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On the top of the eight-meter tunnel, a person was crawling on the ground. The man was wearing a hat made of weeds, and he had mixed with the dense vegetation. His face was also covered with dark mud. If Jiang Liushi's eyes were not sharp enough, it would be near impossible to find him.

'It's a child? ' Jiang Liushi carefully observed, and he loosened his grip on the trigger slightly. He could clearly see that the individual in the tunnel looked like a child.

The child was staring at the minibus.


At that moment, the child suddenly lit up a lighter and something traversed the sky.

Was it a signal?

Jiang Liushi saw the whole process carefully and noticed that a few rockets were tied together.

When Jiang Liushi realized it, he shot a few times immediately. The lurking child's straw hat was pierced, and another bullet grazed his ass, leaving a big hole in his pants.

The child was frightened, and suddenly he screamed and got up, running deep into the forest. He was obviously familiar with this terrain and was flexible enough to the point he resembled a monkey. He disappeared immediately.

"Ling, follow that little boy and investigate," Jiang Liushi crawled out of the gunner room and said to Ling.

Ling nodded and jumped out of the window. She climbed on a tree, and only her shadow could be seen leaping from one tree to another.

"Xiyu, are there any movements from nearby?"

"Nothing. I can only detect weak mental fluctuations, probably from small animals," Ran Xiyu answered after scanning the perimeter carefully.

The energy fluctuations of each species in the world were different. Mutant beasts and paranormals' energy fluctuations were powerful, but small animals' were very weak. Ran Xiyu made sure that small animals were jumping everywhere and no person around.

"There must be a gathering point for survivors in this neighborhood. Everyone should be alert," Jiang Liushi judged and warned his members.

The signal launched by that little kid was a warning. The nail board on the ground was also an obstacle and warning. All these showed the existence of survivors nearby.

"Brother Jiang, do not worry, we are very vigilant." Zhang Hai laughed.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun both jumped out of the car and moved the nail boards on the ground one by one.

And then Jiang Liushi's minibus was driven into the tunnel quickly. This tunnel was a few kilometers long, and it was windy inside. Under the bright headlights, they could see many corpses lying in the tunnel. There were also a variety of discarded guns, knives, and other weapons as well as daily necessities. Obviously, there was a tragic battle against zombies. Out of the tunnel, the road was wider. There were large and small mountain peaks on both sides of the deserted highway. Those mountains had a few holes, probably mines' entrances, and lush weeds and vegetation took a large part of them, but there were no big trees.

"Xiyu, we only need to traverse this road to arrive at Pan Zhu City. We'll be able to ask about your sister," Jiang Liushi said happily.

"Yes." Ran Xiyu nodded. Thinking that she could meet her sister, Ran Xiyu became quite excited.

Suddenly, Ran Xiyu shouted, "Brother Jiang, there are people at the corner of the canyon in front of us!" She had sensed a dozen red spots in her spiritual vision.

"Excellent." Jiang Liushi nodded.

The atmosphere in the car was dignified. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun took their weapons at once. Jiang Liushi brought his AMR-2 sniper rifle into the gunner room. At the corner of the canyon, Jiang Liushi discovered that the road in front of them had been blocked by two large trucks. More than a dozen people were standing on the top of a large truck, and they stared at Shi Ying Squad.

However, those people were kind of strange. Except for the three adults with tattoos all over their body and face, all the others were kids of different ages. They were all wearing yellow miners' caps on their heads, while their faces were dark, just like coals.

The minibus stopped. Seeing that car, the people on the truck just stood still and looked at each other. And then a young man, about 16 years old, looked at them angrily.

Jiang Liushi had captured every detail on his face. At that moment, an adult's bright eyes revealed a trace of fear. The young man was chewing a grass stem as if nothing had happened. However, his fingers had intentionally or unintentionally poked the adult's thigh.

Jiang Liushi vaguely saw an icy light. That young guy's face twisted a bit and issued a strange sound.

"Hey." The young man hurriedly coughed a few times and said in a loud voice, "Robbery! Get off the minibus! We only need your things, not your lives. Cooperate, otherwise, you will all die!" His voice coupled with the expression on his face was indeed a bit scary.


