feeling the rubble.

「Hahaha! What's this?! It's not stone! It's metal! It just looks like stone from the outside! No wonder it's so friggin' tough!」

I could tell the remains of the wall were glittering under the dim light of the light moss.

It looked like powdered silver.
I didn't know what type of metal it was, but the shininess it emitted made it difficult for me to take my eyes off of it.

By the time I managed to contain my initial excitement, a new idea had already crossed my mind.

「…Wait a second. In this case, my 【Repair】skill must have gotten a power up for whatever reason then… Could it be that there are more ways for me to use this skill now…?」

I wasn't saying that it gained the power to destroy walls.
I didn’t even have to think about it; the skill has obviously become stronger.

What I had thought was that it was now possible to use my skill to do things it was not meant to do.

If one thought about it logically, they could never imagine that a【Repair】skill could destroy things instead of restoring them.

I didn't know what caused my skill to change. Maybe it happened as an effect of me being driven into an extreme situation, or because wandering through the mysterious labyrinth for so long triggered something.
Well, there was no point in thinking about the reason now.
After all, there was no way of knowing if what I thought of was correct anyway.

What was important now was that my skill could now 『do the impossible』; that was, breaking things down.

I couldn't deny the possibility that my skill could 『do the impossible』in other ways too.

「…It's worth trying it out. It'd be difficult to survive unless I exhausted all possible options. First, let's…」

I thrust the brittle iron sword into the mountain of rubble.

「Activate skill, begin【Repair】!」

The【Repair】skill cannot create things from nothing. In order to completely restore an item, you must supplement the exact same material as the damaged parts.

If one doesn't use any materials, the skill will take material from other parts of the item. In my case, it took material from an undamaged area of the blade.

Because of that, the constant use of 【Repair】without any material would only make the item more fragile.

However, not everything could be used as materials.
At the very least, one needed use the same type of material on the parts they wanted to fix with 【Repair】.

For example, I couldn't use copper powder to restore the chips in an iron sword.

(If it can 『do the impossible』for that… If I used 【Repair】on this sword using the labyrinth wall, the one even the hero cannot damage, then…)

There was no doubt that this sword would become a powerful weapon.

I felt a different response compared to when I used 【Repair】without any materials.

It was such a subtle feeling that only somebody with the same skill could understand.
It was difficult to explain it in a way that others would too.

In any case, I felt the material fuse into the damaged parts of the sword.

Before long, my common iron sword fused with the alloy of the labyrinth wall through my skill.

「I did it… I think. It worked, right?」

There was a remarkable difference in the shininess of the blade now.

I looked around for something to test my sword on, and spotted a long sword next to the pile of bones. It must've belonged to the corpse.

In normal circumstances, an iron sword wouldn't be able to snap another iron sword.
Not to mention, I had no sword skills, making it even more unlikely.

However, I had a feeling I could do it now.

「Take this!」

I swung my sword down at the long sword I leaned against the wall.

The edge of my blade cut through at least half of the long sword, and it didn't cause a single chip or dent in my blade.

Even with my obviously amateur skills, I still got this result.

I began shaking in excitement just imagining how much power a professional would have if they were to wield this sword.

「I think… I can survive with this…!」

All the motivation I had lost long ago now gushed out endlessly.
My motivation, which was like the dying flame on a candle earlier, had become a pillar of fire that could reach the clouds.

I went through the hole I had made, and then used【Repair】on it from the other side.

Of course, I didn't forget to gather the remains of the wall first.

「There's no need to open a big hole. It's already enough to be able to open up a small one and see the other side…!」

With my newly awakened 【Repair】skill in hand, I began walking towards my escape from this dungeon.

I decided to call the new effects 【Disassemble】and【Synthesis】.

Skills with similar effects might exist, but I was probably the only one in this world that could utilize it through my 【Repair】skill.

I wasn't an excessively self-conscious person or one that overestimated himself.

In fact, normally I would never say such convictions about myself in that way.

「Oh yeah, what if I tried it on this?」

I had another sudden thought. I tried using 【Disassemble】against the light moss, and ran my mana through it.

Unfortunately, there was no reaction.

「Huh? Oh, I see… it's because living things have a resistance to mana. It must be resisting against【Disassemble】. What if I raised my output a bit more…?」

I ran more mana through with some force, and finally, the light moss 【disassembled】into a fine powder.

「Hmm, this isn't very efficient. If it takes this much to use【Disassemble】on moss, using it on animals will be much harder. To begin with, it's not like 【Repair】works on living creatures, so I guess it can't be helped if it's that much more difficult to use 【Disassemble】on them.」

For now, I tried to use【Synthesize】on a knife I picked up earlier with the light moss powder.
What I created was a knife that released light particles.

There wasn't a particular reason I chose the knife as a synthesis material.
I used it because I happened to have it on hand.

And then, after breaking down a number of walls, the thing I had been looking for finally appeared in front of me.

「I found them! The stairs!」

I forgot all about my hunger, and ran up the cramped staircase, tripping countless times.

I could see light above the stairs.
I didn't know whether it was sunlight, or just another floor of the dungeon that was brightly lit.

However, I didn't care about where the light came from. It didn't stop me from what I was doing.
I dived into the light as fast as I could, and there, I saw —

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