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Chapter 675: Chapter 666 The Confession of A Scumbag

“Oh? You paid so many attention to the Genetic Evolution Fluids?” Jiang Liushi just smiled after listening to the middle-aged man’s answer. In his mind, he believed that Genetic Evolution Fluids helped a lot during the whole process that the Genesis ruled the whole world. After all, all the paranormals, no matter where they were, they were all eager to chase after wealth and strength. While the Genetic Evolution Fluids met their needs greatly. The Genesis controlled all the paranormals’ key points by selling Genetic Evolution Fluids. There were tough means and temptations. That’s why the Genesis could control the whole world for such a long time. Compared with the Genesis, Jiang Liushi just forced them to accept things without giving them any benefit. Naturally, these crowds would like to resist. The continuous reforms touched on the interests of many people. When these dissatisfaction accumulated, the procession broke out. In this kind of parade, people were easily incited and lose their senses.

“Yes, Mr. Jiang. We wondered why you suddenly cancel the selling of Genetic Evolution Fluids. There were tens of thousands of points on my account. What about all my points?” A bearded man snored. As soon as his voice fell down, many people were resonated.

“Yeah! Captain Jiang, your idea is so unpopular. We have saved a lot of money and accumulated 8,000 points. We are waiting to exchange the Genetic Evolution Fluids to improve the strength of our team. But everything was gone because of your new order!” Beside the bearded man, a young man, who was thin as a bamboo pole, said with his screamed voice. Of course, among all the crowds, lots of them came here just for their own interest. When they were governed by the Genesis, all their points could be used as hard currency, which was even convenient than mutant nuclei. However, after being controlled by Jiang Liushi, they were all useless. How could they bear this? More and more people began to express themselves bravely. That middle-aged man in his suit became confident. Originally, he was one of the organizations of this demonstration. As soon as he found all the crowds were united, he never worried and afraid of Jiang Liushi at all.

“Captain Jiang, water can float your boat, but it can also sink it. I think you are more familiar with the words than us. We begged you to recover those old rules. Please restore the conversion of sixty-one items including genetic evolution liquid, soul shock device, etc.!” The man in his suit said.

Seeing the scene, Wei Feifei was totally annoyed. She had been angered in this way, but she didn’t expect that even Jiang Liushi came here, the crowds also in the same attitude.

However, hearing his words, Jiang Liushi just smiled. Then he just glanced at Wei Feifei, who bit her lip. She felt that she was too useless. Jiang Jiangshi had helped them deal with the most difficult thing, but she still couldn’t deal with other things.

“Brother Jiang, I had already published the document to cancel the exchange for all the 61 things. But I still allow them to exchange for foods, mutant meats, medicines, weapons, and other things. However, they were still not satisfied.” Wei Feifei explained.

But after hearing her words, the crowds became more excited.

“Oh, My God. Captain Jiang, have you heard? What’re those new rules? We do not lack foods. Moreover, one point just for two kilograms foods or little mutant meats? The devaluation was more than ten times.”

“Captain Jiang, your decision broke many people’s dreams! We worked hard for about two years, but it was in vain.” That young man said again. His words moved many people. Even several middle-aged aunts suddenly burst into tears, and then they seated directly on the ground.

“I don’t want to live! My hard-earned private money had been swallowed up by the unconscionable government. The old society is not so embarrassed! Let me die! Ah! You have to be condemned in this way!”

The atmosphere was mixed up by a few aunts, and it was already a mess! The scene was completely out of control. At this time, the middle-aged man with glasses had a faint smile that was hard to detect. He looked at Jiang Liushi, and he indeed wonders what Jiang Liushi will do to solve the question. Since ancient times, countless examples had proved that the government that uses tyranny to suppress the people will not live forever!

However, Jiang Liushi was still smiling at this time. He looked at Ran Xiyu and said: “Xiyu…””Yes, Brother Jiang!” Ran Xiyu nodded. Then she opened her beautiful eyes, showing some shining purple lights. Next, she looked at that middle-aged man in a suit suddenly.

“Om!” The middle-aged man just felt a great pain in his head. Then his eyesight became strange.

“I…I…”The middle-aged man was stiff and his mouth was flowing out some water. He felt his head was beaten by a violent kick from countless people.

“Tell us, what happened!” Jiang Liushi ordered. Jiang Liushi’s voice was as if a judgment of hell, which let the middle-aged man lose any resistance. He barely told everything in his mind.

“My name is Liu Shanyang. I am a businessman in the Black Market of Huaxia City. I was originally a first-level powered person. On my own strength, I was loved by a woman and slowly swallowed her wealth. I started to do small business. Later, I bought at a low price and sold at a high price. Then, I became a b-powered paranormal by drinking Genetic Evolution Fluid. Soon, I set up my new organization, controlling the whole Black Market of Huaxia City. I have 200,000 points in my account, 10 villas in Huaxia City, 16 mistresses, and some women who have no name… The new government canceled those old rules, which cut off my wealth. Naturally, I couldn’t accept it. As a result, I made this demonstration and hired a dozen aunts. One kilogram of food was crying for one day. I also prepared a radio station and wanted to pass the news to the Genesis. I had contacted several leaders of the Genesis. As soon as they came, I will make chaos in the Huaxia City firstly. Anyway, the current government was definitely not an opponent of the Genesis. I guessed they could just maintain for several days. Then, I will be a hero of the era…” The middle-aged man in his suit told everything as if dropping beans. He told everything related to himself to the crowds.

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