When the young man was talking, the two big trucks' engines thundered and burst with diesel smoke. At that moment, they all lifted the weapons in their hands and were aimed at the minibus. The young man took out a Type 64 pistol, while others invariably held a steel rifle.

"Brother Jiang, there is only one paranormal. The others are all ordinary people...that young man is the paranormal…" Ran Xiyu's voice sounded.

'Uh?' At first, Jiang Liushi felt it was strange, but then he understood everything.

"Equip the Collision Ram and activate the Accelerate function!" Jiang Liushi said quietly.

The minibus suddenly shook, and a huge V-shaped ram appeared immediately. The whole minibus was like a beast, and its speed soared instantly. It sprinted like a wind in the rushing canyon and slammed into the two big trucks.

On the truck, that young man who was chewing on the grass stem seemed quite confident. Such a canyon was only four meters wide. The minibus could not turn around at all. As a result, he had thought Jiang Liushi and so on would get off and negotiate with them. However, when they saw the ram with its sharp spikes, the young guy was shocked. From that imposing speed, the young man thought that he could feel the minibus driver's desperate determination.

"Get off, run, run!" The young man shouted. At that urgent moment, he didn't want to hesitate at all. All his group members went off and ran quickly.


A loud noise came. And then they found that their trucks had been hit aside. That scene was too horrible to look at. However, that minibus was in perfect condition.

"Err…Is this a minibus? Brother Yang Tianzhao, I've never met such a minibus!" Several young guys surrounded that young leader and said.

"Yeah, if we had this kind of minibus, we would never have to worry about those villains in Pan Zhu City," another little boy said.

"Stop! Run!" Yang Tianzhao shouted. Intuition told him that this time they had kicked a hornet's nest.

With such a fierce minibus, the people inside were certainly not simple. That's what Yang Tianzhao thought. Since they couldn't fight against them, running would be their best choice. However, when they were about to run, a gunshot sounded, and a big hole appeared on the ground. And then two more shots…it was too precise.

The three holes on the ground were enough to immobilize Yang Tianzhao. 'Sniper expert!?' He was totally scared this time.

'Don't run. Whoever runs will be killed on the spot!' Ran Xiyu's voice sounded in their minds. Hearing those words, Yang Tianzhao's heart sank to the bottom.

Actually, it was the first time they had tried to rob. They had never thought that they could meet such a strong enemy.

'I'm an idiot. Just the thought of trying to rob this team is ridiculous!' Yang Tianzhao said to himself.

The others stopped.

"Brother, woo... Help!" A little boy cried.

Yang Tianzhao looked up and saw a cat-shaped maiden, standing on the top of an eight meters high hill, carrying young boy, with its buttocks exposed, in her hand.

Yang Tianzhao's heart sank. "Little brother!" An angry expression appeared on his face. "You... don't hurt my little brother. He's just a kid. He has nothing to do with it!"

Ling climbed down quickly. "Captain, what should I do?" Ling asked.

Jiang Liushi got off the minibus with his sniper rifle in hand. Zhang Han and Sun Kun were following behind.

After seeing the guns in their hands, Yang Tianzhao was almost scared to death. In his mind, only members in Crazy Alliance Squad of Pan Zhu City could have such powerful members.

"Why don't you talk? Didn't you want to rob us?" Zhang Hai asked and kicked one guy. The guy screamed as he was slammed to the ground. Zhang Hai was very fierce.

"Zhang Hai, don't be mistaken. That one is the leader." Jiang Liushi looked at Zhang Hai, faintly pointing to that young man.

"Uh?" Zhang Hai was confused.

"How did you know?" Yang Tianzhao asked.

"If my guess is correct it should be your first time trying to rob others, right? Your skill is amateurish… you don't know how to properly rob…" Jiang Liushi said happily.

After hearing Jiang Liushi's words, Yang Tianzhao was totally shocked.

"It's our turn now. What rare metals, mutant nuclei…we all need…" Jiang Liushi put his gun on Yang Tianzhao's head.

"Wooo! Don't... don't kill my brother, don't kill him! I'll give you everything! I've got a lot of stuff..." The little boy in Ling's hand suddenly burst into tears and pleaded with Jiang Liushi.

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