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Chapter 826: Destroying A Base, Obtaining A Pot of Gold! Part 2

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‘Why would Sha Yikang get a house in this area?’

Su Mo repeatedly scanned the vicinity and paced back and forth to check for abnormalities nearby.

A few minutes later, he heard a strange movement near an ordinary thatched hut.

‘Is it here?’

Su Mo did not dare to reckless rush to the scene. Instead, he glanced around the neighborhood and climbed a nearby residential house, cautiously observing the thatched cottage’s courtyard.

Sure enough, under a canopy in the courtyard, Su Mo spotted four burly men chatting as they leaned lazily on the pillars.

Judging by their stature, although their combat strength was incomparable to that of professionally trained soldiers, they were enough to deal with ordinary people.

“Very good. It looks like I’ll be able to destroy another base this time!”

Su Mo licked his lips and immediately understood the sound he had heard earlier.

It was poker!

Beneath this seemingly ordinary thatched hut, there was the sound of people playing poker, and their voices mixed with the rain.

Apparently, the desire for pleasure rooted in human genes immediately emerged after simple order had been restored.

Even in the small Prickly Pear Town, there was something like a casino.

Green Fruit Territory was located in the southwest of the New World.

The territory was not named Green Fruit Territory when it was first established but was called the “Slashing Sword” Territory.

During the construction of the territory, green fruits were discovered within the area. The fruit was refreshing and could be chewed in the mouth.

Gradually, the name Green Fruit spread throughout the territory.

Since it was popular, the territory lord decided to change the name of their economic pillar product to the territory name to gain higher popularity.

The night sky became darker.

Somewhere in an underground basement of Prickly PearTown, there was billowing smoke.

In the center of the venue, colorful lights dangled and illuminated the interior of the room.

Twenty to thirty young women swayed their bodies to the lights and music while chewing the green fruits in their mouths.

In a small private room, there were many middle-aged people sitting together and playing poker.

In the past, the excellent geographical location and the protections of the Prickly Pear Town’s mayor attracted many passing tourists and gambling addicts to the place.

This place would be lively as soon as it was at night. One night would earn them one-third of the profits during the day.

This was the most crucial reason why the resource department could boldly embezzle money and not get punished by Prickly Pear Town’s mayor.

The larger portion entered his pockets, and it would not matter if the people below him took the smaller portions.

However, tonight, the venue’s atmosphere seemed slightly different.

Near a table in the front, everyone’s chatter focused on the greasy middle-aged man sitting in the center.

“Congratulations, Mr. Sha. The resource department is under your command now that Corrupt Su has stepped down because of his disease.”

“Corrupt Su deserved it. Instead of going for the poor people’s resources, he kept touching the few big households in the city. He definitely has a death wish.”

“He deserves it. He really deserves it. Perhaps other people would treat him like a fart if he restrained himself. Yet, he had insatiable desires and probably wished that the while Prickly Pear Town was for himself!”

“Oh, Mr. Sha. Your luck is great today. How did you get a royal flush again?”

“Pay up! Pay up!

Sha Yikang was delighted as he pushed forward his cards.

After overthrowing Su Youzong, the benefits completely exceeded his previous expectations.

Since all the power of the resource department belonged to him now, he had grown both money and status by leaps and bounds.

These people who had equal footing as him in the past could only curry favor with him tonight and kept playing to lose to him.

After thinking about it, Sha Yikang knew he had been happy for the whole day starting the previous night.

“Good! This is great!

“Su Youzong got what he deserved. Maybe the heavens could not stand his evildoing and decided to punish him.”

He picked up a green fruit on the table and chewed it while cursing at Su Youzong nonchalantly.

His eyes landed on a young woman with exposing clothes on the dance floor and his eyes filled with lust.

“It’s a shame for that beauty with Su Youzong. What’s her name again? Ah, yes. Huang Xiaojuan.

“Don’t think she is cheap because of her name. That girl is really pure.”

“Oh? Mr. Sha is interested in her?”

“Of course!” Under the influence of the green fruit, Sha Yikang’s body began to heat up, and the fantasies in his mind kept popping up.

He had been trying to survive in the wasteland for eight years.

For the first three years, which were extremely miserable, he often did not know when the next meal would come.

In the few years that came after, with the re-emergence of human territories in the wasteland, those who had survived could properly settle down and no longer worry about their survival.

Sha Yikang often rejoiced for realizing the importance of identities from the very beginning. He spent all his wealth to buy the Director of Resource Department of the Prickly Pear Town position.

Relying on this identity, he could live leisurely, have fun, and simply live a carefree life that he never dared to imagine when he was on earth.

Su Youzong shared his interests in the past two years, which led to a slight decline in his quality of life, but he was now poisoned.

Sha Yikang believed that his days would quickly return to their heyday, and he would become a superior man over time!

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