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Chapter 91.1
My Pet is a Holy Maiden Chapter 91 Part 1

“……I’m sorry……”

 After coming home from the Temple of Savaive, Calcedonia bowed towards Tatsumi .

 The request from Jolt was put on hold, and Tatsumi and Chalcedonia returned home .

“…I own selfishness made my husband feel uncomfortable . ”

“No, that’s not true . ”

 Tatsumi gently hugs her body as if to dispel the anxiety from Calcedonia . And once he hugged hard, he immediately freed Calcedonia .

“About your past, I’ve heard a lot from Giuseppe-san . Do you want to go back to your home village?”

 Tatsumi moves to the living room and sits down at the table, asking Calcedonia, who also sat face-to-face .

 Chalcedonia, who usually looks at Tatsumi from the front, is now looking at her knees . I don’t think she has a good impression of her home village .

 When asked, Calcedonia shook her head and refused to answer . However, Tatsumi remains silent and waits for her response .

 For a while, there was only silence . Occasionally there was a small noise coming from the ceiling .

 It’s just a quiet time .

 How long are you going to be immersed in the sea of ​​silence?

Eventually, Calcedonia began to talk .

“…I see…I have few good memories of my hometown…but…I understand that it is my responsibility now…”

 I used to have dreams about you when I was younger .

 As a child, she told her parents and villagers about the dream all the time . Many adults thought that she was a madman .

 For her back then, it was a lot of fun talking to someone about her dream . However, from the perspective of others, it can now be understood that it was an unpleasant thing for a young child who only talks about an imaginary dreams .

“…If I go back to my home village, they might still think I am a madman… But… but my husband… They might think that you might be similar to me: a madman…I hate it . ”

 It was just a dream about Tatsumi . The boy now exists in this world .

 Even if you don’t tell the villagers that Tatsumi is the “boy in the dream” that Calcedonia had said, he will soon be known to be the Chalcedonian’s husband when he visits the village .

 At that time, not only is Calcedonia but Tatsumi may be seen by the villagers as a madman .

 That was Calcedonia’s fear .

 When Tatsumi heard about Calcedonia’s sentiment, he suddenly talked about his opinion on the matter .

 Tatsumi thought that she had no good memories of the village and that was why she didn’t want to return .

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 But her fear is not what he thought .

 She worried about Tatsumi rather than herself .

 And above all, such love for him fills Tatsumi’s chest .

 Tatsumi leans forward and reaches for the head of Calcedonia .

 Her hair was soft . The fluffy feel of her hair and the scent of her hair are reminiscent of her scent when she was small .

 The feel of her hair today is not the same as that of her former self . Of course, the smell of hair is the same .

 Still, both scents to Tatsumi are scents of someone she loved .

 While enjoying the feel of Chalcedonia’s hair, Tatsumi gently pats her head .

“… Thank you . I’m really happy . ”

 Calcedonia finally looked up when his husband thanked her, but Tatsumi was not in front of her

 e? She was softly hugged from behind . With Instant Transfer, he went around behind Calcedonia and hugged wrapped her body with his own .

“I’m happy, but I want to go to your hometown . ”

 After whispering into Calcedonia’s ears, she turns to Tatsumi’s face, who was next to her .

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 The line of sight silently asks the meaning of his words .

“Don’t you have parents in that village? If so, then I want to go to the village and talk with them properly . We got married . ”

 It can be said that the bond between Calcedonia and his parents has already been broken . Still, they are her the parents of Calcedonia .

“Actually, I’ve always thought I had to go to your hometown to officially greet your parents . I was supposed to have told your parents when we married, but…that didn’t happen . ”

 Warm, transparent drops of water flow down her smooth cheeks .

 Tatsumi’s warm thoughts, or his existence, warmed up the heart of Calcedonia .

“So… let’s go together . In the village where you were born . To meet your parents . ”

“…Yes… let’s go together, to my hometown…I will open my heart to my parents and proclaim . “This is my husband . ”

“Oh, thank you . ”

 The two people stared at each other from a close distance .

 It didn’t take long before the distance between the two became zero .

 The next day, Tatsumi told Giuseppe that she would accept the task asked by Jolt .

“Yes, right . Well, priest Tatsumi Yamagata . I’ll tell you more about this request . ”

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 From “family” to “highest priest” . Giuseppe, who changed his position, conveys the details of this request to Tatsumi who corrected his posture .

“The client this time is the royal family, the Reso family . I will send an inspector to the Reso family, so I will assist you with the escorts and Calcedonia Yamagata is one of the escorts and medical personnel in case of injury or illness . Both priests are dispatched . Of course, the priest’s dispatch is paid, and the reward is paid from the Reso family to our Savaiv temple, partly to the two of you . Half of that is the share of the temple, and the other half is your reward . ”

“Yes . I understand . ”

 Giuseppe smiled happily when Tatsumi corrected his posture .

 By the way, there are many cases where aristocrats hire priests temporarily .

 As in this case, we are often hired as recovery personnel, but we may be hired as a Exorcist when appears .

 In both cases, it would be quite unlikely that a general citizen would hire a priest, as it would require a considerable sum of money .

 However, the temple may dispatch the exorcist at no cost only if appears .

 By the way, the reward is ostensibly donation to the temple, and in return for the donation, the temple takes the form of temporarily dispatching a priest .

“I’ll tell you soon that we’ve received a request from the Jorte priest . Probably four or five days before we leave, so we’re ready to travel . Speaking of which, is my son-in-law able to ride a parlow?”

“Yes, I did a hard training regime with Parlau, which was given by His Majesty the King . However, at the moment, I can barely manage to ride it . According to Karce, because it is a bad thing, I will be riding training in the future . I’m told to go there too . ”

 The parlows that Tatsumi received as a reward for defeating Hiryu are the well-trained first-class parlows . As a matter of course, they are trained not to be frightened on the battlefield .

 If you’re trained to adapt to the battlefield, why not make use of it?

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