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"I'm leaving." Shen Ying turned and headed out.

"Wait!" The Immortal Soul quickly rushed forward to float right in front of her and as if making some important decision, gritted his teeth and said, "Forget it, it's okay even if you have no Spirit Root. I can carve some jade slips, or copy some publications, as long as you bring it out, just bring it out."

"Nope." She was not a delivery courier.

"Don't go, young lady. Since you are here, are you sure you don't want to bring something back?" Seeing that she did not budge, the Immortal Soul hurried over and hugged her big foot. "I have waited thousands of years and all I got is you. You didn't even bring anyone. If I don't get the legacy out, I will not rest in peace."

"Who said that I came alone?" Shen Ying suddenly paused in her steps.

"Huh?" The Immortal Soul faltered for a moment before responding, "There are… other people?"

"Yes." As Shen Ying answered, she pointed outside.

Suddenly, a loud boom was heard and the door which had a big hole smashed through it finally fell to the ground. Spirit swords came flying inside and the whole area was immediately full of them.

Along with the flying swords came Qing Yin, smashing onto the ground with a loud thud. This person who had previously shown insufferable arrogance was currently covered in blood and riddled with wounds all over, and the next barrage of spirit swords was about to slash through him.

A shadow flashed past, picking up the person on the ground, and flew into the air, avoiding the next wave of attack. That shadow was the other cultivator from the Upper Azure World.

Yi Qing and Lonemoon had also caught up by then. Lonemoon was fine but Yi Qing had several wounds on his body.

"Thank you, Senior Brother Qing Yi." Qing Yin stepped back, still lingering in fear.

Qing Yi did not respond. He instead looked coldly over at the two people who were chasing them from behind and his eyes stopped on Yi Qing. "Never did I expect a Nascent Soul cultivator to have such capabilities. I was careless."

There were four more people in the hall now.

People, there's still people. That's great!

The Immortal Soul's eyes widened in delight. He stopped hugging onto Shen Ying's leg and floated over to Yi Qing who was nearest to him. "Haha, young cultivator, we have affinity…"

"Stop talking rubbish, let's fight." He had not finished his words yet Yi Qing was already going towards the person in the air, moving his sword as it shone in the sky.

"…" Hey, you should listen to what someone is saying first. The Immortal Soul could only look over to Lonemoon and try again. "Since we have affinity, you…"

"Let's see where you all can escape to!" Lonemoon immediately attacked together with Yi Qing.

"…" These few people that came in were weirdos. Was fighting more important than passing on the legacy? Was anybody even listening to him?!

The situation in the air had already become better. With Qing Yin injured, Qing Yi could only try to avoid all the attacks as best as he could. Lonemoon sneered at the both of them, "So a Supremacy from the Upper Azure World only amounts to this much? It seems too easy to be an elder of an aristocratic family."

"You!" Qing Yin was flustered. It was clear that he was not as skillful as the other party, so all he could do was to glare at Lonemoon with a sharp gaze.

The next moment, Yi Qing manifested a sky full of spirit swords and chased after the two of them, blocking off all roads of escape and going for a full on attack.

Qing Yi did not say much as he pulled along Qing Yin, but his expression suddenly became solemn and his body released an imposing aura hundreds of times greater than before. The spirit swords that were attacking Qing Yi stopped in front of him and they all shattered into pieces.


Yi Qing did not notice in time and was within range of the suppressive aura; he immediately vomited a mouthful of blood.

"Yi Qing!" Lonemoon quickly retreated.

Shen Ying also stepped forward, asking, "Are you alright?"

"Master…" Yi Qing wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth and looked up towards Qing Yi who was in the air. "That person… is not at the Soul Formation stage!" That aura definitely did not belong to that of a Soul Formation cultivator.

Lonemoon came to a realisation. "He's also a Traveling Immortal!"

Holy shit! He had actually been hiding his cultivation level. Never had Lonemoon imagined that two out of the three of them were Traveling Immortals!

"Hahaha…" Qing Yin suddenly broke out into maniacal laughter. "You guys thought a Soul Formation and a Nascent Soul cultivator would be able to defeat us, hmph! So what if you are a Sword Cultivator? You are nobody in front of Traveling Immortals. You just wai-… Senior Brother Qing Lan?!" His threatening words were left hanging halfway when his eyes suddenly widened upon seeing a certain person on the ground who was already showing no movements.

Lonemoon also noticed the stiff corpse on the floor and then he turned to look at Shen Ying, silently giving her a thumbs up. This efficiency… She was indeed a cheater friend, worth two bags of spirit stones.

"Senior Brother Qing Lan… how is this possible?" Qing Yin was in disbelief. "Who, who could have harmed him? Unless this Immortal Pavilion…" He looked around but did not see any other lurking shadows. He suddenly thought of something and then turned to the person beside him, saying, "Senior Brother Qing Yi, could this place…"

Qing Yi also paused. His gaze was not filled with worry but excitement as he looked around him, and then he set his eyes on the hall ahead with those two prominent words: Alchemical Sect.

"Ancient Dan Yang Sect!" Qing Yi's gaze grew more excited as he stared at those words. "Hahaha, this place is indeed… indeed the ancient Dan Yang Sect's Immortal Pavilion."

He looked down, suddenly took out an object from a pocket and flew to the back of the hall. He tapped the object on the wall which immediately opened a pathway. "It is indeed over here."

Lonemoon's heart sank with an ominous feeling. "Stop him!"

He immediately rushed over and manifested Sword Intent and at the same time, Yi Qing also put in his attack. Both of their Sword Intents were sent fully blasting towards the other party.

Qing Yi looked back and sneered without backing off, "I have no time for this!" He suddenly turned his palm and hit the back of the person beside him, pushing Qing Yin out to block off their attack.

"Senior Brother!" Qing Yin was defenseless and did not have the time to dodge. All that was left was his face of disbelief as he turned into ashes under the attacks of Sword Intent. Qing Yi, on the other hand, had already disappeared behind the wall which had returned to its original state.

"Holy shit!" Lonemoon cursed. He had thought that the other party would at least block a little, holding back his steps, but never had he imagined that the man would push Qing Yin to his death just to get in—those from the Upper Azure World were truly ruthless.

"I wonder what's behind this wall that that guy would even betray his own people." Lonemoon glanced at the shining array formation on the wall in front of him, subconsciously formed a hand seal and tapped on the wall, but the wall showed no response.

"Huh?" He faltered. This array formation was immune to Dharma spells.

"Do you want my help?" Shen Ying habitually raised her leg.

"Wait!" Recalling the furnace's door that was kicked open, Lonemoon quickly pulled her back. "Alright lady, one kick from you and I bet the entire Immortal Pavilion would collapse."

"Oh." Shen Ying retracted her foot. It was better that she did not need to kick it as she was too lazy to move anyway.

"It looks like… an ancient array formation. We need a token to get in." Lonemoon recalled the item which Qing Yi had taken out just then and once again took a closer look at the array formation in front of him. "The eye of the array is constantly changing. Moreover, without the correct way of undoing it, the entire Immortal Pavilion connected to it could be destroyed if we break in by force. Unfortunately, this array formation has been long lost so nobody knows the method."

"Uh… Someone may know." Shen Ying raised her hand.

The other two faltered as they saw her turning and waving towards inside of the hall. "Hey… Floaty, come over here."


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