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425 Sorcery

“Yo, isn’t this the jade ruyi that was auctioned for five million a few years ago?”

Gao Huiren also came over. When he saw the jade ruyi, he immediately recognized it.

“Five million yuan?” Other than those who knew the price, everyone was shocked by the astronomical figure and came over to take a closer look.

Jade was something rich people liked to play with. They would never come into contact with it in their lives. It was not easy for them to have the chance to see it.

“Old Master Huang, I can’t take this. It’s too expensive. I don’t deserve it. Take it back!” Qin Xi shook her head. She could tell that the pair of jade ruyi contained faint spiritual energy. She knew that this thing was expensive and rejected it without hesitation.

Huang Bo pushed the box to Qin Xi. “Divine Doctor Qin, you have to accept this gift. Otherwise, I will feel bad. Just take it as I’m doing this for someone else.”

Qin Xi immediately understood that Huang Bo was thanking her on behalf of Liu Yun.

However, what Huang Bo did not know was that Liu Yun had already given her a pair of Heavenly Fragrance Cardamom. That kind of spiritual item was something that could only be chanced upon by luck and not sought after. It was not something a pair of jade ruyi could compare to.

However, she couldn’t explain this to Huang Bo. After thinking for a moment, she accepted it.

Huang Bo was relieved that Qin Xi took it. “Since Old Master Qi still has something to say, I’ll take my leave first. Divine Doctor Qin, Master Gao, Old Master Qi, I’ll leave first. Let’s meet again when we have time.”

After sending Huang Bo and Huang Shuxuan off, Qin Xi looked at Old Master Qi, wondering why he was looking for her.

Old Master Qi immediately looked serious. “Divine Doctor Qin, can we talk in private?”

Seeing his solemn expression, Qin Xi nodded. “Come upstairs with me!”

The two of them went upstairs. Pan Lingling made two cups of tea and left.

“You can tell me now.”

Old Master Qi sighed deeply. “Divine Doctor Qin, you said that you wanted that piece of land in the old district. It seems to be a little difficult to get it now.”

Qin Xi frowned. She didn’t think that Old Master Qi would go back on his word and didn’t want to give that piece of land to her. She asked calmly, “What happened?”

“You’re right. Something did happen.”

Old Master Qi nodded and said in a heavy voice, “Divine Doctor Qin, you should know that the old district is divided into the western and eastern parts. There’s a stone arch bridge in the middle as the dividing line. Now that the old district is about to be demolished, this stone arch bridge has become the biggest problem.”

“Why is it a problem? Isn’t it just a bridge?” Qin Xi asked suspiciously.

“Back then, the reason why I put the old district development plan on hold was also because of that bridge.”

Old Master Qi began to explain. “It’s said that people used to sacrifice living people to block floods on that bridge. Moreover, that bridge is very strange. If it’s destroyed forcefully, there will be a disaster. Back then, someone stole the materials on that bridge and later his entire family died.”

“At that time, I didn’t believe in such a superstitious thing, so I got someone to try it. Later on…”

“Burying living people” Qin Xi’s pupils constricted.

Old Master Qi nodded

“I understand what you are saying.” Qin Xi said, “Don’t touch this bridge for now. I have a way to deal with it.”

Old Master Qi wanted to ask, but seeing that Qin Xi did not seem to want to say too much, he could only shut his mouth and sit for a while longer before leaving.

Qin Xi did not expect to encounter such an evil technique. It seemed like she should go and take a look when she had time.

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