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"Body of Black Light Energy?" Wan Yiling, who was sitting next to Han Yuan, was amazed.

Han Yuan put down his walkie-talkie and calmed himself down. Then, he answered to Wan Yiling's question, "If we can catch that thing alive, we will be heavily awarded back in Huaxia Region for rendering outstanding services. It is not something that the Jiangming Safety Zone's higher-ups know about."

"Really?" asked Wan Yiling in excitement. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. Nobody in the Safety Zone knew about the peculiar entity, but Han Yuan was privy to information about it. When compared with the Huaxia Region, the Jiangning Safety Zone was just a remote village.

At the same time, Wan Yiling wondered how it would be possible to catch it alive. She was completely in the dark of the price they had to pay to catch it.

"Well, since you want to join the Huaxia Region, I can tell you about some matters in advance. Actually, this may be a post-apocalyptic period, but it's also the beginning of a new era. And the Body of Black Light Energy is the key to the new era. As you know, Watt invented the steam engine, leading humanity to enter the Industrial Age. In our case, whoever gets their hands on the Body of Black Light Energy can enter the new era of doomsday," said Han Yuan in excitement.

"The Body of Black Light Energy can automatically absorb energy, but if the energy is insufficient, it will hibernate," added Han Yuan calmly.

Wan Yiling felt that what she heard was amazing. She now knew how to catch the Black Hole alive. That is, to make it consume its energy reserves! But it contained a lot of energy, so how could they make it consume it? In fact, there was only one way…

At that moment, Wan Yiling got scared by her preserve thoughts. It seemed that Han Yuan already knew what she was thinking. Wan Yiling wanted to use Han Yuan as a springboard to join the Huaxia Region, but she didn't expect that Han Yuan had long seen through her plans.

"You don't have to be surprised! We'd never reject exceptional individuals from joining us. In fact, several people of the Jiangning Safety Zone have already joined our side. They're our comrades now." Han Yuan gave a meaningful smile, showing that he knew everything Wan Yiling was thinking.

Wan Yiling's heart wavered. Naturally, she knew the so-called 'we' that Han Yuan mentioned referred to a mysterious group of people that wasn't just based within the Huaxia Region. It was no wonder why people like Han Yuan could be sent to a place like the Jiangning Safety Zone. It was evident that Han Yuan's mission was to add the Jiangning Safety Zone into that mysterious group's arsenal. After the Huaxia Region, many large Regions had been established, and some of them might be like the Jiangning Safety Zone. 

Suddenly, the hesitation in Wan Yiling's eyes disappeared. She thought that only by following people like Han Yuan could she gain real power and make a name for herself in this post-apocalyptic world. The Jiangning Safety Zone was too small for her. In her mind, between the Black Hole and the lives of those soldiers and paranormals in the battlefield, the former was way more important than the latter. Their lives were almost insignificant. Wan Yiling's gaze gradually turned cold, and then she let out a soft breath.

"Excellent! Then wait and see, I am also curious about this Body of Black Light Energy!" said Wan Yiling with a smile.

Han Yuan glanced at her and smiled.

Presently, the Black Hole was in the middle of the park. Suddenly, a dozen silhouettes rushed out from a building near it and pounced at it madly. 

Wei Feifei looked out from the window and said solemnly, "It is the 1st Squad." 

Among all the squads, the 1st Squad was the most powerful one as the strongest survivors were assigned there. They also had a psychic paranormal that was close to breaking through to level-2. It was only natural for them to make their appearance and start the battle. Even if they could not land a heavy blow, they could easily retreat. They just needed to test the Black Hole.

The 1st Squad's Commander was a man in his early 30s. He was determined to fight against the Black Hole, and that could be felt by the tone of his voice. "We have reached the designated position. We are about to launch an attack."

"Mental attack!"

As a wave of mental energy struck the Black Hole, they found that its reaction time was extremely slow.

The Commander smiled and shouted, "Go!"

More than a dozen silhouettes could be seen dashing forward, like released arrows, at once. They all activated their special abilities, attacking with everything they had the Black Hole's body. At the same time, some of them took the opportunity to throw explosives to the Black Hole while it was swallowing the surrounding objects.

Not long after, a deafening explosion followed, blowing the Black Hole in two halves.

"How is it?" asked Wei Feifei anxiously.

Many soldiers were also watching nervously. The 1st Squad's paranormals had retreated before the explosion, and they were staring at the blown Black Hole. After the Black Hole exploded once again, it didn't revert back to its original form, which gave hope to everyone. But it was still a peculiar entity, so nobody dared to approach it.

In the battle tank, Han Yuan was observing the battlefield closely. After some time he muttered, "It's still too early!"

Wan Yiling pondered for a moment and then she picked up the walkie-talkie. "Continue attacking it! Don't stop!"

