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Published at 1st of November 2020 08:50:56 PM

Chapter 29
My Reality is a Romance Game
Chapter 29

Fumu. It was kinda weird, but the fact that nobody returned even so late into the night would mean that assuming it’s a vacant house was still sound.

“Do you still feel like you can’t move?”

To my question, she somehow mustered up.


Without helping it, I sat down on the floor beside her.

“Even so, thank you very much…”

As I did, she uttered words of gratitude. And continuing on, also an apology.

“Honestly, at first I was suspecting that you’re the one who had the paralysis drug. I’m sorry… for trusting you.”

“It’s alright. But do you trust me now?”

“Eh? Yes!”


Her eyes seemed to be glittering with stars. They looked incredibly pretty to me. Adding on those pretty eyes, those sexy lips of hers. My chest suddenly started to pound strongly.

I kept getting weird thoughts as I continued to stare at her, so pretended to hum and naturally averted my gaze away. We passed the time with meaningless chatter. I don’t know how long it had been, but at one point I felt movement on the sofa behind me, so I turned my line of sight to her once again. Seeing her, it seemed the paralysis had worn off and she was moving herself albeit sluggishly.

“Has the numbness worn off?”

At my inquiry, she made a vigorous nod. She seemed to be completely healed.

“You see, it’s this kind of thing. Hasegawsan, I’m… the type of person who immediately repays her debt, so I’d like to do something for you, but…”

She got closer to me as she said so. As the moonlight entered through the window and reflected off her face, I suddenly felt like I would choke in my own breath. I ended up wanting those lips.

And at that instant, I succumbed to my impulses. A pure and raw impulse. The relatively high affection points and her bringing up words of repayment had lighted up some courage in me.

“If that’s the case, then…”


“C-Could you give me a kiss?”

The sound of a large ball of saliva being gulped. Yes, I suddenly wanted to experience a kiss. Higami-san, surprised, took a step back.

“Suddenly asking for a kiss is…”

“What about returning the favor?”

She was bewildered.

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Since I had already said it, I tried to come out strong.

“A kiss is just a form of greeting. Yes, a greeting.”

“That might be, but… Ah, I guess I have kissed my brother before. S-So… it’s like that, huh. But… But I did mention returning the favor, so…”

I don’t know if my words were able to go across, but she stood there having her own monologue for some time.
It felt like her eyes were spinning dizzily.

To think that saying a kiss was a greeting would get across to her. Isn’t her common sense a bit too lacking?
I wonder if she completely cut herself off from this world in order to learn the sword.

For some reason, I stopped caring. And thus, as if being possessed by something I approached Higami-san, grabbed her body and in accordance to my previous announcement, pressed my lips onto hers.

As I did, she pushed me away strongly.

“H-Hey, wait!”

Higami-san’s face turned bright red.
Since I got the feeling that she was somewhat angry, I instinctively started to make excuses. Even if I told her to treat it as repayment, it wasn’t a good enough excuse, so I tried using complements this time.

“Higami-san was so pretty, that I

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“Eh…? What? Pretty? Even if you said that twice till now… you’re a liar!”

“You call me a liar, but all I did was state what’s true. Are you telling me you had no idea?”

“I’m… not pretty at all…”

Unbelievable words came out of her mouth. Just how has she been raised till now? Was she brought up in the mountains thinking of nothing but the ways of the sword? Somehow… the fact that it sounds entirely possible is terrifying in and of itself. Whatever the case, I pressed her down once again in order to quench my own thirst.

Her resistance seemed to have weakened to some extent, so I continued and connected our lips. She didn’t turn me down this time. This was the first time that a woman truly accepted me on her own rather than due to wanting to use me. That’s why, perhaps… I might’ve wanted to create as many memories as I could like this.

Of course this was just me acting on my own, having absolutely no connection to the capture mission whatsoever. It was simply me trying to make memories.

As I thought about those things, that was when I built up a strong resolve and proceeded to stick my into her mouth. If this is a one-time opportunity to create memories, then I want to kiss properly. Once I did, her body twitched and trembled in surprise. Looks like she wasn’t more experienced than I was. I parted from her lips and said.

“It’s okay, this is normal. Isn’t Higami-san a bit too engrossed in your sword and lacking in experience?”

“But… the tongue? T-That’s dirty.”

“Like I said back then, a kiss is just a form of greeting. All the westerners do this. Since this had the repayment factor mixed in, I simply made it more grandiose, that’s all.”

“That’s… It’s the first time I’m hearing such a thing… Kya!”

Of course, there’s no questioning that it’s a lie.
No matter how much westerners might greet each other with a kiss, there’s no way they’d suddenly stick their tongue in.
But even this was able to get across to her.

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It’s as I suspected, she’s lacking common sense.

As I continued to pressure her, Higami-san closed her eyes once again. Thus, our kiss-time resumed. We quelled our lust with our tongues intertwining each other for some time, and as a bridge of saliva was created connecting our now separated lips, she seemed to appear even more sexy. If it’s a kiss, I’ve done it with Sakurai too. To think that my first kiss was with a woman like that.

After we were done, an awkward atmosphere lingered among us. The gap between her embarrassed retreating figure and her sword wielding figure could be clearly felt. That too was cute about her. It was just that she was a bit too embarrassed.

For the time being, I continued to stare at her after our lips separated. And following that, with a face full of embarrassment, she looked away and nonchalantly distanced herself from me. The air turned awkward in an instant. I tried diverting our attention away by getting into the main topic at the moment. It was, in fact, a very important matter. It’s possible that the capture mission has something to do with it.

“Incidentally, what was up with that food cart?”

I was wondering if the capture was successful after I managed to make the obsan collapse, but when I checked my status, there weren’t any changes. Even Higami-san who was in the middle of her keeping away with embarrassment changed into a serious expression as soon as my words entered her ears. I bet she’s also pretty frustrated about being fed a paralysis drug.

“Certainly! To think that she used a paralysis drug, how preposterous!”

“Moreover, doesn’t this house seem a little strange to you? Would you like to snoop around and check?”

“Yes, let’s!”

Seemingly thinking the same thing as I was, in contrast to her previous self, she carried an earnest expression as she started to snoop around. The strangest part was that it didn’t seem like there was any kind of day-to-day lifestyle having taken place. The kitchen did have a dishwasher included in it, but it didn’t have the feeling of being used. There was not even a single piece of photo or decoration that one would usually find in a normal household. Based on the experience I’ve accumulated so far, I already understood that the existence of a photo is very important. The fact that there weren’t any photos in this house is most certainly suspicious.

Moving on, we checked inside the fridge. It was empty. It was as spotless as a completely unused appliance. Very, very suspicious. At that moment, I suddenly recalled the weird stains back at the food cart. That place was suspicious, and so was this. But more than anything, the fact that I simply left the obsan asleep back there, unattended, was weighing down on my mind.

Translator: Angry Midget

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