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Chapter 83: Unexpected Harvest, Tiffany Was Actually Related to the Cult!

After seeing the ID of the old woman in front of him, Mike was shocked.

‘What’s going on?

‘Isn’t she dead?

‘Why is she here?’

Mike hesitated for a moment, but he eventually took a step forward and asked tentatively,

“Excuse me… Are you Ms. Tiffany from the dyeing mill?”

The old woman looked at Mike with a blank look in her eyes and nodded slightly.

This reaction made Mike feel even more uncomfortable.

This Tiffany in front of him did not look like a living person at all.

Instead, she looked more like a walking corpse.

What made it even creepier was that the man from the dyeing mill said that Tiffany was already dead.


Tiffany had appeared in front of Mike.

Although this was a game, it was not an ordinary game.

Every NPC in Second World was a living being.

They would not reappear after they died.

That was why the price of killing NPCs was so high.

Hence, the scene of Tiffany appearing here made Mike feel extremely uncomfortable.

Mike only had one thought and that was to leave this place as soon as possible.

He quickly took out the letter and handed it to Tiffany.

“This is a letter from the novice village chief’s father to you.”

Mike looked at Tiffany with a solemn expression.

If it was possible, he really wanted to put this letter directly next to the tombstone and finish the mission as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, since the real Tiffany was here, it was useless to just put the letter next to the tombstone.

Moreover, the previous mission was very vague.

[Please go to the cemetery in the North of Victory City ]

The character introduction said so.

It did not say: [Please put the letter next to Tiffany’s grave.]

Therefore, the mission could only be done by giving the letter to her.

Mike only hoped that Tiffany would quickly take the letter and then he could leave this damned place.

Under Mike’s nervous gaze, Tiffany slowly raised her hand and took the letter.

Mission completed!

Mike heaved a sigh of relief and immediately lifted his foot to leave.

Who knew that as soon as he turned around, he heard Tiffany say,

“Young man, do you want to obtain a special power?”

After hearing that, Mike stopped and turned his head around in confusion.

Tiffany no longer had a pair of lifeless eyes.

This time, Tiffany’s face had revealed a wicked smile.

However, Mike did not feel flustered now.

Because he discovered something.

This Tiffany… seemed to be related to the cult of Victory City!

There was a reason why Mike thought so.

First of all, if Tiffany was human, then the man of the dyeing house was obviously lying.

It was possible.

However, Mike figured that the man was not lying.

Because the words Tiffany used just now were very odd.

She actually called Mike “young man”!

Mike had his Human Affinity skill, and he also received a god-tier passive enhancement…

Under such circumstances, any human NPC would essentially have great respect for Mike.

The novice village chief was the best proof.

However, Tiffany did not call Mike “respected Lord God Slayer”.

This was enough to prove that the current Tiffany was not a human!

At least not a normal human…

Judging from Tiffany’s “resurrection” and what she said just now…

Tiffany was very likely related to the cult!

Do you still remember the mission description of Cult Extermination?

There seemed to be a cult in Victory City that was causing a bad influence.

If that was the case, why didn’t the king send someone to settle this matter?

This was illogical.

Previously in the City of Light, Mike had the opportunity to do the Wheat Field Protection quest because a few powerful mages in the City of Light had been sent to the territories of other races to carry out tasks.

Otherwise, any fire mage NPC could easily burn all the locusts. It would not have ended up being Mike’s job.

In conclusion, judging by the fact that the cult had yet to be exterminated and players’ help were needed.

It meant that the city lords of Victory City were really helpless about the cult. They were too well hidden!

After connecting all of these dots, Mike finally discovered the truth of this matter.

The cult used some method to revive the dead NPCs, and then these NPCs helped them recruit new believers to join the cult!

It was just a resurrected dead person. Even if they were captured by the guards of Victory City, they would definitely not reveal the location of the cult’s base camp.

Thinking of this, Mike narrowed his eyes and revealed a smile.

After all, he was a 30-year-old veteran gamer. Although his combat ability was not good in his previous life, he had done many missions.

He would definitely be the first to notice if there was a problem with any mission or if any mission looked odd.

Originally, he wanted to leave this place and stop dealing with Tiffany.

However, since Tiffany was related to the cult, he could take this opportunity to complete the mission.

In other words, this was an opportunity.

If Mike chose to leave, he might have to look for the dwarf butler who had a bad attitude the next time he wanted to do this mission.

At that time, it was uncertain as to whether he could get any clues or whether the clues would be useful.

In that case, he might as well do it now.

He immediately replied,

“Do you have any way to give me a special power?”

Tiffany laughed sinisterly and said,

“You’ll know if you come with me.”

Then, she turned around and left.

Looking at Tiffany’s back, Mike was even more certain.

This old woman was definitely related to a cult.

“I’m a member of a cult” was clearly written on her face!

Without any hesitation, he immediately followed Tiffany’s footsteps.

Tiffany did not take Mike out of the cemetery.

On the contrary, she walked deeper into the cemetery.

Mike looked around as well.

Unfortunately, he did not see any suspicious people.

After walking for a while, Tiffany stopped in front of a tombstone.

Mike looked at the tombstone and frowned slightly.

This was not Tiffany’s tombstone.

In other words, it was not anyone’s tombstone at all.

There was no inscription on the tombstone. It was completely blank.

Such a tombstone was indeed strange, but no one would notice it.

In the next moment, Tiffany reached out and gently knocked on the tombstone twice.

Then, the floor in front of the tombstone suddenly sank down and turned into a staircase.

Tiffany turned around and looked at Mike with a cold smile.

“Young man, do you want to come in with me?”

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