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The modified heavy truck bypassed them quickly. While doing so, a man in that heavy truck with a cigarette in his mouth stretched his middle finger to Ling Feng and others, and then immediately went away.

"D*mn you, Huang Haihu, a group of f*ckers!" Little Seven who was in the SUV cursed angrily while staring at the heavy truck going in front of them. "Brother Feng, recently these gangs have become quite arrogant."

Ling Feng's eyes glimmered, and then he said lightly, "They recently joined Black Water Squad, and they naturally act arrogantly. But don't worry, sooner or later we will get our revenge!"

'Black Water?' Little Seven seemed to have remembered something. His facial expression slightly changed, but he didn't say anything else.

"Little Seven, go and check on the people behind. After all, we were the ones who brought them with us. If they need some help, then do so," Ling Feng said gently after thinking for a while.

"Yes, Boss Ling."

After a gap was opened, several cars followed that heavy truck. A group of yellow-skinned survivors was on those cars. However, they seemed were quite different from ordinary survivors. Many of them had various injuries on their bodies, and the men, women and children's eyes betrayed how afraid they were. Most of them had suffered frostbites, and they had curled up in the carriage while trembling.

The quarantine gates at the farthest outskirt of Xiayuan Island were all forged gates. Several soldiers armed with live ammunition were standing in front of those quarantine gates. Many cars were parked there and everyone needed to be checked first.

Ling Feng intended to stop their cars at the 10th gate, but the 10th gate was occupied by Huang Haihu. Repressing the anger in their heart, Little Seven, who was leading several members, went back to check on the survivors. Some teams' cars had been turned upside down, and all kinds of painful groans could be heard. Of course, what alarmed everyone the most was that blood was flowing from some of the overturned cars. Some survivors were climbing out on their own, without helping others. When everyone was out, they all cleaned each other quietly and bandaged their wounds. Obviously, they did not have the appropriate or any good, medical tools to deal with all wounds, so they could only use cloth stripes for simple treatment. Many skinny survivors felt cold and their teeth chattering ceaselessly. Little Seven and other members helped them to turn over their cars.

"Hey, are you familiar with Ninth Quarantine gate's processing? We want to go in early. Is there any way?" At that moment, Jiang Liushi approached Little Seven with the minibus and asked. He was worried about his sister's coma.

"Don't you see all of us waiting in line? Why are you asking me this question?" Little Seven looked at Jiang Liushi impatiently. Through Jiang Liushi's open window, Little Seven saw Ying again. He was indeed attracted by her beauty.

There were 38 cars were parked in front of them. "Why didn't the heavy truck stay in the waiting line?" Jiang Liushi asked again.

"What kind of world is this? The quarantine officer is too lazy. If you have strength, you can also jump the queue." After hearing Jiang Liushi's question, Little Seven was sure that Jiang Liushi was a rash fellow. But he didn't expect that Jiang Liushi would just nod and then rush with the minibus toward the gate, following behind the heavy truck.

At the entrance, it finally was the heavy truck's turn. A one-eyed quarantine inspection officer stood at the front of the quarantine gate. His eye was cold, and his body exuded a chilly aura. Even Huang Haihu, who was arrogant by nature, had to be polite. He was followed by a group of people that were cautiously jumping off the truck.

"Officer Qin, here is a pack of cigarettes. I found it while I was outside." Huang Haihu threw a pack of cigarette to the one-eyed quarantine officer. In this terrible post-apocalyptic world, cigarettes were very rare, and only some elites could enjoy them.

Officer Qin didn't refuse and put it in his pocket while looking at Huang Haihu with a softer expression. "Huang Haihu, you should stop acting arrogantly. Jumping the queue is not a good thing," Officer Qin scolded them, but it was only a slap to the wrist.

"Yes, what you said is right." Huang Haihu smiled and said, "But our team is strong, so as long as we can save some time, we can contribute more to Xiayuan Island. Don't you agree with me, Officer Qin?"

At that moment, he suddenly heard a rapid sprinting sound. He turned and found a minibus rushing toward them.


The minibus crushed against the heavy truck violently. A crackling sound followed, and several goods fell from the container behind, including several bloody mutant beasts' carcasses. Some of his members climbed out of the truck with great difficulty.

"F*ckers! How dare you to bother me?" Huang Haihu shouted, slamming the cigarettes from his hands and rushing to the cab. He wanted to personally kill those short-sighted people in the minibus.

However, he didn't expect that when he was about to attack, a black gun barrel appearing, It was aimed at his forehead, and he was shocked to death.

'Sniper rifle!?" He recognized the large-caliber muzzle in front of him, mechanical sights, folding brackets… It was the famous AMR-2 sniper rifle. As a gun fan, he was aware of the sniper rifle's power.

Jiang Liushi jumped down holding this sniper rifle. Every time Jiang Liushi stepped forward, Huang Haihu would step back.

"I am Huang Haihu of Black Water. How dare you to aim at me with a sniper rifle? Have you considered the consequences?" Huang Haihu said in anger, but he did not dare to take any action. After all, he couldn't lose his face before his members. In any case, as long as Jiang Liushi pressed the trigger slightly, he would be killed at once.

