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Jiang Liushi stared coldly at Wan Lan who was bossing around people to go and bring him the needed materials. Soon, four boxes were stacked on a trolley and were pushed out of the 3rd Warehouse. 

"Captain Jiang, all the materials are here. I've personally counted them to ensure they're all here," said Wan Lan with a smiled.

Wang Shiqi felt sour and sneered as she was the one who had arranged everything. Wan Lan had indeed counted them, but she so because she wanted to make sure that Wang Shiqi had not put in something extra. Wang Shiqi didn't expect that Wan Lan would take that chance to smooth things with Jiang Liushi. She found it really funny.

Wan Lan always acted as high and mighty, but she had to be patient and kind to please Jiang Liushi this time. She needed to ask him to protect her. In such a closed place, only Jiang Liushi's team was strong enough to fight against the mutant beasts lurking around. Strength was the capital for pride.

Jiang Liushu faintly glanced Wan Lan, and then he said, "Zhang Hai, Sun Ku, go and help. Move them to the car."

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun's powers had undergone qualitative changes after consuming the evolutionary crystal, so it didn't take them long to put everything in Jiang Liushi's minibus.

Jiang Liushi was standing in the same place, while Starseed had already started scanning. 'Many rare metals have been detected. Initiating scanning process…' Then, Starseed continued transmitting the names and quantities of each metal.

'Let's see if the materials for the upgrade are ready,' said Jiang Liushi in his mind.

'Scanning... The upgrade conditions have been met. Start upgrade or not?' Starseed transmitted.

"Finally, I have them all!" whispered Jiang Liushi excitedly.

He already had the two mutant blood nuclei, and all the needed materials had been collected in such a crucial moment, so could he not be excited?

Some parts of the minibus were more difficult to be upgraded as their composition had been replaced by the special metal alloy, which was of higher level and needed more resources to be improved. However, the upgrade of the whole minibus was way more challenging. The minibus was a Type-1 MCV, also known as Primary. It had accompanied Jiang Liushi since the very begging of doomsday. And now, it was the right time to upgrade it a whole. 

'Start!' said Jiang Liushi excitedly in his mind.

'During the MCV's upgrade, all its functions can be used normally. The upgrading process takes 72 hours. Initiating upgrade! Current process: 0%.' Starseed transmitted to Jiang Liushi.

In the blink of an eye, all the needed material disappeared. In their stead, several progress bars appeared on the panel. There was a line above them, Type-1 MCV (Primary) → Type-2 MCV (Secondary).

Jiang Liushi took a deep breath and calmed down. In order to reach this level, Jiang Liushi had tried his utmost best. Not only his minibus but also he was getting stronger. After the upgrade, they had to face the entity called Black Hole. In a sense, this crisis was similar to the beginning of doomsday, where Jiang Liushi had acquired the minibus, and he had to face it yet again.

Moreover, only Jiang Liushi and Ying knew about this. Nobody could sense the conversation between Jiang Liushi and Starseed.

Wan Lan smiled as she saw that Jiang Liushi had accepted all the materials. Then, she said, "Captain Jiang, what are you going to do now? It should be better to go on the second floor to fight. You can order two soldiers to guard the window. As for the underground mutant beasts, we could use tear gas. If we throw tear gas in the crack, some of the mutant beasts may rush out. Then, you can kill them directly." 

"No, no, no! We can't do that. What if more than one mutant beast rushes out at the same time? Will the tear gas be useful or not? It will dissipate and affect everyone in the hall," intervened the leading officer.

Wan Lan believed she was smart to have thought of such a good idea, but actually, she was unaware of the tear gas' impact.

"Well, what should we do then? Captain Jiang, do you have any idea?" asked Wan Lan. After Jiang Liushi had accepted the materials, Wan Lan felt more courageous. Thus, she took the opportunity to discuss with Jiang Liushi.

Suddenly, the frightening sounds from the underground came once again. The whole building started shaking, leading many people to scream and burst into tears. It was a terrible experience!

