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Translator: Kuhaku Chisaac

Chapter 4

When Qing Qing woke up, he found out that he was still lying in the yard. The injury he had sustained was too heavy, and his line of sight was unclear. He can only faintly see two gray and white shadows talking about something. The white shadow had a big figure and exuded demon feeling.

Is there a demon? He can’t help but worry about the girl from before, I wonder if she has anything to do with the demon? It's just that I feel tired and it feels like I’m going to faint again.

When he woke up for the second time, he was still lying there. This time, he could hear the sound.

“Goddess, I will be coming again! This is the best food from the demon world, look at it!”


“Yeah, it's watery. Our family loves it the most.”

“Oh… you really are a rabbit, can you change it the next time?”

“Okay goddess! Do you still need me goddess?”

“Yes, can you…”

He did not hear the rest of the conversation because he was dizzy again.

When he woke up for the third time, he was still…  lying in the yard, right in the original position. -_-

This time, his was completely awake. With his recovered strength, he turned his head and finally saw the gray figure. It was the girl from that night. She seemed to be digging!


“Oh, it was still alive!” She suddenly sighed.

At that moment, Min Qing felt that she seemed disappointed. Is he not dead?

I still didn’t think about it, but I saw her crawling out of the deep pit with a man. He put something into my mouth. “Hungry, eat?”

At first glance, it was a very rare Wannian ice ginseng! This kind of holy medicine is used to repair the meridians. Even in the three sects of the six factions don’t usually use it.

I was hesitant for a moment, I didn't know how to repay this kind of kindness, but for his current situation, he really needs it. I thought about it and finally nodded, “Thank you.”

He looked down at the ginseng ice ginseng in her hand until it was finished. Almost instantaneously, the aura in his body began to recover, and the broken tendons began to repair.

Shen Ying silently watched. This man has been lying in the yard for a few days, and he wasn’t even breathing. At first, she thought that this person was dead. She let him lie down for a few days. Today, she was trying to dig a hole and buried him. As a result, he woke up again.

“Full?” Shen Ying took a radish from the rabbit king.

Yan Qing wants to answer her, but he was unable to. The pain of repairing the tendons is not something that ordinary people can bear. Once again he fainted.

“Hey! Are you okay?” The people on the ground suddenly stopped moving. Shen Ying took the radish and poked him. “Is he allergic to radish?”

( o )

I'm snoring, I'm not mad!

Shen Ying: “…”

I feel a little embarrassed!

○ ̄ _

When Qing Qing woke up for the fourth time, yes, he was still on the ground. This time, the meridians of his body have been repaired, but his body cannot use spiritual power. And the gray girl who saved him is still… still digging.


She was still digging the same whole but now it is around her waist.

“Girl?” He sat up and couldn’t help but make a sound.

“Hey? He’s still not dead?” She frowned and sighed, and then she climbed out of the pit with her hands and feet and climbed back. While chanting, “I dug for so long.”

Yan Qingshun took her hand and helped her out. Looking back at the deep pit, subconsciously asked, “Girl, you are…”

"I was digging a whole because the black clothes guy made lots of holes. I want to fill it up."

“But, you were just digging a hole!” Qing Qing was confused.

“Yes!” she continued. “Uh, I’m filling it now?”


However, he did not continue to ask questions. Instead, he turned and walked toward the other side with respect. “Thank you for the help of the girl.”

Huh? Shen Ying stayed, did she save?


“May I ask what your name is?”

“Shen Ying.”

“Shen Ying, thank you for saving my life. I would do anything for you as long as it does not violate morality.”

“No, I don’t need anything.”

“No, I must repay this debt. Please.”

“I don’t have anything…” She thought about it and handed him the iron shovel in his hand. “Can you help me fill the pit. I have dug it for ten days. It is very troublesome.”

“Yes!” Qing Qing immediately took over the shovel in her hand.

“… As long as you are happy. I will go wash my hands.”

“Savior, take your time!” He groaned again.

Shen Ying then walked back to the house.

Min Qing himself was a swordsman with excellent physical fitness. In less than a moment, he has filled all the pits in the yard, including the nearly two-meter deep pit dug by his savior.

I was going to report to my savior that I have finished, but suddenly I felt a huge yin attack. My whole fell into the ice, and my body instantly entered the state of preparation. This is a demon! Very strong demon!

“Who is it?” He pulled out his weapon and turned to look at the source of the demon.

I  looked at the forest and saw a huge white figure with long ears. Actually, it was a rabbit demon, and it had a strong atmosphere. This is a demon king!

I didn't expect to encounter the demon king at this time.

Although I have always been going against the people who are stronger than me, this time i might not be able to beat this demon. But at the moment, what he is worried about is his savior who is in the house. It doesn’t matter if he dies. What about my savior?

Thinking of this, he took a step forward and firmly gripped the sword in his hand. Even if he had to lose his life, he would protect his savior.

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