At that time, an off-road vehicle rushed to them, and Ling Feng jumped out of the car. He said in a low voice, "Huang Haihu, this little brother just came here. I'm afraid that he doesn't know about Black Water. It's useless telling him that."

Then he turned to Jiang Liushi and said, "Little brother. Don't act on impulse. Your boss didn't give you any orders, so don't bring trouble for them. If you spare Huang Haihu, I'm sure that he won't dare to trouble you." Ling Feng said and intentionally or unintentionally looked at the minibus. He believed what he said could be heard inside.

After Ling Feng, several of his strong members had already caught up, including Little Seven. They held guns in their hands and faintly quarreled with those people around Huang Haihu. Huang Haihu took a look at Ling Feng, and then at Jiang Liushi. He felt a little relaxed in his heart. It turned out to that the young man was just reckless.

"Ling Feng, F*ck your mother. You want to fawn on this group, right? However, if you do so, you will offend me. As a result, I will fight with you sooner or later," Huang Haihu cursed.

Ling Feng didn't deny his claim at all. He indeed had such thoughts, but it just occurred in his mind when he saw the sniper rifle in Jiang Liushi's hands. After seeing the sniper rifle in Jiang Liushi's hand, he thought that this foreign team must have abundant resources, which was different from his previous judgment. To this end, Ling Feng did not hesitate to offend Huang Haihu who had just joined Black Water. In any case, their conflicts with Huang Haihu were very deep.

Suddenly, a gunshot was heard, and Huang Haihu screamed in pain as a bloody hole had appeared on his left foot. Nobody knew when a Type 54 pistol had appeared in Jiang Liushi's hand.

"I didn't care about your business. I'm in a hurry," said Jiang Liushi and pointed his sniper rifle at Huang Haihu's head again. At the same time, he put the Type 54 pistol back to its holster.

Everyone was scared. Although Jiang Liushi's voice was calm, anyone could notice the killing intent mixed with it.

Huang Haihu looked at Jiang Liushi's calm eyes and didn't dare to do anything. He had only seen powerful soldiers behaving like that, and could not help but wonder where he got his confidence from.

Several people got off the minibus. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, who were holding their Type 95 submachine guns rushed forward, with Ling and Ying following behind.

Huang Haihu and the others sensed strong energy fluctuations from that group of people. At the same time, Ran Xiyu also suppressed them by using her spiritual ability.

"So many paranormals!? Their energy fluctuations are off the charts!" When Little Seven saw them, he didn't know what to say. There were only three paranormals in Ling Feng Squad, but it was obvious that Jiang Liushi's team was much powerful than them. Moreover, they could also feel a suppressive force.

"Brother Jiang."

"Captain Jiang."

What? This young man was their captain?

Ling Feng and Little Seven looked at each other in surprise. It was rare to see an ordinary person as an elite team's captain! Ling Feng could even feel that his face was burning…

"Quarantine officer, we are applying to be checked," Jiang Liushi moved his sniper rifle away from Huang Haihu's head and said to Officer Qin.

After witnessing this whole process, Officer Qin agreed at once. Nobody knew how Officer Qin was feeling or what he thought. "Well, we can let you pass our checks, but foreign teams that want to enter Xiayuan Island need someone to guarantee about them and give some resources. If nobody can back you, then the number of resources you'll have to give will be higher. Here is the list. Xiayuan Security Island is heavily guarded with a large population. Special medals are required to be able to live in different places. You can exchange resources for the corresponding medals," Officer Qin said.

"Oh, I can vouch for them." Ling Feng quickly said to Officer Qin, "We are Ling Feng Squad."

Officer Qin just nodded his head expressionlessly. Since Ling Feng Squad wanted to vouch for them guarantee, it would be a good thing.

"Thank you," Jiang Liushi said to Ling Feng and smiled. Actually, in Jiang Liushi's mind, Ling Feng was a nice person.

"You are too polite. We may become friends later. We'll go back first," Ling Feng answered, and then they left.

After Ling Feng left, Jiang Liushi glanced at the price list. There were five kinds of medals on the price list, and the prices were classified as A, B, C, D, E from high to low. A medal cost 1,000 pounds of mutant meat, which allowed people to live near the city hall area and core area. B medal required 800 pounds of mutant meat, elites and some powerful people could live in this area… E medal only needed a few bottles of canned meat or some dry food. Of course, only they could only access the worst slum area.

"We need a B medal. Zhang Hai move 800 pounds of mutant meat," Jiang Liushi said lightly.

Class B areas were not far from hospitals and other places, Shi Ying Squad indeed needed such a place.

'800 pounds of mutant meat?' Ling Feng, who had just walked a few steps away, heard these words and was astonished

After passing the checks, Jiang Liushi's minibus was about to enter the quarantine gate. Everyone looked at it in amazement, while Huang Haihu fumed in anger and bore the excruciating pain from the wound on his foot.

"Brother Jiang, why you didn't shoot that guy?"

"I didn't want to waste the sniper rifle's bullets. I have not much of them," Jiang Liushi answered.

When Huang Haihu heard that, it was as if a raging fire had burst from inside. Although he did not care about others' lives seriously, he felt it was unacceptable for others to treat him like that.

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