The 1st Squad's Commander was about to order his subordinates to fall back when he heard Wan Yiling. He hesitated for a while as he thought that they should at least rest for a little bit. Then, he ordered, "Continue attacking!"

After the order, his subordinates started shooting at the Black Hole's blown parts. However, they soon noticed that their bullets didn't make a sound upon impact. Instead, it felt like they were hitting the softest kind of cotton.

Suddenly, a paranormal shouted in anguish as a small black shadow had appeared out of nowhere under his feet. In the next moment, the shadow threw him down and dragged him to one of the Black Hole's blown parts.

"No! Save me-" The shadow's speed was too fast.

The paranormal's scream didn't even last a few seconds before he disappeared into thin air. Upon seeing that, everyone felt a chill running down their spines, and they had the urge to run away as fast as possible. However, they were one step too late as more and more screams started coming from the battlefield.

Inside the building that the 1st Squad was hidden, the psychic paranormal was trying his best to help his comrades. Unfortunately, his power was meager, and he too let out a scream before collapsing on the ground. His whole body was convulsing while even blood oozed out from his nostrils and eyes. He had used up all his energy in the previous attack, and now, he could not contend with the black shadows all over the battlefield.

The Black Hole's parts kept swallowing the paranormals that the black shadows had caught. One of the paranormals that had been caught released the pins from the grenades he had with him while he was being swallowed. Shortly after, that part swelled like a hot air balloon, but it still recovered!!

"Too... too ferocious!" Tang Cangyun was scared sh*tless upon seeing that scene.

Unexpectedly, Wan Yiling's voice sounded again through the intercom, "The Black Hole's energy is already decreasing! Victory awaits for us! Don't back down now! We can't let the 1st Squad's sacrifice be in vain!"

"But- We should bombard it again with the heavy weapons!" said a Commander through the intercom.

"No! Absolutely not!" Han Yuan refused at once. "We don't have enough ammunition. There are a lot of zombies and mutant beasts. It's a matter of time before more mutant beasts and zombies are attracted here. We won't be able to fend them off. We must conserve our ammunition. The best way to deal with the Black Hole is to use explosives."

Wan Yiling added, "If the Black Hole recovers, then it will attack and control us like marionettes. Within its control range, nobody can escape."

They all knew that the Black Hole's mental control had reached a terrifying level. It could even command them to throw themselves to it to be swallowed and used as nutrition. After Wan Yiling's reminder, everyone stopped hesitating. The Black Hole had indeed been weakened. Although it was regenerating, it was a bit slower than before.


At that moment, the 2nd Squad rushed to the battlefield. They were responsible for supplying the explosives. The amount they carried was enough to blow up the Black Hole more than 10 times!

Han Yuan was calmly watching the battle's development. What he wanted was not the Black Hole's death, but its weakened state. Explosives were definitely the best way to do that.

Beside the park, Jiang Liushi was observing the Black Hole.

"Will the Black Hole be destroyed just like that?" asked Jiang Zhuying, while looking out of the window.

Jiang Liushi remained silent while listening to Starseed's continuous notifications. He felt that something was amiss.

In the twinkling of an eye, another explosion sounded. The Black Hole was blown up yet another time. At the same time, as the paranormal had already learned their lesson, they immediately retreated as soon as they succeeded.

Wan Yiling frowned. "D*mn! A bunch of cowards!"

Han Yuan shook his head. "Forget it. As long as we can get our hands on the Body of Black Light Energy, it will be fine."

This time, it took longer for the Black Hole to merge back together.

"It's our turn," said Wei Feifei. She stood up and looked at the parts coldly.

Peach held her hands and nodded. "I will try my best."

Tang Cangyun, who felt like he was sitting on needles, became excited again. "Let's go! Kill that damnable thing!"

As the Black Hole was way weaker now, Tang Cangyun regained his courage. His fear was replaced with ambition; he wanted to take that opportunity and make meritorious deeds. Although the 1st Squad would reap the biggest benefits, there were only two people left in that team.

'It's time for us to shine!' thought Tang Cangyun.

Wei Feifei was too lazy to care about him. She walked with her gun and followed the others down the stairs. As soon as they went down, they felt that they were closer to the Black Hole. And when they looked at it, they feel dizzy.

Upon seeing the Black Hole up close, Wei Feifei had an epiphany - the Black Hole was not a living organism. But she didn't have the time to ponder over it.

At that moment, Wan Yiling's voice sounded once again through the intercom, "3rd Squad! Attack!"

Tang Cangyun smiled and waved his hand. "Go!"

Initially, Tang Cangyun was quite afraid of the Black Hole. But now, he saw it a beauty waiting for him with open arms to take. The smile on his face became very cumbersome.

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi understood why he felt so uneasy and that something was amiss. Starseed had sent him another notification that verified his fears.

'Detected the source of danger and alarming energy fluctuations!'

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