The building seemed to be on the verge of collapsing, but they had yet to find a solution to the problem. Wan Lan also looked pale. Although she had tried her best to please Jiang Liushi, she was still worried. If Jiang Liushi couldn't come up with a plan, she would be in danger.

"We must dash outside immediately, or everyone will die," said the leading officer urgently.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi spoke. "I have a method. We can use my minibus as a cover to safely transfer all the people here. Is there a truck or a big car? Everyone should get on such a car."

"Really?" asked the leading officer.

"Really?" Wan Lan's eyes lit up.

Suddenly, a loud noise came from outside. A huge mutant bird had dove down, slamming onto Jiang Liushi's minibus. However, the minibus only trembled faintly.

At the same time, a blinding electrical current, like a thunderbolt, was released from the minibus, and the fierce bird co collapsed on the ground after being struck. 

Smoke and the smell of charred meat filled the air.

Jiang Zhuying stretched her head out of the minibus. Even her eyes were emitting white currents of electricity.

"A powerful paranormal!" The leading officer was surprised. "The minibus is so cool…" He finally realized that the survivors' team wasn't an ordinary one. It turned out that this team not only had strong paranormals, but also a unique minibus.

Initially, the leading officer had thought that most of them would die during dashing outside, but now, he felt that they were likely to succeed.

Wan Lan also felt happy after witnessing that scene. She was filled with hope.

"Excellent! Let's speed up. The building won't last for much longer," said Wan Lan excitedly.

"The building will soon collapse, but don't have enough time to transfer everyone into the truck." The leading officer's excitement was replaced by anxiety. The mutant beasts underneath the building were too strong.

"Zhuying, come here," said Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Zhuying nodded and ran to the crack's edge. Actually, nobody had dared to go that close. But for Jiang Zhuying, it was a piece of cake. Not only was she not afraid, but she was also excited.

"Xiyu, can you share your vision?" asked Jiang Liushi.

'No problem,' replied Ran Xiyu and shared her spiritual vision with Jiang Zhuying at once. The mutant beasts were destroying the building at an alarming rate. It could collapse at any time. Fortunately, Jiang Zhuying could see clearly thanks to Ran Xiyu's power.

Nobody knew what would happen next, so everyone was staring at Jiang Zhuying nervously.

At that moment, Jiang Zhuying looked at one steel bar under the ground. Dry soil was not electrically conductive, but steel bars were a different story. Moreover, Jiang Zhuying just needed to affect them and not kill all of the mutant beasts directly. She smiled and reached out her hands to grab a bare steel bar. Then, she waited silently. Suddenly, her palms started emitting a flickering light before silver-white electrical currents coursed through the steel bar, and the ones connected to it!

Suddenly, angry and anguished howls came from underground, one after the other. The electrical current was overbearing, stunning like crazy the beasts and giving the entire seam a silver color.

Everyone clearly saw a huge mutant mouse jumping from the ground, but it was twitching and screaming sternly. That sight made everyone feel nervous and shocked. Even after Jiang Zhuying stopped and walked back, they could clearly see that the mouse's veins had turned silver.

Had she really solved their problem that easily!? It was impossible! But facts spoke louder than words as nobody could hear the terrible sounds from the underground. At least, the building would not collapse so fast.

Wan Lan was exhilarated. She was praising herself for making the right choice to please Jiang Liushi. If not, who knew how she'd die?

"Inconceivable!" exclaimed the leading officer in shock.

"It's really amazing!" Wan Lan also praised.

However, Jiang Liushi ignored her and said to the leading officer, "Go and find a truck immediately. Currently, the underground mutant beasts are recuperating. They're not all dead. We need to hurry up!"

The leading officer didn't know how to respond, and his mouth twitched after hearing Jiang Liushi's somewhat regrettable tone. Jiang Zhuying's electrical attack had killed a lot of mutant beats. It was something they could not even dream of doing. It could only be said that strength limited their imagination!

"I will go immediately! Everyone, you have three minutes to get ready!" said the leading officer solemnly. They couldn't keep relying on Jiang Liushi to solve their problems. As soldiers, they had also to do what was needed.

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